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    Ok, so I have an 32gb Hp x2 10-n111nd here, which has the support for an active stylus (windows tells me so, and I'm seeing it in the device manager). I'm searching for the correct active pen from HP to use it with. But the forums of HP are as incomprehensive and uncomplete as they can possibly get.

    I found this list:, but that list only contains 3 different styluses, whilst the pencils I can buy in my local store are not on that list (839082-001). And, it isn't indicated whether an 'x' means they are supported, or whether that means they are not supported.

    I have a Dell XT3 tablet, with a working N-trig digitizer (I'm guessing its synaptics, not wacom, but I'm not 100% certain), that stylus does not work on the HP. However, I can not be certain, since I don't know whether the correct driver is installed on this HP x2. On the device manager list it lists a non supported i2c device...  but HP does not offer any drivers for any digitizer in its support and driver download list...

    In short, I want to know 1) whether windows installed the correct driver already, 2) which styluses should work (synaptics or wacom) and 3) whether the 839082-001 does work on this device.

    Please clarify! Because I'm sincerely regretting buying an HP for the complete lack of documentation and drivers.


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    I want to replace the terrible TN panel in my laptop with a compatible IPS.

    The problem is, how do I remove the screen bezel to access and remove the display? It is attached at the bottom to the long, silver hinge cover. It is not seem to just unclip from this like it does from the sides and top of the display assembly.
    The service manual does not say how to do this. Surely, I dont have to dissasemble the entire laptop / display assembly, just to detach the bezel from the hinge cover?





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    Hi all, the problem with my laptop is twofold. I'll provide some details first though - the laptop is an HP Stream Notebook PC 11, the model is 11-d062na and I bought it second hand in 2016.


    The first problem is that I'm no longer able to scan on the laptop. Before, it used to scan stuff fine using a Canon MP250 series printer plugged in via a USB port. But when I try to scan now, it just says "No scanners detected" even if the printer is plugged in to it.  I have checked Device Manager to try and find the driver but it's not there, and the Imaging devices tab isn't there either.


    The second problem is a lot like the first. When I open the Camera app on my Notebook, it says "Connect a camera". The webcam is in built and has worked perfectly before, but now it doesn't. Again, I checked for the driver in Device Manager but it's not there and neither is the Imaging devices tab.


    I have tried resetting my laptop and tried installing new drivers for both of these but they don't seem to work. Maybe I deleted something that caused the webcam and scanner to malfunction? I don't know, but it's been very frustrating dealing with this issue over the past couple of days and I'd really appreciate any help.

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    I had the same problem on my HP All in One computer and used this solution- it worked.  The difficulty I am having is that every day  when I restart the computer I have to go through the same process of disabling the driver.  How do I avoid this and make it a permanent solution?

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    Did you manage to fix this? I have a similar problem.

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    Hello, I currently have an HP Notebook purchased in late 2016, product no. Z4L83UA#ABA. Recently, I have been experiencing an issue where the laptop would display either a grey screen with a black bar on the bottom or a solid white screen upon waking from sleep mode. Example below in figure 1:Grey screen black bar 1.jpgFigure 1This screen also displays briefly upon turning the laptop on. Although it happens randomly, it seems to occur more often when the laptop is asleep for an extended amount of time, that is more than 5-10 minutes. Usually, after waiting for a while, usually a minute, the display cuts to the lock screen as per usual. 


    Recently, however, it has been displaying the same grey screen with a smaller black bar as well upon booting and waking. Example below: grey screen black bar small.jpgFigure 2I have recently been having more difficulty getting to the lock screen and have been forced to cold boot the computer in order to reach it, however, the boot screen usually displays this for some time before showing the HP logo and loading windows. Furthermore, waiting for the screen to cut to the lock screen no longer works, as the grey + black bar screen has been growing glitchier the more I wait, changing colors until it looks like this: whoopsie screen.jpgFigure 3Additionally, I have also been experiencing issues where the screen would freeze and become pixelly, showing a greenish or purplish tone each time. Example: glitch screen 3.jpg

    Usually, it reverts to normal and unfreezes after some time, however, ocassionally the screen gets glitchier and glitchier until it fades to a solid white screen. Example: glitch screen.jpg


    I do not know of any event or trauma my laptop could have experienced before this incident in order for this to happen. This laptop has not been dropped, abused, or met with blunt force as far as I know. However, I recall waking from sleep to a black/white screen with no color a week before this started. However, a quick restart fixed the issue. 

    As far as I know, the background programs still work. Even when the screen is glitched out, I am still able to hear the audio, videos, or programs in the background play. 

    I am having a difficult time diagnosing what the problem is in order to fix this. Searching online, I have tried the common solutions of updating drivers, reverting driver updates, reinstalling drivers, reverting windows updates, and downloading later windows updates. Unfortunately this has been to no avail. 

