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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 11/08/18--00:15: Video issue
  • Hi.  I have an issue with my "portrait" videos downloaded from my Galaxy s9, playing horizontally on my laptop.  Is there a setting somewhere on my PC that will enable me to watch them the correct way up? Thanks in advance.

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    I am using Premiere Pro cc 2019 on a brand new HP Envy X360 and the colour is completely off.

    Colour is fine in Photshop.

    Any ideas?






    Alan Reilly HP Envy Premiere Pro.jpg

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    I upgraded Windows from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1, but I cannot use a second screen from vga interface.

    The error message after I press F4 button is "Your PC can't project to another screen. Try installing the driver or using a different video card" 

    I have tried using HP support assistant but still in trouble. Please help.

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    Every time I put my select a full-screen option on stuff like youtube, powerpoint, and all other video sharing websites it crashes and says 'your pc ran into a problem' and then restarts. The only time this doesn't happen is on the windows films & tv app.


    Does anybody know how to fix this?


    Thanks a lot


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    I have a HP ZBook Studio G3 Mobile Workstation purchased in the UK. IT still has 17 months warranty on it.

    The laptop has developed a fault with the screen - there is a strange rainbow coloured "cigarette burn" mark that shows up at the bottom left (just above the start button) after the laptop has been running for 5 mins. If I connec the display to an external monitor this is no longer present which leads me to believe this is an issue with the scree


    When I try and go to support after warranty check, I get the message "This product is no longer serviced by HP. You may search for possible solutions on this support website." even though the product still has 17 months warranty on it


    How can I get some product support? I can PM my serial number if required



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  • 11/08/18--07:10: Consistent keyboard failure
  • Keyboard consistently stops working. Contacted helplines during warranty and corrected the problem, however warranty has now expired yet the issue still arises. I've ran systems tests and uninstalled the software and the problem still remains, often the keyboard will reboot itself after a few days but this is extremely inconvenient due to workload and deadlines. 

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    While video playing at resolution of HD 1080p or 720p it doing the same act as below the picture but if I restart and start to play same resolution video it runs well. My laptop is at 4GB of RAM & 1TB HDD with 1GB dedicated AMD FirePro m2000 Graphics, using Windows 10 build 1803 and my all drivers are updated.

    Please give me a solution why this is happeing and how do I get rid of.Sample - 1.png

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    Hi.  I'm attempting to find a workaround to a problem where I want to use an application ( on the touchscreen that does not support touch events natively.  there may be no solution, but I'm out to try.   On the PC itself, is it possible to define the "long press" touch event to be equivalent to holding the left mouse button down?  it appears that the "long press" touch event is hard coded to map to a right-click mouse event. 

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    Возможно ли подключение внешней видеокарты , так как встроенная видеокарта имеет пропускную способность 64 bit и в играх совсем не может ничего хотя написано 4гб памяти маркетинговый ход . есть под крышкой miniPCIexpress попробовать через него подключить внешнюю видеокарту только незнаю получится ли

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    Hey i was wondering if my laptop warranty covers things like this
    my warranty type is: HP HW Maintenance Offsite Support


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    I need to replace the screen on  HP Notebook - 15-da0014dx.  How do I get the right screen for the laptop.





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    Hi All

    I would like to connect two external monitors to my Envy 13-ah0003na using USB-C connection. I have purchased a iMXPW USB-C Multiport adapter which has a HDMI and VGA socket but can only seem to get 2 screens, the notebook screen and then the other displaying on both external monitors.

    When I select identify I get "2" displaying on both external monitors.

    IS it possible to split the two external monitors to have 3 seperate displays?

    What kit or driver do I need for this?

    I see that Windows is not using the GeForce MX150 chip.  Would changing settings here get me to where I want to be?

    All help muchly appreciated.



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  • 11/08/18--15:55: HDMI port not function
  • Hello...

    I upgraded the o/s from Win 7 to Win 8.1.

    Now, the HDMI cannot work, when I connect to television, there is no response at all.

    But, the vga to other screen is Ok. 

    Please help and suggestion. Thank you.




