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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 10/27/18--06:25: touchpad not working
  • The touchpad keeps becoming unresponsive, there is no light on the touchpad. Turning the pc off then on will generally reset it but not always.  This condition occurs at least 5+ times a day, drivers and BIOS are up to date, please advise. 

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    Is there a way to install a video card 

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  • 10/27/18--07:57: Tilt Pen Off Switch?
  • I have the same problem: the pen dying after a few days of inactivity. HP P/N: 929863-002. I'd appreciate any help to allow the use of the pen.

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  • 10/27/18--09:02: display is turned sideways
  • My son has a comouter from school. Aomhew he made the screen turn sideways and we don’t kniw how to fix it

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    Hi, ive tried to turn up/down screen brightness and volume as well as tried to take screenshots using the keyboard shortcuts however they don't work when i'm signed in - I tried it when signed into guest mode and it worked?

    Can I change to this to work when i'm logged into my account?

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    When I use my laptop, the screen flickers on and off randomly and sometimes flickers so much that the screen just goes black and I have to hold the power button to turn off my laptop. Any advice on what I can do to get rid of this flickering because it is really annoying,............................ plzzz help if possible!!!!!!!!

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    I have 2 HP 4525s notebooks I have upgraded them both to windows 10 pro x64.  The webcam works fine on one, but not the other.  I have booted the trouble PC with Ubuntu 18 and webcam works fine, so its not a hardware issue.


    I have even imaged the working laptop and restored to the trouble laptop, but it still doesn't work


    How can I get the proper driver for the webcam?


    Thank you,




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  • 10/27/18--13:03: hdmi to tv
  • hi, when I connect the hdmi from my tv to myspectra x360 the laptop display goes black and flashes the desktop for a split second then goes back to blank display, it repeats this every several seconds, the cable works with my desktop pc, I can't change any settings when connected to tv as theres no display on either screen and yes the tv is on the correct hdmi input

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    I accidentally deleted my ELAN Touchpad Driver and I was wondering how can I get it back?

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    Every time I put my select a full-screen option on stuff like youtube, powerpoint, and all other video sharing websites it crashes and says 'your pc ran into a problem' and then restarts. The only time this doesn't happen is on the windows films & tv app.


    Does anybody know how to fix this?


    Thanks a lot


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  • 10/27/18--18:19: My screen has a pink tint
  • Hi my laptop screen was fine a moment ago but the screen had a pink tint to it.


    Does anyone know whats wrong?

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    I completed an update last night.  Now my finger scanner will not work and I cannot sign onto my laptop.  I cannot figure out how to resolve this problem.  Every time I do an update there is a problem.  Any suggestions? I never setup a password since I had the scanner.

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  • 10/27/18--18:46: my Camera doestnt work
  • when I open camera I have error oxa00f4244

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    My ELAN touchpad has been going absolutely crazy ever since the firsdt time that I turned it on. I have uninstalled the drivers, and reinstalled them countless times. I have followed the reccommendations that have been posted on other posts where people were experiencing the very sasme thing. I'm not sure where to go from here. I have installed older drivers, the newest drivers, and all of the drivers that I could find in between. This is driving me absoluely insaine. I have had the computer for about a month, and this has been a thorn in my side ever since the VERY FIRST TIME I turned it on. Any advice or help will be greatly appreciated

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  • 10/28/18--02:53: omen
  • не работает индикатор кнопки включения/выключения звука, сама кнопка работает, как можно исправить не разбирая клавиатуру? (ноутбук купили примерно в сентябре этого года)

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    Hello, I have a problem with the drivers: 1 discrete graphics card AMD Radeon (TM) R7 Graphics, Built-in AMD Radeon R8 M365DX. What is the actual problem, I installed the driver and everything seems to be fine, but when I launch any games for the premiere "World of Tanks", then my graphics are at the minimum FPS 25. The driver is downloaded from here "https: //support.hp. com / us-en / drivers / selfservice / hp-pavilion-15-ab100-notebook-pc-series / 8499302 / model / 10380672? sku = V4M24EA ". Please help how to solveScreenshot_1.png


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  • 10/28/18--03:42: Active stylus
  • Hi, does anyone know if j4r51aa model active pen can work with this model?


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    My problem is that the white levels (or "contrast") keep dropping when I look at dark images, which of course make bright or normal images uncomfortable to look at. The backlight is fine. I tried looking for solutions to this and I still can't seem to get it working. Even worse, after boot and randomly throughout the day my laptop decides to turn off the automatic dimming temporarily making it seem like whatever I do works before it comes back hours later.


    This issue is killing me.

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    I just purchased the HP Pavilion x360 and would like to purchase an active stylus for it. I have looked online and see mixed reviews about which pens are compatible with the hp 360. If someone could tell me which pen is made for hp 360 or compatible that would be great :-) I seen some options at best buy but before spending nearly 100 on a pen I want to make sure I am purchasing the correct one. Thank you! 

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    My laptop is just using its integrated graphic card and therefore I have a really poor gaming experience. 


    I updated my laptop and graphic drivers are up to date, also the bios. But in my bios insyde F.31 I have no option for switchable graphics. I guess HP gave me just a scuffed bios.


    So HP sold me a laptop with two graphic cards in it but HP removed the access to activate this. Is this assumption correct? If yes this sounds like something interesting for a lawyer


    Any help is really appreciated


    Best regards


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