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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics
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    I've just bought this gaming laptop 1 month ago..its screen keeps freezing after 5 minutes I turn it on..what should i do?

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  • 01/17/19--23:13: Wifi connection
  • Hello I have been trying to connect to my home WiFi network and my computer can not seem to find the network. I don’t know if I can manually enter it, and if anyone knows how I can do that please let me know. Any help is well appreciated!

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    I have a new HP Eiltebook and an ASUS large screen I want to project to. When I plug in either of the cables that came with the laptop it reads 'HDMI No Signal' any ideas please. I'm trying to save my eyes!

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    Good day!


    I plan to buy a laptop HP Pavilion 14-ce0034ur 4JS16EA. Its characteristics:


    - Processor type - Core I3-8130U 2.2 GHz;

    - Cache memory -  4 MB;

    - RAM - 4 Gb

    - Video card - Intel UHD Graphics 620.


    I plan to connect it to external monitor with 24'' diagonal . Will this laptop work well with an external monitor?


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  • 01/18/19--03:54: nvdia
  • the preinstall nvdia graphics driver automatically uninstall i wants to doing reinstalling process everytime why THIS PROBLEM CREATE.

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  • 01/18/19--04:04: I need the Geforce 840M bios
  • My GPU hasnt been registering in the devica manager and yet I can see it in AIDA64 so I would like to try and flash the bios on the GPU except I cant find it online and HP customer service hasnt exactly been helpful so if someone on here can help out it would be much appreciated. The GPU is the Nvidia Geforce 840m.

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    Hi! Can anyone tell me if the HP Pen Model 1MR94AA#UUF is comptabile with the HP Spectre X360 13-ae042ng please?


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    In cq40 601 tu, whenever intel graphics vga is installed,  computer shows blue screen and restarts.

    when driver is deleted and standard is installed , then computer works at resolution 1280x800.


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    The connections for this laptop are much different than the last HP . What hardware do I need to connect with the Projector ?

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  • 01/18/19--08:47: cursor issues
  • Hello,


    Lately the cursor or my HP Pavillion seems to have mind of its own. It hovers on the top left corner of the screen and clicks on pages all on its own, even when I am not touching the touchpad at all. 

    To make an example, I was watching something on Netflix earlier and every 10 minutes or so I would find myself back on the Netflix homepage because the cursor had clicked on the Netflix logo all of its own accord. My hands were no where near the touchpad.  It looks as if I have two cursors, one that does what I want and another that just hovers on the top left handside of the screen and ends up clicking on things. I am not sure how to get rid of this phantom cursor.

    Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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    I recieved my new laptop today and have just started up it for the first time and already noticed something strange; the screen "jumps" occasionally slightly upward to the right. 


    There doesn't seem to be a coherent pattern to when it does. Everything else works fine. The one thing I have done is updating the software and downloaded Google Chrome and the jumping-problem was present before the update and download of Chrome. 


    It's really annoying, what do I do?

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  • 01/18/19--10:51: Vertical line
  • Hello

    i have just received my new laptop an hour ago and it has a vertical black line down the screen. I have made sure to do any updates and have also connected it to an external display - the line does not appear on there.

    HP are now shut until Monday, any advice? Please help!!

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  • 01/18/19--10:57: External 4K monitor
  • Does this laptop support an external 4K monitor and if so how do I go about connecting it. So I need a special doc or something?

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    I would like to know if I can support a 4K monitor with this laptop?

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    I can't install display drivers (Intel Hd graphic4000) because I install that my laptop is going black. I have two motherbords with same problem. new bord and old bord.. 


    I alredy tried this all but same Problem.,

    *Install graphic drivers in device manerger

    *Install all Old versons Hd4000

    *Install hp official page drivers

    * Connect external monitor 

    *Hp Support Assistant Softwere Upadate

    *Update bios

    *tested windows 7,8,8.1,10 all versions ,

    *motherbords are working 100% sure, I have two bords,


    product name- HP Pavilion dv6 Notebook PC

    serial number- 2CE2300GTK

    product number- B4T87UA#ABL


    my bad english sorry,

    please help this one,



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    В декабре 2018 года был куплен HP 15-bw018ur. На первый взгяд неплохой ноутбук. Первое время нужен был исключительно для работы, поэтому не тестировал на играх, но ближе к лету решил проверить его на играх вроде call of duty black ops 1-2,battlefield3 и Path of Exile. И какого было моё удивление, когда оказалось что даже в call of duty black ops 1 ноутбук очень сильно тормозит(5-20 фпс на средних настройках). Устанавливал огромное количество версий драйверов(удалял предыдущие и перезагружаясь), не помогло, обновил биос, ставил драйвера как с сайта амд, так и сайта hp.Каждый раз меняя название видеокарты с AMD Radeon 530 на 535DX на R7 M340. Результат один и тот же - одни игры идут более менее, другие в 5-20 фпс. В настройках Amd Radeon Setting применял профиль высокой производительности для всех игр. Единственно что хоть как-то помогало(в Path of Exile с 15 до 30 фпс) это снижение частоты ядра и мапяти видеокарты(Mhz) в MSI Afterburner(в которой видеокарта определяется 1 раз из 10). Кто-нибудь может объяснить как с этим можно бороться? Как играть в игры которые должны корректно работать на данном ноутбуке? Теперь я установил версию драйвера для Вин 10 1709. Устанавливал последние драйвера от декабря 2018, проблема та же.


