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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    How du you change your Intel graphics control panel?

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  • 11/06/18--19:03: Change Scrolling Direction
  • I have a brand new Envy 13 with Windows 10. But I dont get the touch pad tab under Mouse Properties and neither do I see Synaptics under Control Panel. But under Device Manager under Mice and other pointing devices there is Synaptics SMBus Touch Pad. I have tried updating the driver and it made no difference.


    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    I am also facing the same problem when using tablet mode.

    When I start my system and use virtual keyboard, it works fine but after some time, when again I try to use virtual keyboard for search, keyboard not showing and only white space comes in place of keyboard and the whole screen hangs up.

    After removing keyboard box(which is completely white), screen works well.

    I do not know why this problem comes after some time and immediately after system start.

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    After harddrive failed nack in August, the left screen is now lososinfg volof ====r picment, 

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    Whenever I leave my laptop on and walk away for like an hour, the laptop screen goes black, but the computer itself is still on. The fans keep spinning and the keyboard backlight is still on. Even though I move the touchpad or press the keyboard, the computer screen is still black. I am basically forced to hold down the power button to force it to power down then it boots up like normal. What exactly is going on?

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  • 11/06/18--22:20: color strip on the screen
  • 20181107_001630.jpg

     I think is hardware issue, any idea to fix it is welcome. 

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    Here I get suddenly this issue with the display.



    Anyone have an idea about this ?

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    I want to disable palmcheck so I can use the touchpad whilst typing, however I am missing the Synaptics settings under the mouse setttings in the Control Panel. I have tried removing the touchpad and reinstalling the drivers through device manager, removing all synaptics software and installing it again through the HP Software setup app and installing the Synaptics touchpad settings manager app through the microsoft store. Nothing has worked so far. According to device manager the best drivers currently available for the touchpad are installed.


    Device information:

    Synaptics ClickPad V1.2 on SMB port

    Driver version

    Firmware version 1.2

    Interface: SMB


    This is what my control panel settings look like:


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    I have a duplicate (of the laptops display) display set up using the thunderbolt port.  I also have an extended display set up using the HDMI port.  The HDMI dispay will sleep as expected, but the thunderbolt display will not enter sleep mode as I think it should.  I have DO NOTHING selected when closing the lid of the notebook, because we are using the notebook as a "tower", and have external mouse, keyboard, and the two displays.

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    I have connected a monitor to my HP Pavilion Power - 15-cb030nd using a USB-C - HDMI adapter. 

    It works fine and suddenly the screen goes blanc. When this happens, there is no way to get it to work again.
    My current setup is the laptop, 1 monitor connected to the HDMI of the laptop and one monitor connected to the laptop's USB-C, using an adapter.


    This is the adapter: Trust USB-C to HDMI Converter

    I'm running Windows 10.
    Roccat kone XTD wired mouse
    Wireless Logitec keyboard


    What I've tried to do:


    Connect different monitors while it wasn't working.
    It seems like the monitors know there is something attached to them, because when I connect them they stop showing the "Check signal cable" message. The monitors go in stand-by after a while.
    So what is blocking the signal?


    I've done some updates:
    Update NVidia, Intel display drivers.
    Update BIOS
    Update chipset driver
    Update Intel Dynamic Platform and Thermal Framework Client Driver - Kaby Lake

    Before I started all these updates, the monitor wasn't working (yes it was connected..)
    When the bios was updated, after several automatic reboots, the screen turned on again and I thought i fixed the problem.
    But when I started the update of the chipset driver, the screen went blanc again (and still is).

    So here I am, not knowing what else to do to get it to work and especially; keep working properly.
    Has someone experienced this before? Is there something I overlooked?
    All help is appriciated!

    Thanks in advance!


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    I have an issue with my new laptop. It is a HP Gaming Pavilion, model number cx0000nq.

    It has a fresh Windows 10 PRO 64bit install , with all the drivers downloaded and installed from the HP website.


    The problem is that my dedicated graphics card (NVIDIA GTX 1060 3gb) doesn't appear in device manager (not even in the "other" section, or with the "show hidden devices" option enabled). The graphics card driver (I have tried the one from HP, and the one from NVIDIA website) doesn't install as it doesn't see a graphics card present. 


    I have tried every solution that came up on a Google search, I updated the BIOS with the latest update from HP, removed the drivers using DDU, I even deleted and removed the Intel HD 630 device from device manager and installed the driver manually (both from HP and Intel websites).... nothing works... the graphics card still doesn't show up....


    At this moment, I don't know what to do. The notebook works perfectly other than this one issue, but it is an important one, as I basically paid a premium to have a dedicated graphics card and I cannot use it....


    If anyone has any ideas, I would be very grateful.

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    Hi HP Community. I can't turn off battery saver even it is ex. 90 % charged. I have tried everything but i could not fix it.  In settings i selected turn battery saver on automatically if my battery falls below 20% . I have a HP 250 G6. Help please! Thanks!

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    Hello,  I need assistance.  My compliance officers use an online inspection form which requires a signature at completion.  The laptop they use is mentioned above and is touch screen.  The inspection form has a signature box for signing, similar to the signing box you see at grocery stores and such when you use your credit card.   The laptop does not allow a touch signature with their finger, nor does the stylus work.   Using the mouse is the only thing that works.

    HELP! My compliance officers about to rebel. 

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    I work at a school and have recently upgraded my laptop to a brand new HP Pavilion two weeks ago. However when I connect my laptop up to any of the generic Casio projectors in the school (via an HDMI - VGA adaptor) the projected image has a pink hue. This had happened on multiple smart boards (Promethean) and projectors, and with two brand new HDMI - VGA adaptors: no-one else's laptop has the same issue. This leads me to believe I need a certain driver updated or installed? The school IT technician tried updating some of my drivers to see if this would help, but no luck.

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    Error message keeps popping up: Display driver stopped responding and has recovered - then the computer goes back to normal. 

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    Hello, My laptop key board is not working. I can start it up and get to the request for my pin but the letter keys are not responding. The Numbers respond just fine. I was wondering if something got changed and I am unaware of it.


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    It is possible to use the x360 as a keyboard/touchpad only by disabling two devices in Windows.

    Step 1.

    Go to the Device Manager in the Control Panel

    Step 2.

    Locate the device called "Intel(R) Intergrated Sensor Solution" in the System Devices tree.

    Step 3.

    Right Click on the device and select "Disable Device"

    Step 4.

    Locate the device called "HID-compliant touch screen" in the "Human Interface Devices" tree

    Step 5.

    Right Click on the device and select "Disable Device"

    Step 6.

    Reboot the laptop.


    Alternatively in the newest version of Windows 10 you can use the on screen keyboard and virtual touchpad.


    Fig. 1


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    I am experiencing a huge problem with my laptop. I own a HP Pavilion x360 11t-u000 which I had sent for keyboard replacement a couple months ago because of a manufacturer issue. However, recently, my computer's screen went blank. I try turning on my computer but the screen stays blank no matter what I try. I contacted a local computer technician and he believes it might be a video card issue. The problem is that my warranty expired, but this issue never happened to me before the keyboard got replaced in my computer, so I believe that this might've been an issue that happened at the repair center, either my motherboard got messed up (since the video card is sautered) or the cable to the screen might've gotten messed up. I tried contacting HP via phone but they charge me just for the phone call.

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    I am looking to buy a stylus (pen) with pressure sensitivity to be able to use with Photoshop for drawing/painting.


    Please point me to a few that will actually work with this laptop model.


    Thank you

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  • 11/07/18--18:26: LCD screen part number
  • Need help finding the part number and where to purchase this notebooks LCD screen


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