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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 10/28/18--08:53: Hdmi
  • Can u replace the hdmi port or is it connected to the motherboard?

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    I've run the diagnotic tool and the can see that the click and drag feature is not working.

    I've uninstalled the driver on the compliant touch screen, but no change.

    I've tried to configure the touch screen, but when the tool loads and I'm supposed to touch the target on the screen, the target never appears and nothing happens.

    ugh............thanks for any tips.

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  • 10/28/18--10:24: Screen replacement
  • My screen is cracked and I'm looking for a go to video had this notebook under 2 weeks HP Tech center wants 500.00 to fix it as this was done in shipping can anyone point me in what I'm looking for as I located a new screen complete for 110.00 HP parts




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  • 10/28/18--13:06: ClickPad difficulties
  • For years, I've used an external mouse.  Now, I'd like to use the clickpad on my HP Pavilion 17.  Any suggestions on tutorials/manuals other than the HP support video (that hasn't answered all my questions).  For example, how to highlight, cut, paste, copy etc. etc?  Thanks

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    My touchscreen on my beats special edition pavilion p390nr windows 10 started acting up after the initial ‘creators update’ unfortunately by the time I returned from my vacation it  was to late for me to roll it back per Microsoft. Since then every attempt has been made including a system recovery but it did not return the touchscreen, it was done with the media I created so maybe that’s why? It says it doesn’t have touch available now as well! Here’s the thing the audio perks & touchscreen we’re the only 2 reasons I bought this laptop & well the audio on my vaio is/was way better and now due to an update I no longer have touchscreen either?? Is there no way whatsoever to get my touchscreen back at all?? There isn’t a download I’ve spent hours weeks scouring the internet, from everything I’ve been reading most people had problems with touch & that update so I cannot understand why hp hasn’t come up with a solution, please??

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    Why doesn't the HP Spectre x360 use the Microsoft Precision touchpad when the x2 does? HP should at least offer it as an optional download or as an upgrade when purchasing the laptop and customizing it! I emailed HP about this so hopefully it becomes a reality, but I don't understand how they include it on the Spectre x2 when they don't have it on the x360 (even though people have figured out that the Precision driver works when manually installed)? It doesn't seem to be a tech problem!

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    I'm having problems with my graphics card driver installed. I do have an Intel HD 3000 and  AMD Radeon 6470m.

    These are the drivers I've installed found in here:



    Intel Chipset Installation Utility and Driver Rev. - Installed successfully

    Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver Rev. - Installed successfully

    Intel Management Engine Interface (MEI) Driver Rev. - Error in installation: "Does not meet the requirements..."



    AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver 8.882.2.0 Rev. - After restart, the Windows stops in the logo or will automatically restart when in the login screen.

    AMD High-Definition Graphics Driver 8.810.4.5000 Rev. - Installed successfully

    Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver - Error in installation: "Does not meet the requirements..."


    I did try running the installers as Admin but still the problem occurs.


    Need help please.





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    I changed the  ssd hard disc for a bigger one SAMSUNG EVO 970 M2 NVME 1TB, installed win10PRO from the beginning, istall every drivers using half automatic procedure using Hp Support Assistant. Everything run OK. No errors. I did every update and noticed , the rotate block windows button is inaccesible- greyed out. The rotating block switch in system options is on and greyed out I tried many solutions from internet , nothing works?

    The graphic card is intel 6200.jpg1.jpg2.jpg

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    I have a fingerprint reader in my laptop and that loader comes up for the driver installer but then it closes and nothing happens.

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    hii i m using a new model of HP Pavillion Notebook n i m running with a problem that the screen keeps flikering & display dosent work properly.....

    Help ?????

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    I have a problem with my display settings. My notebook does not respond when I want to adapt the brightness of the screen (i.e. through the display settings). At this moment it is very low but I cannot make it brighter since it does not respond at all to the changes I make.  How can I fix this?


    Kind Regards,



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    My Spectre x360 has developed a very anoying habit. Every time I flip the screen back from 'Tablet mode' to 'Laptop mode', one or more grey rectangles appear on the display, covering whatever sits on the screen at that moment - see the photo.

    I am yet to find a solution to this problem other than rebooting Windows - which, obviously, is less than ideal...


    Wondering if anyone else has similar experience.


    2018-10-29 (2).png

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    I purchased a certified refurbished HP Spectre x360, 13 inch version few months back. Initially I was really annoyed by the reknown heating problem, but once I realized I am not alone, I made an agreement with it.


