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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics
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    350aaa22066ada8d4c77e19ba47120fa.pnga7d3099ed2d746a58a6a431c69703abf.pngAs stated. So far as I can remember, they generally appear after I let the computer idle with the lid open, and then wake it up from sleep. They are not consistant in shape or location, blink at a steady rate, and switching to a different window on the screen causes them to dissapear.

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    backlit keyboard light is not coming up even after pressing the F5 key. It only turns on light for F5  key but for rest of the keys there is no backlit.


    It used to work fine until now. It stopped suddenly. pls help.

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    i would like to have FHD and IPS, except for the display i like the Laptop qiet much even tho i am more of the desktop guy, but sometimes you ave to rely on it.
    ps i want t install win 10 completly on my USB 3 flash drive, does anyone have some advices

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    What ports besides the hdmi port on this laptop are video supported? Or which ones can I use to hook up an external monitor?

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    We just recently upgraded our PCs to version Windows 10 1709, and one of our users has an x360 G2.(we have very few of these in the organasation)  After the update his touchscreen stopped working in tabletmode.


    When he folds the screen or sets the screen manually to Tabletmode the touchfunction stops working.


    We'v tried installing the latest grapics drivers and chipset, and he has the most recent BIOS.


    Any ideas?

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    cant find compatible graphics driver.

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    I have bought the following configuration for several users at our company:


    - HP ProBook 450 G5 i5-8250U 15.6FHD 8GB 1DDR4 256GB SSD

    - HP USB-C universal dock (1MK33ET)

    - 2 external monitors iiyama ProLite XU2492HSU-B1 23.8" LED


    ( the 2 external monitors are connected with DisplayPort connectors/cables)


    All users with this configuration are having issues with the external monitors. Sometimes up to 10 times a day artifacts appear (vertical stripes) on one or both external monitors (never on the laptop itself).

    Unplugging an plugging the USB-C connector fixes the issue.

    However, as you can understand, this is very anoying for the users.


    All laptops have been deployed a few weeks ago with all latest drivers and BIOS updates.

    I was looking for a firmware update for the docking, but could not find one on the HP site.

    Could anyone give me some tips or suggestions on how to solve this issue?


    Thx in advance!




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  • 05/23/18--04:39: Laptop hinge
  • I was going they different posts on the your website where this has been a huge problem my computer which is always used on my table I noticed a few weeks ago when I would open it sounded like a crackling sound than I notices my left hinge is not aligned like the right one I know I am out of warrant and missed the recall which at that time it was opening and closing fine don’t fear use it as laptop it will snap your fingers off thank goodness I don’t have children that use it they would be fingerless by now are their any resolutions to this widespread issue as I been reading? Thank you Jean

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    can someone tell me if my usb-c port actually can deliver video?  i've purchased two adaptors now and neither one allowed proper transfer to my hdmi 1080 monitor.  does it need some bios setting change or a software like displayport etc... please help.


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  • 05/23/18--08:49: backlight bleeding

    IMG_9101.JPGHello  can anyone tell me why my laptop got backlight bleeding, i just brought this laptop last week, and having this issued.  i have try upgread my video card and not work, i dont think thats the problem. 

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    Yesterday I had a Update for Windows 10.

    but if I now connect my Notebook to my beamer, there will be no display.

    If I select the Windows-button together with de P, I ger an error message that there is missing a driver or there is maybe a wrong  driver.



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    Should I connect my new Spectre 360 to my USB-C docking station using the USB Type C port (HP Elite USC-C Docking Station) or the Display Port?  Is see there's also a USC SS port.  Is that different?



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    Brand new HP Laptop has built in camera. When using for video chat or Skype, the camera works fine for about a minute, then shuts off. The other party can see and hear me still, but I can ONLY hear them. Visual is lost. Why would this be happening on a new laptop?

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    Hi All ,


    I have a HP 15-bs028ne (Intel i7 7th Gen,8 GB DDR4 RAM ,1TB SSHD ,120GB SSD,2GB AMD Radeon 530 Graphics).

    This might not be the best one out thier for gaming ,but it used to do its work correctly .


