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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics
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  • 08/13/18--07:42: Spectre 360 Cracked Screen
  • Bought an Spectre 360 in February this year. It is a computer that basicaly stay on a desk most of the time. Yesterday the screen cracked in front of my eye while I was working on it. I went straight to the BesBuy location I bought the computer from. They asked for money just to have it sent to HP and that HP was also going to charge a pretty descent amount of money as it was a physical damage. I really did nothing to the screen. No signals of impact to the computer anywhere, screen or on computer shell. I have checked different forums and issue appear to be common according to other customers. Is there any help we can get from HP in this particular case? It was a very expensive computer. It works just fine except for the areas where screen is cracked. Love the product and would love to fix it but not spending a ton of money. I am still making payments on it. Thanks for any advise/solution

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    Hello, i bought my laptop in 2012 with Windows 7 i later upgraded to windows 10 because HP told me too, my camera stoped working then. When i go to the sofware update for cyberlink youcam for windows 10 on the HP website, it only has softwares up to windows 8, when is the windows 10 softwares for this model going to be available, if not is there another model or sofware of cyberlink youcam for windows 10 that can be compatible with my Laptop.

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  • 08/13/18--08:53: netflix issues
  • I have a new laptop but when watching  netflix after a short period of time the sound beging to sound more and more robotic and it slows down and finally freezes. Any advice?

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    i have hp620 its screen is broken and i was using on TV with HDMI cable from last year. it was giving me notifications that my windows is not genuine from last month and now i connect laptop to TV it says no signal and when i close the laptop it HP logo and PRESS THE ESC KEY FOR STARTUP MENU.. i don't know what to do. please help..

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    I recently bought the following notebook -  HP Pavilion x360 convertible 14

    It came with an active stylus


    I also have another HP laptop - HP Envy 17 leap motion SE


    I would like to understand why the above stylus does not work with the latter laptop for functions such as windows ink workspace


    Also, there are more options in the Pen and Ink settings in the notebook that came with the Active Pen compared tothe other laptop - why is this? 

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    Everytime I click a text box, such as the one I am typing in, the virtual keyboard pops up. It does this FOR EVERY SINGLE TEXT BOX and it is driving me insane. 


    Yes, I have already gone to the settings and turned off the on-screen keyboard. It doesn't affect it at all. I might throw this computer through a window soon if I keep getting interrupted by the virtual keyboard. 

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    I had this computer for six weeks and one morning I opened it and the screen was doing some serious flickering.  I took it to Best Buy geek squad (where I purchased it), and they told me there was an invisible crack below the screen surface and that it wasn’t covered under warranty.  This computer always stays on my desk.  I never took it out of the house, never dropped it, banged it, handled it roughly  or set anything on top of it.


    Reading through this forum, I see that lots of owners have had the same problem.  I would like HP to fix this problem at no cost to me.

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    I am mainly a MAC person, but there is certain software that is optimal on a PC.


    I finally broke down and bought an external monitor to use with my spectre.


    I connected them with an HDMI Cable.



    First of all, the monitor design is annoying as hell.  The buttons are basically hidden on the bottom of right hand side of the screen.  HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO KNOW WHICH BUTTON IS WHAT?  Get a tiny mirror?




    Next, an HP product and an HP product should work.  Period.


    I've spent ALL DAY trying to figure out why the monitor is ignoring the laptop.




    I hate Windows.

    I hate HP.


    Very very frustrating.



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  • 08/13/18--14:57: webcam
  •  I have 2 laptops HP

    15-p247sa  and 15-g255sa

    both have the same HP TrueVision HD Webcam but in 15-p247sa is worse quality webcam than in 15-g255sa......why??

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    Hey, I am trying to use a dell monitor with VGA connection to my USB c thunderbolt port but it won't detect the monitor, and the monitor won't detect any output from my laptop. My coworkers, who have a mac and a thinkpad with windows 10 respectively, have tried connecting and have no issues doing so. The issue appears to be with my laptop or the port itself but how do I identify the specific problem, and how do I fix it?