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    9A57F436-BAD6-4A33-A4B1-B1F2A8EBADB9.jpegI am having the exact same issue. Purchased from Best Buy on 08/06/17. Returned it on 10/20/18. Was notified I would be charged $566.93 to repair. It was diagnosed with bad grommets on lcd back cover with lcd separation. Based on the number of complaints on this website this is an obvious manufacturer’s defect. I would appreciate immediate feedback before I decide to take further action.  Thank you. 

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  • 11/08/18--20:22: Brightness can't be adjusted
  • Its been months since I have been able to adjust my screen brightness no matter how I try. I have done all the things listed. Within the power options screen I haven't had the silders for some time. The first image is how mine looks, no slider bars at all. The image on the right side "2nd" is the one you show in your post. If I go into the "Windows Mobility Center" the "Display brightness" control is shown but nothing happens when changed.


    I have updated all drivers with the latest and rebooted many times with no change.

    Any ideas????



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    We have some trouble getting docking stations to work proberly on HP PBx360 G1 EE laptops. 

    There has been set up docking stations at each board in class rooms etc in order to only have one USB-C cord required in order to share your screen, audio etc on the board.

    This works excellent so far with the teachers computers, which are PB440 G5's.


    Are the x360's too weak?


    The error message is "This usb device is unrecongnized".

    Audio over USB works, aswell as ethernet- it's only the display that won't work.

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  • 11/09/18--01:31: Display touch doesn't work
  • Hello.The windows on my notebook was reinstalled, and after update UHD Touchscreen Controller Firmware update (sp79862) display touch has stopped working. How can I solve this problem?

    P.s. I think this update isn't complitable with my notebook.

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    Hi All,


    I previously had a surface pro 3 that was broken but kept the pen. So I bought the x360 14 ba104na last week for study and was wondering is it possible to use the surface pro 3 pen on the hp?


    The surface pen paired quite quick with it, and the eraser part works fine to start windows Ink/or onenote after i switch the setting. the problem is am just not getting the tip itself to do anything. when i write, nothing showing or cannot use it to click on anything. basically only the top button works to open onenote.


    I don't know if its drivers problem or just surface pro 3(n/trig) and Hp are 2 different protocols?


    My second question is the hp is only 256gb (i didnt see bigger) and i want to increase the drive space, is it possible or easy to do? does it support a second drive or i have to backup the whole drive and transfer to new?


    Any suggestion appreciated and thank you in advance.


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    Hello ,


    I've Installed windows 10 Latest Version ,


    And all drivers with intel and AMD like what i see inside hp drivers page of this laptop model ,


    The Intel 4400 hd card is working great also the amd one,


    But i can't see the AMD graphics one when i go to

    desktop < right click

    display settings,


    Advanced display settings, Then i click on display adapter properties,


    I can see the amount of intel graphic only ? Except the AMD one,


    The AMD and Intel one works on Windows 8.1 great but it doesn't work on Windows 10 ,


    I've installed windows 10 several times but nothing fixed,


    Even i can see the drivers of this laptop model inside the hp website is still new and updated to 2018


    But I think there is an error and there is something should be done from hp side,


    Any help ? I'm one of million that use this laptop and need my graphic card to work on windows 10 ?


    Hp should consider updatign their drivers and take care of us.

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    Hi everybody,


    Ihave an HP 14-bw011au notebook. It's have an AMD A6-9220 with Radeon R4 integrated and 4 GB RAM. Can I increase the amount of the memory of the R4 (by default it is only 80 mb)? Because there is no option i can't find to do so, neither via bios setting or the amd radeon setting that already installed.


    Below is the information i get from the amd radeon setting in my laptop :

    Radeon Software Version - 17.1.1
    Radeon Software Edition - Crimson ReLive
    Graphics Chipset - AMD Radeon(TM) R4 Graphics
    Memory Size - 80 MB
    Memory Type - DDR4
    Core Clock - 655 MHz
    Windows Version - Windows 10 (64 bit)
    System Memory - 4 GB
    CPU Type - AMD A6-9220 RADEON R4, 5 COMPUTE CORES 2C+3G

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