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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    It just appeared without me trying to update the pc or any move it just appeared

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    The last Win 10 update disabled the screen brightness F3/F4 key and the  F1 key. The only way to change the screen brightness and Project is through the Action Center which is very unproductive. 


    I have reinstall the SP87556 Video Driver and also deleting the PnP monitor driver. However the problem still exist. 


    any help appreciated 




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    I am trying to get a second display screen connected via the USB-C port. I have bought a USB-C to HDMI adapter, and have also tried a HDMI to VGA adapter in that, but the PC isn't recognising it. I am already using the HDMI cable for the first screen. 


    I have done some research already and am worried that the output is data only, although it doesn't say this clearly in the spec. It says the USB is data only, but doesn't say data only on the USB-C description. 

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  • 12/11/18--07:56: Touchscreen issues
  • I am having issues with random and chaotic white circles as if someone is touching the screen, when nobody actually is.  The chaotic part is when it's going from program to program and you have little control over the system.


    I currently have to disable the touch screen to stop the "madness", but this is not an acceptable solution as we need this functionality.  The following has been done:


    Complete OS reinstallation

    Display driver update

    BIOS update


    The updates were listed via HP's updates per the serial number.  Does HP have a solution for this?

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    The laptop screen doesn't go off when an external monitor is connected. f4 key doesn't have any effect. f7 & f8 doesn't adjust the brightness either. Used to work when I had Vista but now I've replaced with windows 7 theres a problem. Any help please.

    Also issues with missing coprocesser and base drivers missing which I've posted seperately.


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    Hi I have a HP Pavilion x360 15-bk...

    I want to buy a stylus pen for it to start drawing but I dont know which stylus pen would work for it, if someone could help me which one I should buy would be great.

    Thank you.

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  • 12/11/18--09:13: function keys
  • which function key or keys duplicates the entry in the line above

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    I've had a problem recently in that  my laptop screen has become either entirely into random vertical lines (not just covering a part of the screen) and get dark around the corners, or the screen as it should be but rapidly flashing dark and light (though not on and off completely). Which state it is in depends on the angle of the screen (though there isn't a position where it is always one or the other), or I can 'force' it into the second state by applying pressure to the bottom center of the screen frame (that is, where the logo is below the screen) or by lightly 'twisting' the screen - that is, pulling one upper corner while pushing the other. If it is stable in the second state for a while, sometimes the flashing will stop and the screen will work as normal, but this will only work for some time and then it goes back to the first state (the whole screen being lines).


    From what I've seen online, it seems to me that the most likely culprit is that the lcd cable connecting the screen to the motherboard is loose or frayed. Does this seem right, and if so, how should I fix it? I am overseas at the moment, so unfortunately sending it in for warranty isn't an option.

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    got the same issue. Did you solve the problem??


    Cheers Raphael

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    The brightness keys on my keyboard don't brighten or dim the screen. When I click, the slider for brightness pops up on windows showing me that I'm lowerd or raising the brightness, but the actually display doesn't change in brightness. I've tried reinstalling my Nvidia drivers and HP drivers and restarting the laptop. This issue has happened before but I solved, and now its popped back up. What can I do to fix it?

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    I would like to start the 'On Screen' Keyboard in my Windows Startup folder.  Can someone please tell me the .exe file to start the on screen keyboard.  


    Thank you!

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    Does HP EliteBook 840 G4 USB-C port support DisplayPort Alternate Mode?


    Trying to connect to monitors via Hyperdrive ultimate 11-in-1 USB-C Hub, but it doesn't work.



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    The graphics in the control panel of nvidiais not showing properly. And the software runnig on this graphic cards are not working properly. It happens only when Nvidia card is enabled, it does not happens when it is disabled. Here are some photos of how it looksIMG_20181212_014722_1.jpgIMG_20181212_020358.jpg

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    I have started to use my Pen for Spectre and faced with some sort of response problems:

    1. while drawing or writing - there is a delay in 1-2 seconds between interaction and shown result on the screen. Because of that it is hard to write, while I'm not able to see what is already written or drawn.
    2. while i'm drawing or writing sometimes it occure some sort of unregistered draws (interrupted lines, now fully written letters, etc.)

    This such lags it is hard to use in normal way Pen itself. Is there any solution, maybe driver updates or something else? Maybe my pen is defective?

    Please help.


    BR, Andre

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    I need to know what stylus to buy.

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    Hi all,


    In the past few weeks, translucent vertical white lines have begun appearing on my screen. These lines often extend from the edges of any windows that I have open on the screen. In addition, occasionally a translucent shadow will appear on the screen from previous windows that were open. For example, if I have a text document open and then switch to a YouTube video, I will see the outline of the text document still faintly visable over the top of the YouTube video.


    I would hugely appreciate any advice that anyone can provide!




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  • 12/11/18--20:27: touchpad
  • HP envy 13(2018) touchpad not functing,  when  microsoft precision driver was installed the cursor was disappeared and it says" your pc run into a problem......................" message. why dont Hp just use Microsoft precision driver, its million times better than HP own driver.   I am currently using external mouse. HP sucks !!!

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    hi i have a "HP Pavilion 15-b035el Sleekbook Product Code: C5R59EA. Can you easily remove the dedicated GPU (geforce 630m)? Or is it fixed to the motherboard?

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    My nephew (he's autistic) broke the screen on his laptop and I am going to replace it for him for Christmas.  I've read that the digitizer is actually embedded into the screen; is that true? 

    Any help is always appreciated! 

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    I have a HP Elitebook 640 G5 connected to 2013 ULTRA SLIM DOCKING STATION (1xVGA and 2x Display port). When I connect external monitor to docking station via Display Port I get black squares on my Microsoft Outlok 2019,

    If I unplug the docking station and only use my laptop LCD everything is fine.


    Any ideas what needs to be done?HP.jpg



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