    Until recently (5 Weeks ago) my laptop started to Throttle itself while gaming .

    I use HW Monitor to keep a tab on my temps .

    At exactly when my laptop CPU (i7 7th Gen) reaches 95 Degress Celsius ,both my CPU and GPU will stop working for a short period of time like (2 Seconds) i can see the graph drop and rise in Task Manager .


    I play Rainbow 6 SIege and my laptop has the recommended configrations ,also (i upgraded to an SSD & SSHD ).

    While playng continuously for like 30 mins and the temps go to 95 degree,the game will freeze for some time and the then revert back to original state .


    I noticed this problem after the last 2 BIOS updates ( Maybe connected ,Just assuming).

    I already tried HP's  Solution for overheating

    I cleaned the fans and everything ,but still no use .Smiley Frustrated

    Installed HP CoolSense and figured out it does nothing Smiley Frustrated .

    I did a Extensive Harware HP System Diagnostics Test ,all PASSED without any problems .Smiley Frustrated

    Fans seems to be running normally .

    Have a doubt on the Thermal Paste side .



    Tried reinstalling Windows  ,changing HDD to SSD/SSHD ,plugged in adapter ,changed graphics settings .All availed no use .Smiley Frustrated



    Note : I am stuck with HP poor driver support for my Laptop .

    The drivers are so outdated that even while launching game ,Ubisoft also tells me to update it . 

    All latest updates are installed .My AMD drivers  are made on 17/05/17 .

    Tried installing Official drivers from AMD website but turned out to be a disaster .Had to revert back to official HP drivers .HP really needs to update thier drivers regularly .Smiley FrustratedSmiley FrustratedSmiley Frustrated


    Can anyone help me in solving this misery ? I cant game with this problem as each second is crusial while gaming .

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    Suddenly, my laptop screen does not work even though power button comes on and fan is running (sounds normal).


    I have followed HP "support" documents thoroughly as well as read comments from supposed HP "experts".  NOTHING WORKS. 


    I entered my serial number into the online troubleshooter and it shows the incorrect memory access door!  Jesus HP, get your SH*T together.  I am sure that Bill and Dave are turning in their graves, BUT I DIGRESS.


    Is there anyone out there with any USEFUL ideas?


    Thank you.

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    Hi, my screen rotate lock is grayed out and set to on, preventing me from rotating my screen. Additionally, the pc will not enter tablet mode automatically despite the settings being set to never ask and to enter tablet mode automatically. The option must be manually selected from the notifications menu. And still, the screen rotate lock is inaccessible. I have tried updating all drivers and even reinstalled windows 10. This problem seems to be all over the internet with no clear solutions.

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    As I checked Intel's NUC product (see below), which had same Intel i7-8705G with Radeon™ RX Vega M GL Graphics and  Intel HM175 Platform Controller Hub (PCH), I found that the NUC can support HDMI 2.0a/b and HDCP 2.2. So, I'm wondering if "HP Spectre x360 - 15-ch004na" can support too.


    I'm asking these questions because I want to use an external 4k-HDR TV and an external 4k-UHD BD ROM to playback 4k, UHD, 60Hz, HDR (10-bit), copyright-protected (by HDCP 2.2) BD disk (movie).



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    I am trying to use an external monitor on the laptop and need to be able to connect to both VGA and HDMI displays.  I purchased a USB-C Adapter on Amazon to do this but t is not connecting.  The adapter works fine on my Galaxy S8 phone and the PC recognizes it through the VGA connector but when I connect a VGA monitor to the adapter and scan for monitors, nothing is recognized.


    Anyone have any ideas about how to correct this? 

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    I recently purchased an HP Active stylus (1MR94AA) based on the recommendations that were given by this document: I spent the entire evening trying to find out why it will not work with my convertible notebook, but I have not found any answers to my questions/issues. Will this pen work with my laptop or should I consider getting another pen? If this is the case, what pen should I get for my HP Pavilion x360 - 13-u163nr????????

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    I can see that I have a webcam driver installed under imaging devices, but the proprties name it as USB video device. Does that mean that I need to purchase a webcam to plug into the USB port? I am assuming so.