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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    horizontal line at the top of the screen from left to center in the laptop for past three months 

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    i have start buttom press on my laptop display black 5 to 10 mints

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    I have a hp pavillion 360. The touchscreen can be turned into a tablet. When I use it in the tablet mode and try to enter the pin the virtual keyboard with the numbers doesn't come up, I have to use the fisical keyboard. I've tried to remove the pin and use the password in letters but doesn't come up that keyboard neither. What can I do?

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    What is the process and cost to replace a broken screen on a HP Spectre x360 convertible? Is it best to have HP do it? Warranty is expired.

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    Hi All,

    I had HP Travel Dock, for one HP Envy, at work,  but, few days ago, the HDMI output and the LAN connector on the dock, stopped working

    I bought HP Spectre USB-C Travel Dock, as a replacement, but, there was no picture, when i connected the HDMI cable, from the Dock to the Monitor (LAN worked fine)

    I returned this Dock, because it was not working as expected, and I thought it was only for HP Spectre Series only.

    I bought another Dock (goobay usb-c premium multiport dock), and, this one is universal, but, there is still no picture from the HDMI output, on the dock. LAN is working fine.

    I was told that the HDMI cable might be damaged, but, i get a picture, with the same HDMI cable, when i connect the cable directly into the laptop's HDMI port.

    Please, help.

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    I can not adjust the brightness of the screen - I see on the screen displaying  the slider, but the brightness actually does not have any change.

    I tried several ways suggested on this forum (update monitor adapter, update video card adapter, remove video card adapter and download from HP support and update it), but it does not work.


    Thanks for the help in advance!

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    I was using my USBC port on my ZBook 360 for a second monitor feed and then it just stopped working.

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    When I'm working on my notebook, the screen sometimes starts dimming or brightening itself without my interception.   I just installed anew battery aa weeek ago

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  • 12/18/18--09:52: hp envy loose screen hinge
  • It’s a new laptop arrived Defective, Whom to contact?

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  • 12/18/18--10:40: Damage to laptop screen
  • Hi,

    I have recently damaged the outside of the screen (where the HP logo is when the laptop is shut).

    There is now a dent and I was wondering if anyone knew if I am able to get the dent out? 

    The laptop is only 3 months old.

    The screen itself isn't broken, just the "lid" is dented.


    Any help would be much appriecated. 


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  • 12/18/18--11:10: Screen Issue
  • Hello,


    I would like to know if this kind of issue already needs some repair? My screen on my laptop have a "Keyboard" like stuck on the screen. Here's how it looks like :



    Tried wiping it but it's not working. Hopefully someone can give me advise.


    I'm not using my laptop that much  by the way.

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  • 12/18/18--11:56: Camera doesn't work
  • Hello,

    When I want to open my camera, i get "We can't find your camera"? In the beginning it worked but +-2months ago it doesn't anymore.

    What now?


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    I purchased an HP Gaming Pavilion 15-cx-0056wm in the last week and things seemed to be going fine.  However, today, I have had the laptop screen go blank on me.  I was using the laptop to expand the screen with my televsion via the HDMI. The television display continued to work fine as a computer monitor, and the music I was streaming continued to stream and play (so it isn't a crash).  However, there was nothing but black on the laptop screen.  


    The first time it happened, I put the laptop to sleep then woke it up, and all was fine.  But about 45 minutes or so later, it blacked out again, and again the extend screen (my TV) was working.  I should note that Windows didn't default all of my open apps to the Television monitor, which means Windows thinks the other screen (laptop screen) is still operating.  The laptop didn't seem to be getting hot as I was just doing some word processing, nothing GPU or CPU intense.


    I'm hoping there is an easy solution to this, but know that hope is likely misplaced and the issue is probably some connection with the laptop board and the LCD screen.  

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    I had my computer for about a year. It's been working great. I recently had the screen broken and had to replace it, and I replaced my HDD with an SSD drive, installed a fresh copy of windows 10, and then all hell broke loose. 

    During my regular installation, I started updating windows, and I noticed some screen flickering at the beginning, but it was mild, and I thought it was because it was updating the graphics driver. After the updates were finished, my screen kept flickering. I started diagnosing the problem unitl I figured out it was because I was updating my graphics driver.


    The PC I'm using has switchable graphics cards, however, if I disable my Intel HD graphics 620, my AMD radeon will stop working. 


    I singled out my problem to be the Intel HD graphics 620 driver, because when I uninstall it, or when I go into safe mode, the screen stops flickering, but it is very inconvinient to keep it disabled as I can't adjust brightness, play games or edit videos since I need my AMD graphics card, which stops working after disabling the Intel HD graphics 620.


    I have been having this problem for over two weeks, and I researched thoughroughly with fruitless effort. Please help.


    Computer specs:

    Operating System: Windows 10 Pro 64

    BIOS: F.45

    Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500@2.70GHz (4 CPUs)

    Memory: 8 GB

    Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620 + AMD Radeon R7 M440

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  • 12/18/18--17:58: My screen is cracked
  • Hello, 

    My laptop got stepped on last month and is now acting up. I cannot use my laptop without the screen jumping. Does anyone know what to do or how much it would cost to fix my screen? 

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  • 12/18/18--20:06: HP display issue
  • Hi,

    I am going to descibe the issue with a timeline.


    I played Call of Duty on my pc, exited the game, pc went blank.

    I hit Alt + f4, and am back on the desktop.


    Later I try to use revit, a graphics intensive software, it kept crashing. about some minutes later, I got a BSOD (Driver power state failure).


    System powers up, I return to revit, same thing happens, Blue screen

    So I do a system restore, pc wont complete bootup process

    I reset, same thing.


    I try try resetting it again, this time, stopped when it began installing drivers.



    I install, Intel display driver, works....

    Next, Amd display driver, hangs  during the process..

    Does'nt comeon again, till I do a reset.


    Now my laptop works without the amd driver.


    I think the Amd chip is bad, am not sure, I need professional advice before going to see a repairer..


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  • 12/19/18--00:34: Laptop won't detect HDMI
  • Hello,

    My laptop is not showing external display (in display>screen resolution) , i connected one end of HDMI cable in sony bravia, and other one in laptop but still in display its showing only 1.Mobile PC display not T.V or such ! My T.V is new,My cable is new, My laptop is ok then where is the problem in connecting via HDMI ??


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    Hello people,

    I am currently looking for a convertible notebook for college. I want a device that  I can use to write on with a pen. Similar to the Microsoft Surface devices or Apples´s iPad Pro. So I came across the HP Envy x360 13-ag00xxxx. According to a german price comparing site, this device does not have a digitizer display, but HP says that it supports active pens like the HP Pen (1MR94AA) and HP Tilt Pen (2MY21AA). Does anybody here have experience with this notebook, or a similar kind one, who can tell me wheter it is possible to write on it with a pen well. Is this notebook able to block out my hand palm resting on the screen so it doesn´t interfere with writing?

    Thanks for helping.


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  • 12/19/18--03:43: touchscreen not working
  • i have not been able to use the touchscreen 

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    Hi everybody, I have a new lcd monitor (lg flatron w1934s) that I want to use with my notebook 6730b using the vga port, but the "Intel graphic media accelerator driver for mobile" app doesn't allow me to use a 1440 x 900 resolution and even the function "customizable resolution" seems to not affect the screen resolution. I read that some version of the 6730b have a incorporated screen of that resolution and also the hp specifications say that the VGA  port support resolutions up to 2048 x 1536 at 75 Hz. How can I enable a resolution greater than 1366 x 768 and with a  16:9 ratio?

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