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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 11/05/18--12:10: Grundig TV Vision 7 drivers
  • Hello!

    I have a Grundig TV WUXGA Vision 7 32-7952 t model and connected via hdmi with a laptop HP Pavilion dv6-3100sv windows 7 64bit Home edition.

    I can't find any drivers to watch anything from laptop to TV although that was possible with windows XP.

    Windows cannot detect any device (TV), tried to change hdmi cable but no result. 

    Where can I find drivers for windows 7?

    Thank you in advance! 

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    hi. so my touchscreen was not working on my HP ENVY m6-n010dx Notebook after a factory reset and several updates (about 200) i went into device manager and uninstalled the driver for the touch screen (HID touch screen) ith the intent to reinstall it. i cannot find the driver anywhere and windows update is not recognizing that i need it. is there anywhere that i can go to get that specific driver and download it to reinstall?

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    Installed youcam and I get a very poor quality picture with my internal camera on the 13 HP Envy laptop.  I assume that the

    camera is of poor resolution.  When using Skype the quality of picture is almost unacceptable.

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    HP x360 Spectre used sparingly has developed a crack in the screen for no reason. There was no drop or accident to cause this damage. It is mainly used as a desktop and does not leave the table 


    from the forum it looks like a very common issue and seems to be a design flaw


    it is out of warranty. Where do I get this fixed

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    hello all i have a dv7 windows  7 home serial number2ce1440hbl  model dv7-6b77dx i use this lapttop to facetime my grand daughter 2000 miles away  one day the cam worked great the next it says and still says no cam installed please help

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  • 11/05/18--18:06: New Nvidia drivers.
  • Hello.I can not update the version of the video driver Nvidia Geforce gt520m.After installing the latest version of the downloaded driver from the official Nvidia site on the hardware, an exclamation mark appears in the device manager in the yellow frame and the video card does not work.Error code 43. The video card works only with an outdated video driver, but all programs have already been updated and many of them do not want to work correctly with the outdated Nvidia video driver.How do I solve the problem?

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    I have an 810 C3 Revolve. Trying to connnect a detached monitor. Have the correct DP to DP Cable connected to both. Monitor Input is set to Displayport. Will not Connect, Monitor states "no signal". Tried a second cable, No Picture.

    I have read and as much as I can find including the opening, closing, the laptop lid, the on / off sequence solutions.

    Is there some setting on the 810 I need to do something with to turn on the DP?

    Don't kow what ele to try - ANY Help would be welcome



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    So my Pavilion 15 is having a display issue that I suspect to be due to a bad connection between the screen and motherboard, probably in the flexible cable running through the hinge.  I already update the BIOS and the GPU and Screen Drivers before posting and they did nothing.  So I go to make a claim with HP and am told that I purchased my device in June of 2017 when I remember and have a receipt that proves I purchased it new in Feburary of 2018.  I want my warranty to be honored and for my device to be repaired.

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    Good nights.

    I am installing an additional AOD monitor I1601FWUX with USB-C connector; but unfortunately the laptop does not recognize me as such. Once it is connected, I get a message "Display connection might be limited", the monitor turns on and provides a "No signal" message and then turns off. In the "Control Panel", it is recognized as "Bilboard Device". I alredy updated the drivers directly from the AOC website (more current than the CD provided with the box) with same results.


    I would like to know, please, if someone could help me with this issue?


    Thank you.

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    The bottom half of my laptop (HP Pavilion 17t-ab200) screen flickers. When I move the laptop screen, a horizontal line appears in the middle of the screen and half of the screen is normal whereas the other half is discolored and frozen. When I move my mouse to the bottom half it feels like it's slower there. 


    I have never dropped this laptop. I use it on a daily basis and it only started happening about last week. 

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    When I am watching a movie or a video, the color of the screen keeps switching from bright view to dark view automatically. Sometimes it happens once in a minute or sometimes it keeps changing over and over again. I just bought the notebook yesterday. This happens only when I am watching a movie. Please give a solution to this as it is very inconvinient to use the notebook like this

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    i have a problem with the display of my ProBook. Today it started flickering, showing such a grey line on the left side and some kind of patterns all over the screen. This problem also occurs when the laptop is starting and when i am entering the bios. 

    I already updated the graphics and chipset driver and the bios itself. 