    In December 2017, the HP 15-bw018ur was purchased. At first, a good laptop. The first time was needed exclusively for work, so I did not test it at games, but closer to the summer I decided to test it at games like call of duty black ops 1-2,battlefield3 and Path of Exile. And what was my surprise when it turned out that even in call of duty black ops 1 laptop is very slow (5-20 fps at medium settings). I installed a huge number of driver versions (deleted the previous ones and rebooted), did not help, updated the BIOS, installed drivers from both the amd site and the hp site. Each time I changed the name of the video card from AMD Radeon 530 to 535DX to R7 M340. The result is the same - some games are more or less, others are 5-20 fps. In the settings, Amd Radeon Setting applied a high performance profile to all games. The only thing that somehow helped (in Path of Exile from 15 to 30 fps) is the reduction in the core and memory frequency of the video card (Mhz) in MSI Afterburner (in which the video card is determined 1 time out of 10). Can anyone explain how to deal with this? How to play games that should work correctly on this laptop? Sorry for my english, google help me in that)

    Now i installed driver AMD High-Definition R5/R7 - Bristol Ridge (Windows 10 v1709). Because i have Windows 10 v1709. I tried install last version driver, but it the same. And in all game i have 512 mb memory not 2gb. Can someone get alive with videocard?

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    I have a EliteBook revolve 810 with Windows Pro 64b

    Whenever I turn the screen and flap it back to put the laptop in 'tablet' mode, windows either starts the narrator,  or if I disable the narrator, it opens the Narrator control panel setup page.

    On top of that, the onscreen keyboard has both Shift Keys activated by default, and the 'O' key detaches the keyboard where we see a full keyboard, and in that view, the CAPSLOCK, CTRL and LOGO windows key are stuck in pressed mode.  In that mode, if I tap on the caplock, the keyboard freezes.  Sometimes I can unselect the CTRL and LOGO but the keyboard does not get back to 'normal' mode (I can't type keys as normal).  So basically whenever I want to be in tablet mode, I can't type because the keyboard is stuck in CTRL+LOGO mode.   I have even tried a 3rd party keyboard app and it does the same thing. 


    I have done extensive searches on Windows/microsoft forums and nobody seems to be aware of any such pecularities. So I am down to checking if it's not something with the laptop setup or else.  That's why I am asking here.




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  • 01/18/19--15:16: Good News!
  • This isn't a question but I wanted to post this in case it helps someone else. I have a Envy x360.


    I wanted to buy a pen for my laptop to take notes in class. But as I was reading reviews, I was terrified to buy anything because they get a bit expensive for my colloge student price range. Almost everybody posted to say that the pen was marketed to their computer but didn't actually work with their computer when they got it..


    Anyways. I ordered from Staples because they have an amazing return policy and I could return it in person to them. I just got the hp pen and it works WONDERFULLY on my Envy x360. I'm so happy and relieved.



    TLDR; HP pen 100% works on Envy x360.

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    HP Envy TouchSmart 4-1115dx Touchscreen dose not work. No driver hiden in Device Manager.

    HP BIOS Diagnostics dose not offer/show a test for touch. See second thread below for pictures near the end.


    I started a thread here but got limited help with some generic replies seen in many threads. see this thread


    I got more help at the thread below, but got stuck there after a lot of help offered, and they suggested going back here.

    Thanks for reading


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    So this week I was using the computer how it should be used and opened it to flip the screen around and do some drawings and I heard the screen give and crack, then looked to see a hairline crack from the upper right of the screen.  A small piece of glass ic now missing, but you will see no scuffs or dents anywhere in that area from force or impact.  It is inoperable at this point.  It has never been an easy computer to open so it takes a little effort, but I am not mighty and was not squeezing it.  When I called HP assuming this would be covered by warranty as I hadn't caused it with any un normal use and mine is less than 8 months old, I was told I had caused the crack and it would cost between $4-600 to replace.  Slightly less than half of what I paid.  Never had an HP before and to be told that I am reponsible for a defect that was caused from normal wear is frustrating.  I debated selling it for nothing and getting another brand because I am so angry at the customer service response,  I even at the time asked to speak to someone else on the phone but was told it would do me no good.  I have since searched to see I am not the only one who has had this difficulty or issue.  And some of those message boards have been put on hold probaby due to sheer response rate.   I think something should be done to rectify this situation, and I don't think the company should profit from fixing my defect.