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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics
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    please help to repair image quality and flickering of my laptop camera

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    I need the part number for the Monitor Bezel for my HP Pavilion x360 - 15-bk117cl.

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    I am looking at purchasing a graphics monitor by BENq (the SW271 27" monitor). However, I don't know if my laptop can handle the 4k and screen res of 1366x768. Can you help?

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  • 07/17/18--09:45: Computer screen replacement
  • Screen is cracked & need to replace.  Amazon has several shown as available for this product.  How do I know which one to buy???  Thanks for any help.

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    Hello, HP Support Community. I have a potentially serious problem regarding  my 13 inch HP Stream Notebook. I received this during May of 2015, and aside from one problem which hasn't been solved yet (which I posted about a few months ago pertaining to headphone audio troubles), everything's been smooth. However, today, something random happened. As I was on the web looking up something, a weird image popped up on the  upper right side of my screen.


    It looked something like ink bleeding through the screen and it was black with multi-colors. This had never happened before, so I restarted my laptop to see if that would help. To my surprise, it had spread even more and I panicked. I did some research, and apparently, I think it's called "screen burnt/burn/burn in." Now, I know it can occur if you drop your laptop or damage your screen, but I don't have a broken or cracked screen, and I've never dropped my laptop, (it's in tip-top shape and is handled with care) so I figured it was something internal, so I started looking up some solutions, which I'll list below:


    1. First,  I disconnected all cables, chargers, and other accessories (e.g. flashdrives, sd cards, etc.) and held the power button for about 15 minutes.


    2. Second, I turned the laptop off and hit F10 repeatedly to load the bios (was a little confused on how this work and on what to do, so might need an explanation or walkthough on this).



    3. Third, I went on Intel's website to see if my driver needed to be updated, but instead of detecting the product and software,  it said that Intel Driver and Support Assistant was being blocked and to consult the FAQ. Upon doing that, I found out that possible reasons as to why it didn't go through, including having an older component, the component is discontinued or not supported, the component is not produced by Intel (which it is, so that's not the problem), or I have a customized driver pre-installed by the computer manufacturer, which in this case, is HP.


    4. Lastly, when I connected my laptop to an external monitor (In this case, my TV) via HDMI, the image shows up just fine and looks like how a laptop should (which is how I'm able to type this), but the laptop screen itself is still messed up, which is how I determined this is an internal problem.


    So, there you have it. I've tried all possible solutions and am at a loss. Some help would greatly be appreciated as HP has amazing customer service and I'd love it if this could get fixed soon, as I use my laptop for pretty much everything, including work! :) I'll list the computer model and specs for greater clarity. If the information listed at the bottom and my solution list isn't enough, I can gladly provide pictures. Thank you and have a good day! :)


    Computer Information:


    Computer Model: HP Stream Notebook PC 13-c010nr (Energy Star)

    Product ID: 00266-70342-78252-AAOEM

    Product No.: K2L96UA

    Processor: Intel (R) Celeron (R) CPU N2840 @ 2.16GHz 2.16 Ghz

    Installed memory (RAM) 2.00 GB (1.89 GB usable)

    System type: 64-bit Operating System, x64-based processor

    Windows Edition: Windows 8.1 with Bing

     20180717_151505[1].jpgLaptop Screen


    20180717_133312[1].jpgLaptop Screen 2


    20180717_133335[1].jpgLaptop Screen 3


    20180717_135109[1].jpgTV Monitor (Notice how it looks fine)







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    Hi there, 


    i am looking into buyin an ENVY 13-AD133ND. I want to connect 2 external displays. 4K preferred, but 1920x1080 would be sufficient. Can I do that all by the 1 usb-C Gen1 port ?


    Any tips on displays ? 

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    My notebook, Pavilion dv7 4269WM, is not showing a 2nd display available.

    I have searched the internet to no avail.

    I have uninstalled/reinstalled my video drivers.

    Display settings only show Device 1.

    I don't see anything for the HDMI port in Device Manager.


    In the Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel it shows "Monitor / TV Settings are not supported."

    What is the HDMI port for if not for a 2nd display?

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    i apologize if i get anything wrong, but this is how i think the problem works.

    every once in a while, my left click becomes weird.

    when it does, when i click it will sometimes hold the clicking.

    this only happens with my left click, i switched to right clicking to click normally and its fine now.

    and if i spam the left click when its stuck it usually stops eventually.

    this is a real problem, as some games force you to either A: use right click to do things or B:automatically switch you to left clicking.

    i hope that i can have this problem fixed, im getting a new laptop in 29 days but meanwhile i need to actually be able to wait that long.

    and i dont have any money so dont say "JUST BUY A MOUSE" or "JUST GET IT FIXED BY A PRO".

    well ive been talking too long.

