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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics
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    Hi HP!


    I cant scroll in my browser with touchpad, have tried FN+C but it dont work

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  • 03/19/18--07:09: connection to HDMI socket
  • I would like to use the monitor as a display for my PVR, using the HDMI connection on the rear of the monitor. Can anybody tell me if it can be used in this manner. Thnk you. HobbitR8

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  • 03/19/18--07:37: Use Warranty HP
  • Hello,

    I'm from Brazil and buy NB HP in U.S and now i need use warranty, and i don't know how proceed for use.


    You can't help?


    Need Change Screen



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    I have HP Pavilion x360 14ba004ne with Windows 10 Home (The laptop is in HP warranty).  I am using HP Pen - 1MR94AA (Spare P/N: 910942-001) as advised  here .


    Problem: When I use the Pen laptop does not "Reject Palm". I have turned "off" the setting for "Ignore touch input when I'm using my pen". I have tried with OneNote and with PDF Annotator. It is the same story. In case of OneNote screen starts moving with touch of palm and in case of pdf it starts scribbling with touch of palm.


    One more thing (if it is related), I have noticed that, in Device Manager -> Human Interface Devices -> HID-compliant pen -> Properties -> Driver -> Driver Details,     Displays the message: "No driver files are required or have been loaded for this device"


    In the same dialog box:    Details -> Hardware Ids:   Value = HID\VEN_ELAN&DEV_0732&col06


    I thought ELAN is only the touch pad and not the pen?


    Any help would be gratefully appreciated.

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    So I've been having issues  with my laptop, resulting in 3 repairs, and now I'm about to have my 4th repair.


    My issue first started at the end of January/ beginning of February. My laptop was dented in one corner and had many chips around it. There was damage on the sides of the laptop corners where the ports are, there was damage to the hinges and to the 'squares' at the bottom of the laptop screen, beneath the logo. As it was cosmetic damage, I had to pay £132.00.


    I then received my laptop a little over a week later around the 8th/9th February. Whilst the dent in the corner of the laptop was fixed, the other damage was not fixed. As a result, I contacted the HP Customer Services, who asked for photos- I happily sent them photos and they then offered another free repair.


    Unfortunately, my laptop was once again sent back to me, with the invoice saying ‘no faults found’.  Instead of faults being fixed, it has additional cosmetic damage to slight discolouration on the top base and a cut to the grey padding underneath the laptop. As a result, I contacted HP Customer Services. I had to send them a bunch of photos which pointed to the damage, which they then sent to the repair centre who apparently couldn't see the damage. The case was then escalated to Customer Relations, who had a look at the photos. Customer Relations then sent those photos to the Repair Team who could suddenly see the damage but stated it was 'minimal'. I was then offered a free repair, a refund for the £132.00, and a representative who said the photos would also be sent to the repair centre. So around the beginning of March, I sent the laptop off again.


    However,  frustratingly, the laptop then came back once again, with the invoice saying there was no damage. So back I went again, through the whole process, with the case being escalated again to Customer Relations. They investigated and said the representative said the damage is very ‘minimal’, making me feel it’s not worthy of inspection and is a hassle, especially as upon their investigation, the repair team said ‘they could not find any damage’. Instead, as a ‘goodwill’ gesture, I was offered a free repair as it’s the only option they can give me. Also, may I explicitly mention that the representative said there will still be ‘no guarantee of it being fixed’.


    He kept on mentioning all the previous repair and the faults not being found which is funny as why were the repairs approved in the first place if no faults were found? Why did the repair team agree on the damage when first contacted by Customer Relations? Am I supposed to just give up and leave a laptop which I purchased in August last year unfixed just because the damage is ‘minimal’ and because the repair team obviously can’t be bothered to inspect the whole issue properly? If I knew even minor cosmetic damage would be overlooked by HP when purchasing a £700 laptop, I honestly never would have bought from them.


    As I have no choice, I have gone ahead with it. However, as a University Student in my first year, I am deeply upset and frustrated as it is impacting my grades. I don’t have nay other reliable access on a laptop. Please help me with this issue, what can I do? What if my laptop come backs to me unfixed once again, which I highly suspect due to the representative explicitly mentioning that there is ‘no guarantee of it being fixed’.


    I would be incredibly grateful for any advice.



