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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 12/02/18--09:31: Black screen
  • Hello, I have a Compaq Presario CQ56-115DX. The screen is cracked, can't see anything but I don't really want to buy a brand new screen for an older laptop so I tried connecting it to an external monitor and it worked. The cracked screen still lights and the actual display shows on the extrenal monitor. Then last week things changed. The computer would turn on and boot like normal. I go to open a browser, waiting for a page to load and the light on the laptop screen would go off and so would the external monitor. But the computer is still running, I can here it.


    I tried the overheat laptop on purpose trick and it turned itself off. Then I let it cool and tried turning on again, it worked. For a few minutes then the same thing would happen, light on screen goes off. 


    And the caps lock light blinks if that helps diagnose things. 

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    HP OMEN - The Laptop display dosn't appear in NVIDIA Settings (only external display) if I disconect the external display the entire Display pannel disapears! Is there a way to make it appear or to use Intel Graphic Control Panel?



    I have all the latest drivers!

    Intel Graphic Control Panel from Microsoft Store dosn't work!


    So I am left wit NO OPTIONS to change gama, colors, saturation on the laptop display.

    THis is a very bad product!!!


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    So this issue started occurring in early October of 2018 and I've had this ENVY for a little over a year.

    The issue is that my Synaptics SMBus TouchPad is not responding. 

    I have the animated tray icon in my taskbar and there is a red X over it. 

    In ClickPad Settings under Mouse Properties ClickPad is enabled. (I've tried double-tapping the top left corner of the touchpad as well)

    In General under Synaptics SMBus TouchPad Properties, it states that "This device is working properly." And under Hardware it still says that message for "Device status" and says that it's "Location" is "plugged into PS/2 mouse port"

    The driver version is and when I check for driver updates there are none available

    I have previously rolled back the driver to a driver I forget the name of (but it was not Synaptics) however two-finger scrolling did not work so after a month I decided to uninstall it and have my computer return to Synaptics.

    When I did return back to Synaptics my touchpad did respond but once I hibernated my computer it stopped working again (I have tried shutting it down as well to no avail)

    In Manage profile settings under ClickPad Profiles under Mouse Properties, The only text is "Description" and right below that is "<new>" I assume that that's there by default. I've tried making a profile and nothing changed (not sure why I thought making one would have changed things)

    I've also reset devices and the "Disable internal pointing device when external USB pointing device is attached" is not checked. (I've check-marked the box and disconnecting my mouse to see if things would change but nope)

    My task manager used to show that the touchpad was taking up CPU when I moved my finger around (though it did not move the cursor) the pad but no longer does.

    I do have an HID-compliant mouse driver (for my Logitech mouse) and have tried using the TouchPad without it connected but still no response. Luckily my mouse does work otherwise I would have to completely just use the touchscreen.


    Also, I don't know if this is in anyway related to the issue at hand but when I fold my ENVY to activate tablet mode it doesn't. This issue occurred around the same time as the TouchPad issue which is the only reason I bring it up.


    Hopefully, this is enough information to assist me in fixing my touchpad (probably too much 😅) but if you need more information feel free to ask. 

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    Hi there,

    Recently I went to start up my laptop and the indicators came on but the screen did not light up. The indicators were not flashing at all so therefore all other parts of the laptop were running smoothly. I tried shining a torch on the screen to check whether it was the backlight that may not be functioning but no picture came up. I then decided to open up my laptop to check that all of the connectors were secure and everything seemed fine. This led me to believe that it must be a software problem as opposed to a hardware issue and so I tried to update all of the drivers and remove any unnecessary ghost drivers but this still didn’t change upon restarting. So I figured that it could be an issue with the bios so I ran a firmware driver update which updated the bios and I still haven’t had any luck? There is no damage to the screen so I can’t seem to work out what the problem could be. Unfortunately the laptop has just passed its warranty date and therefore I can’t get free support from hp.

    Does anyone have any advice for what I could do to possibly try and solve this problem as I am stuck for ideas? 

    Many thanks.

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  • 12/02/18--14:40: Screen is black
  • I have HP x360 pavilion convertible laptop and the screen is just black. When contenting witb HDMI cable to a tv as a splitter screen, it works perfectly fine. I took a service and they cleaned and made sure all the wires are correctly plugged. Twice when playing around with angles, the screen worked perfectly fine. But now it’s back to black screen

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    Is there a way to determine which display panel I need to order?