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    I am having the issue and it's quite frustrating.  It seems to be 2 different systems competing: Intel wants to give me the updated driver but HP can't recognize it.  I have gotten the same error though:  The selected driver failed to detect the current configuration.  Does anyone have any info on how to fix this?

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  • 08/13/18--21:10: Warranty
  • I bought my hp 15 bs 133 ne laptop from.uae and i moved to india. i want to know that does this lap have a international warranty or how can apply for a indian warranty. Its brand new not even used. Purchased last week. Hp please help me

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  • 08/14/18--00:02: Vertical white line in lcd
  • I got a Notebook Pavilion 15 Notebook PC p189sa. In teh days of hot weather, suddenly the lcd displayed white vertical lines and the different lines became separated.


    I changed the cable conecting the mainboard with the lcd and nothing improved with the new cable.

    A new monitor conected by VGA is working perfectly well.

    Drivers and BIOS have been updated without improvement.

    I run the HP Hardware diagnosis tool. All systems are ok, but the Video memory fast test andf the Video extended memory check are cancelled. No error code is given. All the remaining test Passed.


    Can you help me to detect what part is faulty please?



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    I just installed this BIOS update for HP ZBook x2

    Everything went alright but after flashing the BIOS and restarting, touchscreen has stopped working.

    I tried BIOS settings factory reset, didn't help.


    My guess is that the BIOS Update also flashes touchscreen firmware to a different version, but it looks like there's something wrong with that update. 

    I tried updating the BIOS three times already.


    The unit is pretty much new.


    Anyone has any ideas on how to fix this? 


    Thank you

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    I need to find my mother board specifications so i can upgrade my CPU If you have any reccomendations that fit mymotherboard please tell me im using a 

    HP Pavilion 15-aw065sa (ENERGY STAR)


    If that helps. Oh and other upgrades for my pc like RAM and GFX cards are also welcomed but i just need to know what My motherboard is. Thank you

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    Am I not seeing some sort of internal switch to get my HDMI port to output video/sound? It will receive the info for a monitor or projector, but will not send.... I have replaced all the video drivers, the system bios, etc etc. Is there a round about way to make this device work?

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    I just bought an HP Elitedisplay E273M monitor and tried to connect to my HP Spectre X360 laptop using a USB-C to USB-C cable.  The monitor did not work and I received an error message saying that the cable was not the correct one.  After many different cables + ports, the only one which works is an HDMI to HDMI cable, using an HDMI to USB-C converter to connect to the laptop.  The display works, but the Webcam does not, and there is no power from the monitor to the laptop.  

    I bought this monitor for 2 main reasons:  to use the USB-C charging capability + the webcam.  Both do not work.  Can you please confirm if the Elitedisplay E273M is supposed to be compatible with my lapop, with both these features ?


    Thank you. 





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    Screen brightness suddenly goes off and screen becomes dark. Have to press f3 to brighten it all the time, what is the solution to keep it bright all the time, I haven’t made sny personal changes, started happening automatically

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    I recently brought hP Pavilion laptop which has HDMI, USB-2, USB-Type-C ports. I am currently using another mac book pro connected to thunderbold display which in the back side has 3 x USB 2.0, 1 x thunderbold, and network port. I want to try connecting them both display and laptop so just brought HDMI to thunderbold DVI mini port. connection could not work.


    Any way to work it? otherwise i am looking for a adaptor or a device which connect Pavilion laptop and thunderbold display?


    Please help, it will be great. I want to discontinue Mac book pro and use pavilion now



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  • 08/14/18--12:31: Broken Screen, and old TV
  • I have a hp 083sa laptop.

    The screen is broken, but i still want to use it on a TV, it's a low quality TV.

    It used to work, but after asking around when it stopped I've established that my laptop decided to output a resolution higher that my TV supports. I've tryed different hdmi cables.