    Does anyone know what the issue could be? Could the laptop be simply showing its age? Though it has only been 2 years. Any help could be appreciated.


    Thanks in advance!

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    Hello, please how can I change the screen resolution of my laptop (HP ProBook 450 G5 Intel Core i7-8550U ) to full HD 1920 ×1080? I tried to use custom resolution in the intel graphics control panel, but there is no option for that.

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  • 12/04/18--22:51: Keyboard Blues
  • Several keys do not work.

    Left and Right Arrow

    Home, Delete, End, Page Up, Page Dn

    Any suggestions?

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    I am having trouble getting the HP 408 Active Pen working with my x360 Laptop. It isn't clicking.


    It is compatible with my laptop according to the HP support page.

    It has a fresh AAAA battery inside.

    I downloaded the latest QHD Touchscreen Firmware & restarted my Laptop.

    It tracks the pen just fine. When I drag the pen across the screen, the cursor moves with it. The problem is, it doesn't register clicks. If I'm in Microsoft Paint or Photoshop, it won't paint anything, it just moves the cursor.

    Drawing still works fine with my finger, just not the 408 Active Pen.


    Is there a step I'm missing? Could I just have a defective pen?

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    White lines (like shade) when I have a white object on a darker background





    I updated the drivers and all windows updates, those lines move with the window when I move it, they do not appear if I did a screenshot and upload the image, I have to take a photo with my phone,


    Please HELP!


    Thanks guys,


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    Hi everyone, 

    i need some help with an HP Pavillon x2 Detachable PC 10, serial number [Personal Information Removed], product number K5E30EA#ABZ. It’s from a friend of mine that asked for help. The device came with Windows 8.1, but after a (legit) update to Windows 10 touch screen is no longer working and HID-compliant touch screen driver is missing from Device Manager. System say “no pen or touch input is available for this display” in settings. Everything is updated. I think i tried almost everything. I already tried:


    Method 1: Use the hardware troubleshooter to fix the - NOT WORKING FOR ME


    The Hardware Troubleshooter is an automated tool which will check the hardware connected to the computer for any known issues with it and provides the details and on how to fix them. Follow these steps and run the troubleshooter.


    1. Connect the devices to the computer.
    2. Press Windows + W key on the keyboard
    3. Type troubleshooting in the search tab and press Enter.
    4. Click View all on left panel.

    Click Hardware and devices, new window will popup


    Let’s follow the steps blow to show remove these ghost devices and check if that solves the problem.


    Method 2: Update touch adapter driver - NOT WORKING FOR ME


    Step 1: Check for the latest driver update through Windows Updates.


    1. At the Start screen, type Windows Update.
    2. Click or tap Settings on the right side of the screen, and then select Install optional updates from the left results.
    3. When the Windows Update control panel opens, click on “Check for Updates” on the top left corner to receive a fresh list of updates.

    Incompatible or not properly installed graphics card drivers are the most common cause of this issue.


    Step 2: Follow the steps below to update the touch drivers - NOT WORKING FOR ME, THERE IS NO TOUCH DEVICE


    1. Press Windows + X key on the keyboard.
    2. Go to device manager.
    3. Right-click your touch device.
    4. Click Update Driver Software and then follow the steps in the wizard that appears.

    Restart the computer and check.


    Method 3: To get rid of unwanted drivers, devices, or services, use the following steps - NOT WORKING FOR ME


    1. Press Windows + X key on the keyboard

    2. Click on Command Prompt (Run as admin).

    3. At the command prompt, type in set devmgr_show_nonpresent_devices=1 and press Enter. (Note that nothing seems to happen. This is expected. You are actually setting an environment variable which is going to help you to see hidden devices.)

    4. On the next command prompt line, type devmgmt.msc and press Enter. This will launch the Windows Device Manager Console.

    5. In the Device Manager Console, from the View menu, select Show Hidden Devices.


    Method 4: Fresh Start - NOT WORKING FOR ME


    To use Fresh Start, select  Start > Settings > Update & security > Windows Defender> Device performance & health. Under Fresh Start, select Additional info> Get Started


    Please help me i do not really know how to fix it and get the touch screen back working!


    Screenshot (1).png

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    HP Pavilion - 15-cw0033ur  Video driver: AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver (Windows 10 v1809) Device Manager: Microsoft Base Video Adapter Windows 10 64 bit ver 10.0.14393  Dont work Dual Monitor and AMD Properties

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    My hp notebook sometimes lagging due to overheating,i cant install coolsense not supported,please help me,what shall i do..thanks morre power

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    I am planning on buying this specific model but does it come with the faster version of the mx150 or the slower one?