    HP Support shows two possible non-touch display screen panels for P/N: J5R50AV


    17.3 WLED AG Brightview HD flat display panel - part #: 766904-001


    17.3 WLED AG full HD flat display panel - part #: 766905-001


    I don't know the difference between "Brightview" and "full".  Is there any way to tell before I take it apart?

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  • 12/02/18--16:34: Video Stutter amazon prime
  • New Chromebook X360 14".  Watching Video from amazon and getting stutter and short jumping pause less than a second.  Have watched same video on older Samsung Chromebook pro with no problem.

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    J9M62UA#ABL please help

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    I just bought  OMEN 15 dc0051nr, but the lcd is very bad, I want to replace it with an ips screen, FHD or QHD (60hz). Anyone know screen model will fit in  OMEN 15 dc0051nr? Thanks

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    My ACER K242HYL monitor can no longer detect my laptop.


    They are connected via an HDMI cable and the HDMI-USB-C adapter supplied with the laptop.


    The combination has previously worked well (from early October until I noticed on 30th November).


    The monitor works well when connected to other computers via the same HDMI cable.


    Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem or possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.







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    As the headline says, when i start up games the computer lowers the power of the light.

    I've tried removing all energy saving settings in the computer and any other program there may be doing so, but now i don't find any other.

    I have even reinstalled Windows, without getting any effect.


    Do you have any suggestions what to do??



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    No recent changes, but somewhere along the line the '+' key on the dedicated numeric keypad stopped working.  The '-' key works find, and so does the ' . ' key and all the number keys....only the '+' key will not work.  Have tried reboot, num lock, and anything else I can think of.  I use the laptop for a lot of data entry and accounting and the keypad is useless to me without being able to do the addition.  It has this problem whether I am using the calculator app, MS Word, or whatever.

    I either need a fix or to return the laptop.

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    My screen cracked. How much will a new screen cost?

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    After reviewing several other people’s reports on this same laptop I am concerned this is a product error and should be supported by HP. The issue occurred only 4 days after warranty expiration. All I use this for is research, writing, and Netflix. Why would the product overheat and start smoking. Is this the motherboard? Please fix it. 

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    Hi I have a HP ENVY Notebook - 17-n152na  and 2 HP Envy 24 monitors, my laptop only has 1 hdmi port and 1 vga port though and they're too close to be both in at the same time.. is there a way I can connect both of my monitors to my laptop for extra work space? (I don't want to duplicate screen, looking to extend them!)


    Thanks in advance, I'm not sure if a standard HDMI splitter would do it as the one I have doesn't work for either monitor!

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    My laptop having AMD A10 9600P processor and R5 and R7 m340 graphics, but the problem is it always on the integrated R5 graphics (80MB) but not dedicated graphics R7 M340(2048MB). i previously installed drivers from HP's website and now installed them from AMD's website but in both cases my laptop doesnt recognizes the dedicated graphics. In Windows 10 task manager the second GPU(R7m340)  shows nothing. I'm on windows 10 64 bit installed , and booted in UEFI mode. Please give me the solution for this!!!!!!!!!

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  • 12/03/18--08:50: my screen is damaged
  • hi, dropped my laptop today, was in my bag and it was in a case. Everytime i move the screen hinge the screen gets multiple lines and it disappears straight afterwards. how much would it be to get this repaired?

    Z5D37EA HP ENVY - 15-as101na

    thanks Raihan

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    I have the exact same issue and have been through a lot, contacting microsoft and all but think it must be to do with HP after all! My friend also has a HP laptop but does not suffer this issue so it may be exclusive to the Pavillion 14 line? If I remember correctly, mine is a 14-bf103na.

    I have tried all the following steps, updated my system, tried all the different power settings but to no avail.


    Any suggestions?


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    My Hp 360 laptop with touchscreen is 1.5 years old. So the warranty is out. Vertical lines have started to appear on the screen. I think this must be a design error from HP, so I am very disappointed. Can HP send me a replacement screen to fix this flaw? The laptop is quite expensive, so I think the screen should not have stripes like this.


    best regards,


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  • 12/03/18--10:34: unfunctional HDMI
  • I have Elitebook 840 G5 several weeks and  I often use(d) the external FHD screen connected by HDMI cable, at the begening all was ok - I could use clone screen or extended screen mode all wihit this was good - and one day, roughly a week before, it  finished. I started my notebook and all at once extended screen was not avialble (no signal on HDMI port), therefore I tried change the cable, change screen, chnge driver dowloading from HP support portal - nothing helped. Now I can use only integrated NB screen.  External screen is OK (tested with other computers, cable is good as well).  I would like to ask  for help here.
    (Note: I have set the automatical update of Windows)


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