    2GB ram (i have a thing that gives 12 GB extra. also its only 1.86 GB cause of windows processes.)

    HP NOTEBOOK (i dont know if this number means anything, but the number is 1607)

    thanks for reading.

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    I have the HP Stream x360 - 11-p010nr I just installed the latest windows 10 on it. Now the touchscreen doesn't work and it the screen doesn't rotate either! I have installed all the drivers but still doesn't work. Please help

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    So basically my computer charges and turns on and runs, the only thing is the screen does not work at all it doesn't even light up in the slightest, the only time I've been able to use it is when I've used my HDMI cable and plugged it into my monitor, when I got the computer it needed a new battery so I put a new one in and it worked fine for a long time, one day I was using it and something wasn't loading so clicked the tracks probably a little harder than I should have and the screen went black and hasn't worked since

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    Hi all, 


    I am considering upgrading two of my monitors.  Right now I am running one 32" 4k monitor and two 1080p displays.  


    Is it possible to connect three UHD 4K monitors to a G3 by connecting one to the docking station USB-C, one to the docks DP and one to the computers other USB-C port?  If that isn't possible would I be able to achieve this if I connect a second dock to the other USB-C port using a USB-C cable?


    I know the HP docs show the possible configurations but it doesn't show connecting another monitor to the onboard USB-C port.  


    Thanks for any advice.  



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    hp pro 3130 desktop not switching on when lan cable is connected or when i connect any expansion card.

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  • 07/18/18--00:47: Graphic Card Issue
  • Hi I m prathik,


    I have been using HP Pavillion (DV6119-TX), Model No- QB365PA 


    recently while using my laptop, it suddenly restarted and freezed at windows screen there after.

    when i took it to service center they said there was an issue with graphic card and need to be replaced.

    and some are saying to replace entire mother board and in these models there is a problem with amd graphic cards.

    what ever trails i have done on the laptop like installed another os but nothing is changed.

    cooling fan is rotating at high speed and not even turning off.


    Hp is not selling replacement parts for this model and please give me a solution guys.

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    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit) 

    I have a detachable HP Pavillion x2.  I accidently dropped it when it was open and it detached on the floor.  When I picked it up, I noticed that there were 2 magnets stuck to the keybord, but I couldn't figure out where they came from.  I noticed when I picked it up off the floor detached, that the sides of screen were a little loose, so I had to pinch them closed a little, so I'm wondering if that's where the magnets came from? 


    I'm able to reattach my screen to the keyboard, but it when I close it, the screen will slide off, so I'm assuming that's what the magnets are for, to keep the screen from sliding off, but I cannot figure out where they go.  I am still able to use my laptop, but I have to be very careful when putting it away as it can slide off of the base very easily when closed and I don't want to drop it again.  Can anyone help me to figure out where they go?   Any help with this would be greatly appreciated!  Aloha!

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    my probook 440 G5 brightness buttons are not working but the rest of the buttons like the volume are all working fine, is there a way to fix it?

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  • 07/18/18--04:07: vbscript to get monitor data
  • Hello everyone

    Recently my company bought several HP computers and monitors and we have a network vbscript that give us the name, model and serial number of the monitor.

    This script was found on the net (among several) and works with other hp monitors (like 7550, P201, L1706, L1702, LE1901, and others that we have) but with this new model (E223) doesn't work.


    As anyone have the same problem? Is there a vbscript that give this information for this model?

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    Previously I've extended my desktop to another HP monitor (HP w2408) through the HDMI-port. Now I would like to add my LCD-tv (Philips FTV) to get three displays. I have connected it to the Mini DisplaPort. Windows do detect them both. But it seems I can only use either, not both at the same time. Suggestions?

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    I just bought a HP USB-C Mini Dock. And i can't connect two monitors to the dock.

    My plan was to connect the two monitors to my laptop. In that way i can close my laptop next to me, and just pay attention to the screens in front of me.


    When i do this, my laptops shows me the desktop and so does my frst external screen. The second external screen doesn't show anything. When i switch the cables between the two external screens the second external screen shows my desktop, but my first external screen doesn't show anything at all.


    I am using: VGA and HDMI.


    My question is: Can i even use two monitors on the HP USB-C Mini Dock?

    Please help me.


    Thank you,



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  • 07/18/18--10:13: Touchpad not working
  • Hi,

    My touchpad suddenly stopped working. I've tried all the suggestions on this forum and others. I've even completely reset the laptop. Still not working. What can I do?