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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I have a big problem with AMD Radeon 6770m in my HP 6199ee. after updating windows and exactly after installing driver for 6770m screen is goong to be black and freez and i have to shut down pc from holding power button. and after restart we face with the same problem, then i must restore to previous. i am sure for solving this problem i must disable windows update or disable AMD drivers.

    Please help me how to solve this problem with my laptop

    Thanks In Advance

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  • 11/24/18--12:44: USB-C to HDMI not working
  • Hello!

    I just bought a Pavilion 15-CS0852ND from Media Markt and the seller told me that it's USB-C connector was compatible with HDMI and sold me an EWENT (EW9822) USB-C to HDMI converter but, unfortunatelly, it's not working.


    Can you guys tell me if this notebook it's compatible with 3 monitors setup (Main scree + HDMI + USB-C) or not?
    If it is, which converter should I buy?


    Note: When I connect my Galaxy S9+ to the same adapter, it displays a clone image at the monitor.


    Thanks in advance.

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  • 11/24/18--16:35: Touch Screen not working
  • I have a hp pavilion touch smart 15 and it won't turn on, until the touch screen module was disconnected from the  motherboard, does that mean the touch screen is faulty??? or i need to replace the entire screen???

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  • 11/24/18--17:16: Touchpad not working
  • Hello! 

    I've been having trouble lately with my laptops touchpad. It's been a consistent problem since I have gotten my laptop a couple of years ago but it has gotten worse. I use to be able to follow the instructions given to others to who have had similar problems to fix the issue but they don't seem to be working anymore for me. I'm not sure what my next step would be for this problem, other than taking it in to get it checked on. Hopefully I can get some help before I have to do that. 

    Thanks in advance!


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  • 11/24/18--17:43: Touch Screen.
  • i have a hp pavilion touch smart 15 and it won't turn on, until the touch screen module was disconnected, does that mean the touch screen is faulty??? or i need to replace the entire screen???

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    All of a sudden my laptop wont boot, i hear something inside turning but nothing happens. The Wifi LED flashes orange but screem is black. When i plug the AC in the LED light that used to be orange when charging is now white for some reason. Can amyone help me?

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    I recieved my new laptop few hours ago and the screen has a thin black line on it and the imge is jummpy and blury. I am trying to file a return, but the form needs a call ID number which I don't know how to get. I'm supposed to report any prolems within 24 hours and tomorrow is sunday, so no chance of getting the support on the phone.

    Can anyone help me please? I feel very angry and disapointed.

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    Two weeks ago I purchased a Spectre X360 15 and am using it with an HP USB 3.0 Port Replicator. Connected to the Port Replicator are monitors, keyboard, and mouse among other things. Over the past couple of days i noticed a lag in the mouse to the point where the mouse pointer no longer moves or clicks. It seems to happen when the computer lid is closed. The lid power setting is set to "Do Nothing." The problem does not occur immediately after I close the lid, but after several minutes of usage commences and becomes worse. The only ways to fix it are ro reboot or unplug and then plug the port replicator back in.  


    I've tried several things to resolve the problem including different mice from the same (Logitech) and different (Microsoft) manufacturers). I also tried updating the drivers for the USB Connection Mangager, USB Controllers, Monitors, Mice and Pointing Devices, and Display adapters (including the Port Replicator).  The updates that did install did not solve the problem. I also confirmed there were no Microsoft updates available. 


    I would greatly appreciate any help on this issue. Thxin advance.

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    My screen was cracked about a year ago. I continued  using it with my TV thru hdmi.. I did a factory reset and when finished I couldn't get the screen to display on my TV again.. so I ordered a new screen and replaced it. The screen comes on and hp pops up but goes dim and nothing happens.. I removed battery and charger and held the power for 2 min still same.. Did bios reset and still the same tried hitting f11 when starting and still the same.. I also open back memory removed and blew out still same.. Any other suggestions?

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    I have a HP pavillion touchsmart 14z-f000 sleekbook that has not responded to touch for several months now. I've spend weeks researching the problem, but sadly I have not found a solution. And to further the plot, today while rechecking the drivers available for my notebook, is a Bluetooth driver, which I was unaware I had(?) until today .I have downloaded and ran the installer for said driver, but no change, not sure if I should be bummed or shrug it off, as I never had 'blutooth;' although I should mention that VMs ran through VMWare Workstation show Bluetooth (Debian based guest os), but never works.