    But I am outraged by the hinge problem I am facing nowadays. Whenever I try to turn the laptop in tablet mode it gives a cracking sound from right hinge. So far laptop is running fine but who knows what damage it can do to my laptop.


    Can anyone please guide me if it is a serious problem, should I be worried, and is there any solution to this problem?



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    Hello! Tell me, please, what are the specifications of my notebook display (HP Elitebook 840 G5, model 3JX31EA)? In some cases, it is specified: 400 cd/m2, in some cases, 220 cd/m2. The Serial number of my notebook: 5CG82603T1. What is the brightness level of my model? 400 cd/m2 or  220 cd/m2? Does it have pulse-width modulation (PWM)? What color screen coverage? 72% sRGB, or 100% sRGB, or another? Thanks

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    When I connect my laptop to my TV with an HDMI cable, laptop detects the TV but the TV doesn't display anything. I have tried two different TVs and different HDMI cables but it doesn't work. They both work if I use another laptop, so both TV work fine. I have tried updating drivers, but didn't work. I have reset the laptop to factory settings, but no luck. I feel like I've tried everything but I'm open to suggestions.

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    I saw that this issue had already been posted on this forum; however, it shows as being solved when, in fact, the offered solution didn't work for those posters. So, I'm posting it again in the hopes that someone has found a viable solution:

    I have an older HP-Envy DV-7373 (I know, I know...should never have bought an HP) with two graphics options - integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000 and NVIDIA GeForce GT-650M. I don't do gaming, but I do graphics design; so, I'd like to at least be able to take advantage of the GeForce card when using Gimp 2. 


    I've specifically designated that the GeForce card be used with Gimp 2 by doing so from within the NVIDIA Control Panel. But, when Gimp 2 is open, the NVIDIA GPU Activity icon shows no activity. I've even gone so far as uninstalling the display driver for the integrated Intel display device from within Device Manager, hoping to force the GeForce card into working. Windows just automatically detects the presence of the integrated display device and reinstalls the driver.


    Does anyone have a solution that actually works? Why doesn't someone from HP monitor these problems and provide an answer? This issue has been around a long time for many HP customers, yet they continue to remain silent. They've done the same with the notorious "plugged in - not charging" battery issue. I continue to hope for a solution until I no longer use this laptop. Never again will I buy an HP!

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    Okay there is this game i play called Rift, its not a recent game, its from 2011 so it doesnt have great requirements to play.  Its an MMORPG and when i have it on High Graphics Settings or Ultra, everytime i target an enemy and attack the screen goes black for 3-4 seconds and then recovers (with first the mouse cursor showing, then all the other graphics).  There is no lag when gaming at high graphics settings so im guessing the graphics card could take it, but every now and then it blacks out so i dont know what is causing that.  my best guess is that its trying to switch between the intel gfx and back to the dedicated gfx card when there is a heavier load of graphics on the screen and maybe thats why it does that? I have the profile for the game setup on the Radeon Adrenaline program so it should be playing it with the dedicated graphics only.


    My system is an HP Laptop i just bought from Costco yesterday, its the 17-by0053cl model


    it has:


    Windows 10 64-bit

    Intel i5-8250U 

    AMD Radeon 530 2GB dedicated graphics

    12GB RAM

    1TB HDD


    I tried updating the Radeon drivers and it still happens

    i tried putting all settings to High Performance instead of Power saving and it still happens

    it happens a lot let less when i run it on medium or low graphics.


    Any help resolving this is greatly appreciated!!!


    Thank you for reading!

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  • 10/29/18--10:29: screen is blank
  • My laptop turns on sometimes and sometimes doesnt, this started after the power went off in the process of a reset when the windows was reinstalling. It has come on twice after that and i always have power issues so the laptop goes of in the process and now it hasnt turned on powers but there is just a black screen the caps lock blinks 5 times then  along blink...i am really loosing my mind here...I have done HARD RESET, external monitor, but i know the sceen is working because it has powered up before...i have changed RAM positions and still nothing...please i would really love a quick reply cuz it is driving me crazy... Thank you

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    I'm connecting my old HP display as additional display to HP SPECTRE 13-AF001NO 13.3" TOUCH LAPTOP

    The display is quite "old" (type HP Compaq LA2405wg). It's now connected to laptop with USB-C - VGA adapter, but the status of VGA port, when display is starting is "no signal".

    Kind regards

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    some keys  on  my  keyboard and  won't   work  ive tried various fixes battery pull etc diagnostic says error code 9USL88-6BC99E-MFPX0K-G1NL13 please help . thank you 

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