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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics
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  • 12/16/17--22:22: HP Envy Model 13-AD173CL
  • Will the HP Envy Model No.  13-ad173cl do windows ink?

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    I have the chance to buy a Renew bl930ng at a very good price, does this laptop have 4K disply

    Thanks in advance 

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    HP Probook (3 years old) is having video display issues on startup.  The system is booting correctly, but the video display stays a dark grey.  


    I can sometimes get the display to work by starting up with only the battery (no power cable), or with the battery removed and the power cable plugged in.   Often I have to wait hours to get the video to work.  The last time an auto update loaded, and the system went into an auto-restart, it took over 90 minutes to come up with a combination of startup steps to get the video to work.  


    Is it possible that the lithium battery is staring to fail, and this is causing the problem?  Or is the video display card just going bad?  I am not sure how to proceed, other than buying a new laptop.  Any suggestions?


    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    Need your help.


    Trying to add two external screens and extend for Surround PhysX setup in the Nvidia controle panel. (Three screens linked as one)


    External screens have 60 hz update and the internal HP Laptop screen only offer 75 and 40 hz.


    Meaning that the laptop screen is not shown/selctable when trying to set up the 3 screen surround in the Nvidia client.


    I have already tested to create a custom display on the lapstop screen setting 60hz. Still not selactable. The two external screens black out if ty to custom set them to 75 hz. Nor can I set them to 40hz.


    I have also tried turning the g-sync off. Still no change...


    Windows 10 64 bit, GTX 1070 and all drivers up to date.



    Please advise!



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  • 12/17/17--07:19: Hazy White Screen
  • Whenever I close my screen and then come back to it later the screen is a hazy white mess, sort of like when a television station goes off air (if anyone remembers that). It will revert back to normal once I reboot.  Can anyone tell me what the problem is?  Thanks!!

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    I had laptop on lastnight everything was working fine as usual,  shutdown and left on the table.  Turned on this morning and half screen is black, other half is pinkish color with a bunch of thin vertical green,purple,blue,black lines.  Connected to t.v via hdmi and the picture is fine so its definetly a screen issue.  Still under hardware waranty.

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  • 12/17/17--09:54: Flashing laptop screen
  • When I start my computer, the screen flashes a lot.  The longer I have it running, the less it flashes, but it always has a flicker once in awhile.  If I am running an extended setup with a second screen, it does not flash on that screen at all, just on the laptop.  Any ideas how to fix this would be extremely helpful.  Thanks in advance!

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    I'm so incredibly mad at this HP Laptop.


    I have had this Laptop for about 1.5 years now and ever since I had it the screen keeps dimming every time I'm viewing any content that's dark in color.


    What kind of useless garbage feature is that?

    As soon as I switch to a bright website, sure enough around 3 seconds later it starts brightening up again.


    And this has nothing to do with the screen brightness setting. It is at max.

    Hitting F3 is pointless. It doesn't affect that, that setting is at max all the time.


    I have checked the windows power settings and the adaptive screen brightness is off too.


    How do I turn this **bleep** thing off?

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  • 12/17/17--10:45: Mouse pointer issues
  • I bought this notebook two weeks ago and have had mouse pointer issues  where it goes directly into the top right corner.  I followed the forums on how some have performed certain tasks to help it and have tried to do the same without improvement.  As of today, 12-17-2017, I have contacted HP Assistant (a very difficult task to do due to the mouse unendingly flying to the top right corner while the window is up) and despite direct help from the tech, I am now having to FedEx this notebook to them on my dime so that it can be repaired, preseumptively.  A 7-9 business day scenario.




    I have been an HP notebook user for more than a decade across four different computers bought.  This is the first system I have where the computer approaches being unusasble.  The more I have read about this product the more I have seen similiar issues occur since this notebook went out the assembly line.  Why is this such a problem that has not been resolved?  Why, as the consumers who bought it, do we have to pay anything for it to be fixed, including shipping?  


    I am frustrated, annoyed and may try to get my money back on this product.

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    My HP Envy Notebook has had a touchscreen that has worked only intermittently since Day 1. I received it about a year ago and typically use it with the touchscreen disabled so I don't have to put up with its problems.


    The cursor will split into 2 different cursors, both blinking. One follows the mouse, one goes to one of the corners of the screen where a 1/4 or 1/2 circle bubble appears. 


    I have followed all of the diagnotics, checked for updates, etc. etc., etc. My screen is spotless. I used to manufacture devices with touchscreens and we'd ship 20,000 per month. I am not a noob when it comes to touchscreens. This is a software/firmware problem, not a hardware problem.


    At best it will work for a while , then regress. It appears that the settings where it does work are forgotten after shutting the machine down and turning it back on again.


    Seriously....I read all of the same problems from other users. Why can't HP provide a fix?

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    Hello, i  am not too computer savvy in regards to fixing a computer? i have a HP TOUCH SCREEN ALL IN ONE 320 DESKTOP.     I  m tring to connect this as a monitor or my Dell  intell 17 ultrabook. i have no idea whether this can be donebut if so,  i hope someone can tell me what cords i would needand how this can be accomplished. i do not see an hdmi on my desktop.



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    Every time I hit the Caps Lock key, a grey box in the middle of the screen pops up to tell me whether the Caps Lock is on or off. It's very annoying and unnecessary. How do I turn this off? It's disruptive. 


    I've tried going through the Ease of Access features and turned off all the settings that would've allowed any notifications- sound and visual- and this notification still pops up. How do I turn it off?

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    I've bought HP pavilion au007tx it's having Nvidia GeForce 940mx but i want to upgrade to a higher graphic card; Is it possible to upgrade graphic card in my device?

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    Hi my Pavilion Beats has always had poor streaming (jerky video) on windows 8 and then 10, DVD plays fine, up graded to BT infinity, no improvement.

    Was interested to know if this is a common problem with this model and what the solution could be.

    Many Thanks 

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  • 12/17/17--13:37: Hp screen issue
  • Hello community!

    For some time I have this problem. Whenever i boot Windows, when I see the hp logo, my computer just boots white, pink and green sometimes, with green and vertical lines. I already tried to unninstall and re-install the drivers and even formatting.  Is is a hadware fault? After 1 minute the screen just gets ok. To bypass this, i changed the screen from 60hz to 40 hz, it is perfect.


    I also experience low fps in games.

    Thank you in advance.



    (I hidden my personal info in the screen)15822358_1355423644502714_80085424_n.jpg

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  • 12/17/17--15:52: Display has a Blue Hue!
  • I Have an Hp Pavilion 17" product N5P51UA #ABA maybe about 3 years old having display issues .  I replaced screen about 6 months ago quit working now I am having a display problem that the screen & desktop all can be seen & used but the screen has a Blue Hue thru out the screen, Blue Tint what ever you call it.  I can hook it up to an external monitor & views correctly.  I use Win 10 64 Bit & it has a Intel 5500 Graphics  display.  I also bought a new screen thinking it still could be the issue but the new one displays with the Blue Hue also.  Any hints on what is going on?



    8 gig Ram

    Intel i3-502OU CPU


    I have tried changing Display settings & resolutions but didn't help

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    Sudden onset -  Plus and minus on number row work fine

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    I recently bought this computer (less than 3 months) and I have been having issues with the integrated mouse (touchpad). It words for periods of time then completely stop working. Last time I called HP and they made go back to a restore point however this time my computer had not been updated and it just stopped working yesterday. Please tell me how to fix it.



    HP ENVY X360

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    I am actually gonna buy that laptop soon so i needed your suggesion on that laptop so that I can get a GOOD PRODUCT from HP

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    what hp programs can be removed to make my computer run faster.