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    Vertical discoloration bars keep appearing on my screen that are attached to individual windows.  This issue has persisted for 2 months now, and it's getting worse everytime I restart my machine.

    I've updated my BIOS drivers,  NVIDIA drivers, and graphics card drivers. The issue still persists. Is this still a software issue, or should I send my machine in for repair? (I have Care Pack)



    Processor: Intel i7-8550U @1.80 GHz 1.99 GHz

    RAM: 16 GB




    20181123_150441.jpgHeavy discoloration when moving the Settings window around20181123_155834.jpgAs time goes on, discoloration turns orange/red.20181123_155921.jpgDiscoloration always begins from the top. Even when windows are maximized (full-screen).

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    Does any Hp Envy 13t actually have the capability of connecting to a displayport display over usbc? I have an Hp Envy (2018) 13t ah000 CTO, and  have been searching through these forums trying to find a definitive answer and cannot find one. It clearly states in the specifications of this laptop:


    "1 USB 3.1 Type-C™ Gen 1 (Data Transfer up to 5 Gb/s, DP1.2, HP Sleep and Charge); 2 USB 3.1 Gen 1 (1 HP Sleep and Charge)"


    but there has been no indication that anyone in these forums has had success connecting a usbc to displayport dongle to the laptop and getting it to project onto an external display. Before dishing out money for a dongle, I would like to know if this laptop is even capable of connecting through displayport. Some representatives have said only Hp thunderbolt 3 usbc ports can use displayport while others believe it will work. Can anyone give me a definitive answer as to whether or not these laptops are capable of using displayport over usb c? or did I seriously buy a laptop in 2018 with no way of connecting to an external display?

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    I have hp 15-bs123ne

    which has radeon 520 GPU (as noted in hp official site)


    after installing the original driver from hp and having AMD software installed as well and it showed that i have radeon 520 as it should do (pic 1)

    AMD radeon 520.jpg

    then i checked for updates and installed the i found on the app

    i opened the app again after installing the update and restarting the laptop

    i found that it shows that i have R5 m330 (pic 2)

    AMD R5 m330.jpg

    adding that also before i install the official driver from hp. windows was downloading that driver (R5 m330) as well but i aborted it


    and after making some further research i found that they are almost the same GPU with having the same chip (as i understood)

    with some modifications and improvements 


    so my questions here are

    1-should i uninstall that driver and install the official driver and never update it till hp releases a new update

    2-(if no) is it okay to leave that driver and update it?

    (considering if there won't be any problems i am okay with leaving it and just having different name)



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    Hello! I have an HP Pavilion DV7 id product: A9X63EA#ABZ actually with i5-2450M cpu and AMD Radeon HD6700M, Windows10 64bit(upgraded from original Windows7), with 16gb ram.

    I'm sure that the second graphic card (AMD Radeon HD6770M) does'nt work even if it is correctly recognized from Windows, the AMD Catalyst Control Center works fine and permits me to choose between the two energy modes.

    I've launched the UserBenchmark but it sees only the Intel HD3000 and reports the message "warning: skipping amd radeon hd6700 series: unable to locate attache display".

    Even CPUz doesn't recognize the AMD graphic card in the system.

    I tried to unistall and reinstall both the graphic card, to disable them. The drivers are updated.

    What can I do? Thanks

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    I need to buy the touchscreen for my laptop which is damaged. Can you tell me if this 809612-010 GNRC PANEL15.6 INCH HD BV WLED SVAeDPSlimTOP CP RoHS: COMPLY_2.06 is the correct part?

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    I have Pavilion laptop with USB-C port, I also have Apple thunderbolt display which i am using with mac book pro. Recently i brought two adapters one HDMI to miniDVI and USB-C to thunderbolt-2. I connected HDMI port with my laptop and another end to my apple thunderbolt display, it inserted very well but this arrangement does not work.

    I connected USB-C to thunderbolt-2 port but this unfortunately does not work too.

    Any way to make it work or if there is no solution to connect my laptop to my apple display, then let me know at least i will hope for this and stop buying adapters.


    Appreciate help and support.


    Best Regards


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    Hi! I want to know if the HP ENVY x360 - 15-aq173cl  laptop is compatible with any of the stylus pens and if so, which one.

    Thank you!!!

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  • 11/23/18--17:06: del
  • del

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    is it possible to change the GPU on the ProBook 450 G4? it says its switchable here: but i dont know how or where to get a GPU thats compatibleSwappable GPU.JPGdoes this mean i can change it to for example a gtx1060?

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    Hi guys


    I have a hp notebook 17-bs037CL the screen hinge on the left broke at the side I need to know where i would be able to get hinges to replace the broken one or, what models carry the same hinges.Please help

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    Ever since the 1809 update rolled out to Windows my webcam has been disabled. It can't seem to be initiated by either the Windows Camera app or Windows Hello for log in. This appears to be some kind of permission related problem given Windows' new permission system in 1809. I've even tried going into settings and giving all apps access to camera but with no luck. Does anyone have any info on when we can expect a driver update that fixes this?