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  • 03/19/18--13:24: Elitebook 840 G4
  • I have a couple of 840 G4's that while in the docking station cause the EliteDisplay E201 to blank out  through out the day. Any suggestions

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    I have an ultra slim docking station that worked fine with another elite book.  I just got this new HP EliteBook 850 G4 and when I plug the docking station in the laptop disables the display port on the side of the laptop and uses the display port on the docking station.  I want it to use both.  My last laptop used both.  I want to run triple montitors, the laptop lcd, the display port on the lap top, and the display port on the docking station.  What am I doing wrong here?  

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    Already some hour after I bought the laptop I noticed that the mouse started to freeze, usually 1-2 seconds, sometimes longer and sometimes I have to put Windows to Sleep and back to get out of the frozen screen. Initially I thought it was just a mouse issue, then I realized that that the screen was actually frozen, not just the mouse, I could see both Task Manager frozen as well as that a YouTube video froze, but I still heard the video sound. Sometimes I can work hours without any issues, sometimes the freezing comes after some minutes after startup/from sleep.


    Windows 10 is up-to-date, as well as all drivers from HP Support Assistant and Intel’s Driver-and-support Assistant. I have a Logitech Mouse MX Anywhere 2s, which I first suspected the driver/Logitech Options could be the cause, but I made sure I uninstalled it completely and still had the problem with just the mouse pad.


    I'm thinking this must be a display driver issue since I've noticed that it often happens when the mouse comes near window edges or when scrolling window contents.


    BIOS: F.34

    NVIDIA GeForce MX150: (2017-12-18)

    Intel(R) UHD Graphics 620: (2017-10-17)


    Any ideas?

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    I have above laptop with a cracked screen and the touch screen is not working, do I need to just replace the touch screen digitizer glass or is there more to it, any advise would be appreciated.





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    Pressure sensitivity issues with HP Spectre X360 4k model. I am using Krita and sketchbook programs and I am having trouble with pen sensitivity issues..

    . is there a patch for this?

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    My touch screen stopped working, i followed the direction provided on the HP website to unistall the drivers then restart to reinstall but the drivers havent been reinstalled. how do i reinstall the touch screen drivers?


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    I have had the pen for a while, and only the tip needs replacement. The pen works well other than the tip, so buying a new pen would be wasteful. 

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  • 03/20/18--02:13: OS and touch compatibility
  • gm, guys pls i bought hp elite book X360 G2 laptop which is already came with a preinstaaled win 10 home on it , but my company softwares does not support win  10 , but win 7 pro 64bit i want to know if after installing windows win 7 on it will allow me to get the touch fuctionality and other featers.



    thank you.

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  • 03/20/18--04:13: Ghosting Issue
  • While playing counter strike global offensive, i realized that i am experiencing ghosting issue (being unable to use more than 2 keys) when i suddenly temporarily stop in game even though the button was being pressed.

    What i wanted to know is whether this product have an antighosting mechanism/software, since there seems to be no similar problem with other people.

    Product Information :

    Hp Pavilion Power Laptop 15-cb0xx
    Intel (R) Core(TM) i7-7700HQ CPU @ 2.80 GHZ

    Nvidea Geforce GTX 1050
    16 gb ram DDR5 (if im not wrong)


    Product was bought in Indonesia, if it does help.


    Thank you very much.


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    IS this picture my screen angelside white tone is hardware issue?i tried to upgrade software and format window also check tool screen .is normal nothing happen .touch screen work fine only screen angelside white tone,is that exsepnsve to repair?

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    The GPU seems to be broken. Can it be replaced?

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  • 03/20/18--08:21: replacement touchpad
  • hi  the left   button on my touch pad  has  packed up  working   I have tried   to  see If  I can  get a replacement   touchpad,  but   I think it is no longer supported     the full    details are     Pavilion DV6-6BO9SA.   A1Q26EA#ABU   

    I have  seen   some  advertised    but not specificaly my   modle  number   will any  DV6-6000  series  fit ?

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    cd player will not come out. i have pushed the button many times willnot come out????

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  • 03/20/18--11:54: Integrated Privacy screen
  • I bought a HP Spectre X360 13-ae010nd - 2-in1 Laptop, which according to the specifications should have an Integrated Privacy Screen. How do I activate this (NB fn F2 or just F2 or just F1 does not work)

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  • 03/20/18--12:38: Wallpaper
  • I need your help to have the original wallpaper for hp probook 450 G4 2017