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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    I am unable to connect my laptop to an external 4k display, it does not recognize that a monitor has been connected and the monitor goes to sleep. My laptop is the Spectre x360 Convertible 15-bl0XX and the product number is Z4Z35UA#ABA. I am trying to connect through the HDMI port to a brand new LG 32UD59 4k display. I am able to connect a different laptop to the LG monitor with no issues. I have tried changing the HDMI cable besides the one that came with the monitor. I have tried different HDMI ports.  I am able to connect the HP to a lower resolution (full HD) monitor with no issues. I've downloaded the latest drivers and have reset the BIOS as described in one of the solutions, all to no avail.


    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanx!

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  • 11/17/18--14:01: Hdmi version
  • Hi there. I want to buy the following laptop but i d'like to know if this laptop supports hdmi version 2 or it is only 1.4. The manual doesnt helps. Thank you.

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    Hi I have been using HP Sepctre X360 15in (i7-8705G, Radeon RX Vega M GL). 


    I recently purchase BattleField 5, and I first experienced with 10hours of trial first. Since I like the game, I purchase the deluxe version but after switching into the purchased one, the lap top is not using the right graphic card. I usually had this problem, but I fixed it either updating graphic software or launching in AMD setting. However, this time, it does not work at all. If I try trial version, it worked on my RX Vega graphic card, but on Deluxe version it does not use it at all. Is there any solution for this?

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    Hi all, couple of problems recently with my HP Envy that trusty google doesn't seem to help me with. First off: screen doesn't auto-rotate when flipping the screen. 


    It definitely used to do this, and it used to question whether to change into tablet mode too. Now, not!


    In display options in settings there should be an option for auto-rotate but there isn't the option at all. Some others that have had this issue had theirs greyed out. I simply don't have the option. I've been through all the graphics and display settings and don't see it anywhere. 


    Now, normally on a windows PC, Ctrl-Alt-down cursor should flip the screen. Not happening on this PC, in fact none of the cursor flips seem to work.


    The only way to flip the screen when folding the PC is by going into display settings, selecting the drop down for orientation and changing it. And if you're already having to do that in one orientation, you then need to physically turn the laptop over to see it in the orientation you've just changed to. Cumbersome and annoying!


    Anyone got any tips of how to resolve this please?



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    OK, so I'm not sure if this one has always been the case or if it's a recent issue. Only been hunting for resolution for issues because of another issue so thought I'd try to crack this too.


    The convertible PC can switch between PC and tablet mode which is pretty cool. But I would expect, in tablet mode, for the keyboard to auto pop up when you select a text field in tablet mode. All I have is the keyboard icon in my taskbar and I have to click on it to bring the keyboard and then get rid of it too even when I've moved away from the text field. 


    Apparently, in WIn10 tablet mode this should happen and there is an option in the keyboard and typing settings for this to work. I don't seem to have that setting! 


    Can I get this to work or am I forced to live with it as it is?

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    I do not find the specifications about the USB C in HP Envy X360 15m-bq1xx, I would like to know if it supports DP 1.2?

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    So I cracked the screen on my laptop and it has a sort of phantom touch in the top left hand corner where it is cracked. Is there a way to disable the screen in that section and not on the rest so I can still use my touchscreen? Thanks

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  • 11/17/18--23:44: Stuttering/Jittering
  • Hello everyone!


    For a pretty long time I experience something like stuttering or jittering in each game I try to play. My FPS drops to mininal for 1-3 seconds and this happens definite gaps (for example in more requiring game gap is less, like every 5 seconds I have FPS drop). In the video below you can see what I am speaking about (Sorry for phone recording, screen recording does not show the problem like It exist). I suppose something wrong with Nvidia Video Card, because if I run game on Intel Graphics everying will be okey (besides FPS ofk ahah).

    For sure, tryed everything I foung in the Internet to solve similar problems.

    By the way, tryed to play without Nvidia Driver, tryed to set up Nvidia Driver, tryed to play on different OS.


    Hope for your help! Thanks!


