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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 11/25/18--17:34: HP Dreamcolor zbook G4
  • Hey all!


    I have been having a problem with the top of my screen, Its seems that the pixels are dieing,  does anyone have any ideas what the best thing is to do? screen iss1.JPGscreen iss2.JPG

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    The tablet mode on my HP Envy x360 does not automatically turn on when I fold back the screen. I have double and triple checked the setting and it is on. When I do fold it back and manually turn on tablet mode, the physical keyboard on the computer remains on. When the computer is in tablet mode and I try to set it on my lap, it makes it completely unusable, because i get a bunch of letters appearing randomly and several notifications for sticky keys. 

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  • 11/25/18--18:55: My mouse is going crazy
  • I have a less than 1 year old, HP Laptop 15-bs0xx.  I use the touchpad that came on the laptop and it has been a problem since new.  I normally have to reset the Synaptics Touchpad in mouse properties just to get the mouse to appear.  Now it is unusable jumping all over the screen and randomly opening applications.  It is disabled now ansi am using the touchpad. What is the solution short of chunking this thing in the trash?

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    My laptop's screen hinge is loose. It can be sitting on a surface, in my lap, or as I'm picking it up, the screen will open up or close with the slightest movement. I'm concerned this will affect the notebook's functioning one day if it doesn't get tightened. Plus it's super annoying having to readjust the screen back to the normal positioning every single time i move.

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    I had a HP ProBook 430 G4 with a non touch Display.

    Can I change the display to a touch screen display(905801-001)?

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    What are my options to add on/upgrade a gaming capable graphic card to my HP 1040 Folio G2 notebook? Can I upgrade the internal one? If not, the external ones; how do they connect to my workstation? 


    Thank you in advance,


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    Hello, I've been having a problem with my touchpad mouse not working. I can't move the mouse, but the buttons on the touchpad still work. 


    I have found that if I roll back the driver and then reupdate without restarting, it temporarily works. However it always stops working again usually after about half an hour. I've also restarted several times. 


    I'm using a HP EliteBook 8460p. I'm sorry if this isn't the right category for it, this was the best fit I could find. 

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    My problem is that the touchpad mouse is not working anymore. I think this problem occured after a software update.
    I tried to update the synaptics mouse driver again and went to previous system repair point. But this did not fix the problem.

    When I go to Config panel - Mouse, the tab for Synaptics mouse is gone. Also this icon is gone in the Notification area.

    How can I fix this problem?


    Thanks in advance

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    I have a HP EliteBook 820 G3 that is connected in a docking station (HP 2013 UltraSlim), the docking station is connected with 2x DisplayPort, now I want to add a 3th screen with the DisplayPort (> to DVI) from my laptop.


    The porblem is that the screen stays black, when I eject the laptop the screen pops on.

    Is it possible to get all 3th screens connected at the same time?

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    My compaq presario CQ40 notebook pc resolution is decreased. And the max. resolution has set lower than original so the display is not on the whole screen and there is a black strip on the right vertically.

    Yet display is complete but smaller than original. I have tried reinstalling graphics driver but no improvement.

    Please help what may be the problem. Can damaged display cable be a reason?

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    After instaling new version of video drivers my  R7 m440 detected like m340.  Am i cheated?

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  • 11/26/18--08:28: HP website drivers
  • The link on the website for the L2311c is broken.  Is there another way to get in touch with HP in order to inform them that their website has broken links?


    When going here


    and trying to download HP Compaq L2311c OSBASE USB Graphics Driver ( )

    You get the erroe:

    Not Found

    The requested URL /pub/softpaq/sp86501-87000/sp86802.exe was not found on this server.

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  • 11/26/18--10:41: Second Monitor is blurry
  • Hi!


    I recently bought a new laptop, and I seem to have an issue with the display on my second monitor (and audio but thats not important).  Some text on my second monitor renders blurry, sometimes distorted,  BUT only in specific programs. The control panel, for example:


    I have tried a few things to fix this, such as using the windows thing to clear text, changing resolution, I even tried doing it all through the Intel software, but no luck :(

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    hp truevision hd camera is not recognized by the laptop (hp envy 17 notebook) most of the times

    very occasionally it is recognized and works well

    started to notice the problem when converted to windows 10

    switched back to windows 8.1 - did not make any difference

    installing youcam software makes no difference either

    drivers are updated and functional according to windows tests

    this is a very significant drawback !!!

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    I'm just surfing the net and all of a sudden my screen goes black but the off/on button is still lit up. How do I fix this?


    When I bought this laptop it was running Windows 8 which I upgraded to 8.1 and then 10.

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    as the title says my touchpad is not working.

    i have tried restarting my computer several times, tried to enable it in device manager (mice and pointer did not appear) it didn’t show up when I selected mouse and advanced settings in the settings window. Troubleshooting provides me an error code 0x8000FFFF

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    My new Spectre 13 has a very poor quality display which gives a grainy look. I believe this to be an issue with the panel and not the display drivers as the problem exists in Windows and Ubuntu. I'm not sure whether these are dead pixels simply as I've never had an issue which effects pretty much an entire screen before. Please see the attached photo. The darker spots are persistent no matter the content being displayed:




    On a possibly related note, the screen hinges are not completely parallel with the chassis, it is very noticeable.


    I also found it odd that the (UK) power adapter and pen were shipped in a box external of the laptop's box. There's a removable white tray in the laptop box which looks like it's supposed to house such accessories and a manual but there was nothing there. Have I somehow been shipped a defective refurb sold as new?


    I'd like to organise a replacement.

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    Good morning!
    I dont know if this is the correct board, Sorry if its not.

    We've had the issue on several notebooks here at work, that the keyboard and mouse stopped working. When you look at the Device manager, the drivers show up with an orange triangle with a exclamation mark in it.
    We had success by deleting the drivers from the pc and let them reinstall after reboot. However we've also had reports of the problem returning 2/3 days later. 
    Can someone help us to prevent this from happening again. Because it seems reinstalling the driver isnt a permanent solution.

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    Is compatible HP Compaq laptop mother board 538407-001 with Possessor T 5870. If not plz confirm me what are the compatible prossors for laptop mother board 538407-001. and How to upgrate 538407-001 mother board for T 5870 prossessor



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    for a few days now my brightness controls aren't working, either on the keyboard, nor in the Settings Menu. When i adjust the brightness the small indicator on the screen shows movement, but the brightness stays the same.

    I will be very thankful for your support.

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