    It all started after i removed some Microsoft Office Applications this morning, but for me it looks like a hardware failure.


    I really hope someone can help me and i don't have to buy a new laptop.


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    Whenever I do some important stuff on my laptop ....... my screen flashes 2-3 times and then comes back to normal..... with a Yellow Triangular Notification "Display driver ATI Radeon family has stopped responding ".


    Additionally, Can a clean custom install to Windows 10fix this issue ?


    Please help me with this ISSUE...

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    TLDR: Can the dedicated graphics card be set as default (if the notebook is plugged in)?



    I have connected my zbook via an USB-C to HDMI cable to a 4k monitor.  Now the computer is a bit laggy and it reports a high integrated graphic cards usage of around 70%. Altough only Firefox is running (there are no videos playing in firefox). Here are two screenshots from the task manager (sorry they are in german):

    2018-11-06 11_26_46-Task-Manager.png2018-11-06 11_27_35-Task-Manager.png


    Is there a setting to use the dedicated graphics card as default (instead of the integrated graphics card)? Preferably only if the notebook is plugged in?


    Additional Information

    Dedicated graphics card: AMD Radeon PRO WX3100

    AMD Driver: win10-64bit-radeon-pro-software-enterprise-18.q3.1-oct1

    Integrated graphics card: Intel UHD Graphics 620

    OS: Windows 10 64-bit

    BIOS graphic card setting: Hybrid Graphics


    Thanks in advance!

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    I don't know how to properly describe my issue but a few times in the day when I'm using my laptop, the touch screen sometimes behaves like I'm touching it even though I'm not (ghost touching) menus, or folders might start opening even though I'm not using it as a tablet.


    I usually just put my laptop to sleep and turn it back it on and it works that way but it can be annoying doing this every couple of hours when ghost touching happens.


    Anyone have a solution?


    Furthermore  how do I disable the touch feature when not using it as a tablet?



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    I,m curious about what type of HDMI port i have on my computer.I heard people say it,s a HDMI 1.4,and i,ve heard people say it,s a 2.0(with HDCP)I,m hoping it,s 2.0 because i want to hook up a 4k monitor that i want to buy.Does anyone know?..thank you

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  • 11/06/18--09:06: Blank screen at the startup
  • Hello!

    Today without any problem in the last days my laptop showed black screen. The OS starts regularly and I can connect successful by VGA and HDMI external monitors. If I light the monitor with a torch I can't see any image. What you think about this issue? I have to change the screen or the inverter? Obviously I have already checked and updated all drivers without any result. 

    Thank you in advance 

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    My 10 months top of the line HP Spectre x360 13t (8th gen i7, 16GB memory, 1TB SSD, 4K display, W10 Pro) had started to actup from the day I unboxed it.  The screen was flickering at random times.  I called HP customer Support, but they were not able to correct the issue, specially as the issue showing randomly.  Overtime, I managed to get use to this sxcreen flickering at times. 


    Then since few days ago, I noticed that, if I'm working on the laptop and restart it, I get a black screen.  The laptop actually starts, but the screen stays black all the time.  I'm convinced this is due to overheating, because this laptop always gets really hot-surfing the web makes the fans come at full speed-.  I called HP support last night.  The representative troubleshooted my laptop for about 2 hours, but couldn't fix the black screen issue when I restart the laptop.  A service order was created to get my laptop repaired.  It's going to cost me 10 days without of a computer!  Hopefully they'll get repaired for good...  not just reset the OS.


    It's sad to say that I'm coming from a 2010 MacBook Pro that I used everyday for 8 years and NOT one single issue


    I'm now disappointed about this switching to HP, but I realize I'm lucky that this black screen came during my laptop's one year warranty.  I knew the screen flickering on day one was NOT a good sign.  I also found a lot of reviews on the web (Google, Amazon, HP, etc.) of people having the same black screen issue with their HP Spectre x360 within 1 to 2 years.  Be aware. ;-)


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    I have recently upgraded to windows 10. Since the upgrade the scroll feature located on the right hand side of my touchpad does not work anymore. Also multi finger gestures do not work either. I wiped the hard drive before upgrading to windows 10. Are there any drivers I need to install to fix the issue?

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    I downloaded the latet synaptics drivers from the hp website from hp but when i install the synaptics drivers, the touchpad stops working completely. Please help

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