    Did I choose the right section or should I transfer my question?

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  • 11/18/18--01:13: New display driver
  • HP website scan says I need a new driver for the graphics. When I run the downloaded " .exe " it warns there is a newer vrsion of the driver on my system, do I want to overwrite it. What should I do. i am having balck screen issues and the windows audio device isolation is chewing up my cpu.

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    Hi everyone. I have tryied all the possibility solution but the problem persists. i buyed this notebook like 5 months ago so i tryed to play games like league of legends or call of duty but i got 30 fps. Tryed to install last bios updates, last graphic cards driver but there's no solution. Dedicated graphics dont want to work when all is setted to high performance mode. Radeon r5 shows 512mb and also dedicated shows 512 mb. Please give to me some explanations i don't know what i can do more. Thanks

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    I've been going through HP forums all day to see how I can fix the colour of my screen, which now has a a yellowish glow.
    It has nothing to do with night light, I've checked.


    As suggested in previous discussion threads, I tried to calibrate the colours, but I can easily tell that is not the problem.

    I then deleted the Intel Graphic driver system and the colours changed as they are supposed to be.

    However, only 1 minute after it automatically changed back to the previous yellowish colours, as if an automatic system update and I was unable to change it back.


    I cannot return the product as it was bought for me and brought overseas and returning date has expired.

    I wouldn't mind the yellow glow too much if it wasn't for the fact that I have to edit a lot of photos and therefore correct screencolor is very important.


    I've been searching the web all day for solutions but unable to find accurate help. How can I fix this?


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    I made a post earlier, where after following some guides, my laptop's auto-dimming "feature" would return, even though at the time it felt like I had removed it.


    The issue is still the same, except it feels like it happens more often in certain times and less often the rest of the time. If anyone is providing a solution or a guide to troubleshoot this, could you please confirm that this is an intended feature recognised by HP, Intel and NVidia. There is no reason for this annoyance to exist other than the fact that it was intended as a feature in the first place.

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    Dear Team,

    I can see a bright pink color in my laptop screen since today. Even my laptop is not loaded with high end applications apart from my office stuff. This really concerns me. Please let me know why this red pink line in seen and how to resolve this. Kindly favor me on this. Please find the screenshot of the same.Pink Line in screen.jpg

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    went to log on the number screen that was usually top left and a 4 digit password....number screeen will not display


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    Hi, i just adquired an Hp envy 13-ah0002la which has two usb 3.1 ports and a USB 3.1 type C port hovever there is no HDMI port, i bought an external monitor (Hp 22 inches) that comes with an HDMI output and input, in order to connect the external monitor to my laptop y must buy a USB type C adaptor, what i want to know is if my laptop will support and HDMI or its a VGA

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    Pressing the Power button, doesn't result in a display. It happens intermittently.


    Leads me to believe that the video card is bad. Is it possible to change the video card?

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  • 11/18/18--14:21: screen problems
  • Help! My HP Pavillions screen sometimes goes crazy like this. I don’t know what’s causing it or what i can do to fix it. If I barely move the laptop it goes straight back to normal, but only for a little while. Can anyone assist? Is my laptop dying?366E1B39-FA02-4BC1-8641-E1A04DAC1BDD.jpeg


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  • 11/18/18--21:23: Active stylus pen skipping
  • Hi

    I bought Spectre X360 ,13.3" , I7 few days ago and i noticed that the active pen is skipping from time to time and stop responding for few seconds and before start working again.

    I updated the driver and BIOS And frimware to the latest version but stil the problem.

    Before This machine i had Surface Pro and i did not face this issue before.

    Is it normal or is it software or hardware problem ?


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    Can I use my 27 inch Imac as a monitor with my HP Envy how do I do it what cables do I need and do I have the  available ports?

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  • 11/19/18--00:12: mouse pad not working

    I buy a HP Stream book windows 8.1 after that i install windows 10 after that my mouse pad stoped working . i have upgrated my synaptic mouse pad driver but the problem is same plzzzz tell me what should i do

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