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    have a 24-g214 all inone PC,with a touchscreen monitor. it has worked fine up until aferw months ago. now the touch does not work at all. have run the troubleshooting programs without finding any solution.when i checked the hardware veiw pen and  touch, it says there is no touch screenmonitor running. this is obviously incorrect as it has been running fine for over a year


    any thing else i can check?

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    I recently purchased a pavilion 15 gaming laptop with 15 g ram. Right out of the box i noticed very slow loading of webpages and especially images.There is also a delay of 2 seconds in sound after starting a video.Another problem is a increasing delay in waking from sleep.I am worried that soon enough it will not wake .Also i bought a late model thinking it will be powerful enough for gaming not to have trouble loading webpages.Does anyone have a suggestion for the reasons behing such symptoms?

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  • 11/24/18--03:12: Can't connect monitor
  • Hi I'm having issues with using an external monitor.


    When I hit Windows + P it says "Your PC can't project to another screen. Try reinstalling the driver or using another video card."


    Here's a screenshot of the device manager: is this normal (Unknown device x2, Videocontroller)?


    I've tried installing drivers, but I don't know if I'm using the right ones.


    Can anyone help me?

    Device: HP Pavilion Notebook - 15-p255nb (ENERGY STAR)


    (Side note: I replaced the drive with an SSD and thereby had to reinstall Windows)


    Thanks in advance!

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  • 11/24/18--04:30: USB display turns off
  • Hello,


    I have connected a monitor to my HP Pavilion Power - 15-cb030nd using a USB-C - HDMI adapter. 

    It works fine and suddenly the screen goes blanc. When this happens, there is no way to get it to work again.
    My current setup is the laptop, 1 monitor connected to the HDMI of the laptop and one monitor connected to the laptop's USB-C, using an adapter.


    This is the adapter: Trust USB-C to HDMI Converter

    I'm running Windows 10.
    Roccat kone XTD wired mouse
    Wireless Logitec keyboard


    What I've tried to do:


    Connect different monitors while it wasn't working.
    It seems like the monitors know there is something attached to them, because when I connect them they stop showing the "Check signal cable" message. The monitors go in stand-by after a while.
    So what is blocking the signal?


    I've done some updates:
    Update NVidia, Intel display drivers.
    Update BIOS
    Update chipset driver
    Update Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Client Driver - Kaby Lake

    Before I started all these updates, the monitor wasn't working (yes it was connected..)
    When the bios was updated, after several automatic reboots, the screen turned on again and I thought i fixed the problem.
    But when I started the update of the chipset driver, the screen went blanc again (and still is).



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    HP spectre 15t ch0xx has 2 video cards: Intel HD 630 abd AMD RX Vega.

    If I have them both enabled in Device Manager:

    - I can set brightness

    - cannot use Screen Sketch (in Windows Ink Workspace there is a ! mark and if I try to use Screen Sketch I receive an error message: Can't use screen sketch right now).


    If I disable Intel HD 630 in Device Manager:

    - I cannot set brightness because the keyboard button does not working and in the OS the brightness setting is not there any more

    - I can use Screen Sketch.


    I tried to update Screen Sketch but I cannot do it because Snip & Sketch (the new name for Screen Sketch) cannot be installed because it require Win 10 1809, which it cannot be installed on my spectre because Microsoft blacklisted HP spectre 15t (see more info on:


    Please do not try to send me on the "update drivers" path.

    I have all drivers up to date.


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    I hope that they can find solution for this issue

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  • 11/24/18--10:38: Disabled display adapter
  • Well basicaly i broke my screen on my HP laptop a few weeks ago.

    Then i orderd a vga/hdmi adapter because my old monitor only had a VGA input.

    My screen worked on the monitor.

    But a few days ago i was playing around trying to change my main display adpater.

    I disabled my main display adapter which was the AMD R5 Graphics.

    Now the screen is black when i try to connect the laptop to the monitor.

    I tryed reseting the BIOS, chaning the CMOS Batery... Nothing worked.

    And i can see things happening on my cracked HP screen like (opening search bar, menu...)

    I somehow tried to enable it back on through cracked screen but i wasnt sucsefull.


    Please help


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  • 11/24/18--12:12: Touchpad is not fuctioning
  • My laptop"s touchpad is not functioning .I am very much disappointed cause laptop is purchased At Jan 2018 only. 


    Uninstall the driver installed the updated one still issue was not solved.Called the coustmer care and contacted technical expert


    update the BIOS 42 . Still the condition remains same .Experiencing it from last few days.Worst experience,work get done on


    the laptop trough external mouse only.its Pathetic !

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  • 11/24/18--12:22: Keyboard and Pen
  • Hi I just bought the HP Envy 2 in 1 and im having trouble with the Bambo Stylus and the keyboard. When I connect it through bluetooth I am not able to use the keyboard to type. The keyboard acts more of a shortcut to apps. Once I disconnect the stylus I have to log out to gain access to the keyboards regular function. Can the two not work at the same time or am I doing something wrong? 

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