    I have looked for drivers on my own, to no avail, as it seems my laptop ''doesnt have a driver." I have no idea where else to look, and am tired of not having a working touchscreen. It even shows up as 'HID-compliant touch screen's in device manager, and on PC info shows full touch support with 10 points, so I'm stumped. Is there a driver? 


    Side but important note - I don't have wifi, so I have to download drivers and software from my phone, then transfer to laptop. (I'm not worried about data usage)

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    I've recently purchased a HP Probook 440 G5, and I'm afraid it has some display issues, possibly related to the Intel display drivers,

    First I installed the Intel drivers provided on the HP support website: SP87556

    However upon windows startup right before the Login screen appears, the HP logo doubles and some screen corruption appears below that:


    Then I went to device manager and simply Updated the display drivers (had it search automatically for a driver online), which it did succesfully, then restarted the system.

    This time there was no more screen corruption but the double logo was still present:


    Note that the dou ble logo appears for like 1-2 seconds before properly showing the windows login screen.

    Also, the updated drivers' maximum brightness is noticeably dimmer than with the previous driver, or at least the white color doesn't appear as white as previously.


    So is this hardware or software related issue?


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    I am using  HP pavilion g6-2016tx model laptop. Recently, when I turned on my laptop, I found the brighness set to the maximum level automatically. I tried to reduce it using the function key. When I press the function key, it is being displayed that the brighness is reducing but it is not reducing at all. Plese tell me what should I do ?

    My laptop has AMD Radeon HD 7600M series graphics card.

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  • 11/25/18--03:55: Problems with touchpad
  • Good day! 

    Don't want to create a panic but this is kinda urgent. I have this Omen laptop for less than a 4 months and for the second time in last two months I've been having the same issue. My touchpad goes crazy without any reason. The laptop wasn't damaged, it wasn't dropped, smashed, crashed, screamed at. But the same problem seems to be reappearing, my touchpad seems to have mind of it's one, the cursor moves around chaotically by itself and with old drivers it just stops working. I've reinstalled driver multiple times, it doesn't help, I've done everything pretty much everything. Last time said problem just disappeared suddenly, should I wait again for miracle?  Somebody pleeeeease help!! 

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    My HP Pavilion Notebook(Laptop-Q312CALR) battery level is 51%(plugged in, not charging)


    Device goes off with AC cabel is unplugged from it.


    Have tried;

    1. Uninstalling Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery and Microsoft AC Adaptor

    2. Updated bios

    3. Tried all the possible fixes on google but still problem persists


    A quick diagnostic of the component shows a defective batter (Primary battery: Replace(42))


    I’m confused a bit. How can a battery that is 51% be defective?


    Why can’t I play my Fifa game smoothly ?


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    Hi folks,

    I'm looking into buying a laptop for my girlfriend that can also handle some VR and this one caught my eye, I'm wondering however whether or not this one can change the colors on the keyboard & the back like some of the Omen versions (quite a dealbreaker as she despises the black and red laptops).
    Haven't been able to find it anywhere so hoping to get some clarification here!

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hello there,


    So when i launch the game "Overwatch" my display changes colours, for example the AMD Radeon settings background picture is red, when in game i see it as blue. 

    The colours remain the same when the game settings is on "Windowed" when i set it to fullscreen or windowed bordless they change.

    Any ideas why is this happening ? the laptop just arrived today.

    Much appreciated.

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    When I use the nvidia discrete graphics card on my Zbook G4, the HDMI works flawlessly, but when I disable it and use Intel  P630 integrated graphics instead, external display is never recognized by OS.


    I have tried various cables (cheap and expensive high-speed HDMI), have tried various HDMI displays, have tried all the driver versions from HP page as well as generic drivers form Intel pages, but nothing has fixed my problem.


    As far as I know, this notebook should support external displays over HDMI with Intel graphic card.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Thia laptop is several years old, but just the other day upon startup starting alternating normal dislay and a greyed-out view every refresh cycle.  I've updated all of the drivers (HP and intel 4600 display drivers), and updated the BIOS, to no avail.  Any thoughts??   I can hook upa secondary monitor and it works just fine, just the ;aptop display does this.


    I took a short video of the behavior; ic can be viewed at:

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    My HP notebook laptop can't connect to my wired Dell monitor.  Everything says that it isn't connected and I think it is a driver problem. How can I fix this?

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  • 11/25/18--13:58: Scroll Lock Key Missing
  • I've tried all tips I've seen so far = Fn+C, Ctl+C, etc.  None work.  How do I turn on my scroll lock?

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