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  • 12/04/18--23:19: Re: Anti-glare touch screen
  • What is srgb/adobe rgb value of 17.3" diagonal 4K IPS eDP anti-glare WLED-backlit? I am planning to get this laptop and skeptical about colors on screen. 



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  • 12/05/18--11:08: DVD cannot be saved
  • My home made DVD of my son can play but I cannot save it to my laptop.  The option to save is not there.

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  • 12/05/18--11:41: touchscreen not working
  • my touch screen has never worked and i was worndering what I should do.

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  • 12/05/18--11:50: DSR on HP Omen 15
  • Hello, I have recently purchased a new Omen 15 of the 2018 model 15‎-dc0002nj, and I can't get the Nvidia DSR settings.

    I looked it up and understoon that in order to enable the DSR setting I need to use NVIDIA as my primery graphics card (disable Optimus).

    Tried doing it via Nvidia control panel and via BIOS (did't find it in BIOS) but no luck.

    Do you have any Idea how can I get the DSR to work?

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    The short story

    When I connect my laptop to my external displays and turn it on it shows the HP Automatic Repair Screen and then he just stops.

    When I connect my laptop to my external displays when it is already turned on everything keeps working, only at around one frame per second.

    My laptop also can't restart when they are connected, it will just show a black screen with weird horizontal lines, like the gpu is doing weird stuff. This is not a huge problem as just shutting down and then turning it on again does work.


    My displays

    - I have an old Dell with a resolution of 1024x768 @ 60 Hz, this is connected via a vga cable and a vga to usb-c converter, this was delivered with the laptop. I don't know the exact model.

    - I also have an LG 24M47VQ with a resolution of 1920x1080 @ 60 Hz, this is connected via a hdmi cable.


    The long story

    About four months ago I bought my HP ZBook G4 from my university. I already had a preloaded image and some assessoires, among them the vga to usb-c converter. From the first moment on I connected my display I had the problem of low frames per second, however for some reason it only showed up with some programs, for example task manager and whatsapp, but chrome was unaffected. I could work around this problem by shutting down my laptop and then turning it on again (because I couldn't restart) with just the dell connected and when it was ready also connect the LG.


    Then about a month later I needed to turn of the hyrbrid graphics and turn on the discrete graphics only. This was because we needed to boot of a usb stick to takes courses. This solved my problem.


    Two weeks ago I needed my Nvidea card so I turned it  back on and all hell broke lose. There was nothing wrong with my laptop without any external screens. However when I connected it to my monitors and turned it on I went into automatic repair and I also couldn't connect them when it was on because then my frames were bad. A friend of mine had the same problem with the fps, not with the automatic repair. He said that you needed to disconnect all the displays, then press the powerbutton for 15 seconds, plug everything back in and then turn it on, then it all worked again. This worked three to four times for me, after that it also went into automatic repair after I pressed the powerbutton long.


    I searched on the internet and found two error reports for the ZBook G4 from HP, these described my problems pretty well.


    This the same as my problem with the framerate, expect that mine doens't return to normal after a few seconds. I tried all of the resolutions and none of the worked.



    This is a pretty accurate description of my booting problem. Scenario 1 happened in the beginning after reboots, only then on my LG, this is my main display, the lid of my laptop was closed.  I have never seen scenario 2 happen. Scenario 3 happens always when I boot up with external screens, it shows the HP logo, then shuts down and goes into automatic repair. Scenario happened to me as well before I started using only integrated graphics, however my screen flashed a few times and then just booted up normally. In the resolution they say that you need to turn of legacy mode and turn on secure boot. I checked my UEFI and legacy mode was turned of and secure boot was turned on.


    What I already tried

    Yesterday I did a memory and long storage check in the UEFI, there were no problems discovered. For some reason my laptop went throught he automatic repair (this after about one minute and before I waited as much as ten), but there was also nothing. I checked for driver updates and found some for the integrated graphics and my LG, but these also changed nothing. I updated windows but this also didn't help. Today I also went to the helpdesk at my university, they connected my laptop to a screen there through a vga to usb-c adapter and a vga to hdmi adapter and it worked fine. This was after the laptop was already booted.


    I don't know what else I could try. Any help would be appreciated.


    Edit 1: I just posted this message and then I got a blue screen of death. I don't know if it's related or not. After the blue screen windows restarted and now everything is working fine again. I don't know the problem. All this happened without any external screen connected.

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    I just bought a new hp 24yh display.   It seems to work ok, but it is too bright.  I am sure there must be an adjustment, but I cannot locate a user guide.  It did not come with the display.  The "getting started" sheet says to find it at and other displays have user guides at that site, but not the 24yh.  Can anyone help?

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