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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    This computer will not run with any video driver other than the Microsoft Basic Video Adapter..  Anytime it tries to update or if I install just a video update the machine will hang at the Windows 10 Logo Screen and I have to boot Windows Safe mode and uninstall the video driver.    Im sure there is someting that needs to be done to fix but I have not been able to find it.


    Its running the latest bios firmware. BIOS Version/Date Insyde F.56, 6/14/2018



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    I brought this Laptop only 2 months ago and the Laptop brightness keeps flickering between dim light and full brightness. I have updated my BIOS already several times but it is not resolving the problem.

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    I replaced the laptops Display because it was cracked but the Display had back lighting. When the replacement was done the new display worked fine. I went and replaced the Keyboard as well but when I turned on the Laptop after keyboard exchange the Display was Dark, I could see with a flash light that the display was running, jusy no back lighting. So I removed the new display and placed the old cracked display back into the laptop thinking that maybe the new Display was faulty but when I hooked up the old the display it was no longer being back light as well? I understand that there is no Inverter for the monitor in this model, So what could be the case. 

    P.s. I did remove the keyboard as well and tested but still the display remained dark. 

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    I recently had to re-install Windows on my HP and when I did, the mouse was acting glitvhy. I went in to change the settings and speed, etc and it states that it is unable to connect to the synaptics mouse driver. I restarted it and the keyboard and mouse didnt work AT ALL. I restarted it again, and they work again but glitchy again.  Is there anything that I can do? I looked through the forum and followed links to try and find drivers on synaptics site but none of the links were direct and it wasn't clear where to go from there. 


    My laptop is two years old....HP 15-ay013nr 15.6" Full-HD Laptop (6th Generation Core i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD) with Windows 10



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    first of all

    i installed a new hard disk in my laptop so i lost everything including windows recovery


    i get a new windows 10 downloaded from microsoft and after installing the windows i installed the drivers by hp assistant

    all work just fine but when i loooked to my gpu from directx i saw that it's not the gpu of my laptop (maybe it has more than one name but idk) 


    first was my gpu showing it's radeon  520 

    but now it shows radeon r5 m330 

    as in the photo attached 


    and the manual tells it should be radeon 520  

    as in the photo  attached 


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    My HP Active Pen (SPS: 846410-001) is compatible to my NoteBook:  HP Elite x2 1012 G2 Tablet.


    The pen does respond to the pen features, however when writing on the surface of the Tablet, does not do detect or respond to any movement on the surface.


    Please help me find a solution.

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  • 10/15/18--13:14: keyboard doesnt turn pof
  • my 2-in-1 laptop does not turn of the screen when i flip back the keyboard anymore. I have reset the pc and other reccomended things to do, but none of this worked, does anybody know if there maby was a problem with the latest windows update? or another way to fix this problem

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    I tried to connect a monitor to USB type C but It couldn't. 

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  • 10/15/18--15:10: Repair of HP Pavilion Screen
  • Hello!  Does anyone know the cost to repair a severely cracked screen on a HP Pavilion x360?  Model number is 13-s020nr.  Photo attached.IMG-3763.JPG

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    Where is the driver download for touchscreen pavilion x360????????????? I am looking for the download link only. Please provide download link for win 10 touchscreen driver x360 it is not listed in the driver download website. DO NOT give me a work around about how i should try this and that. Add the file to driver download website as it is missing.

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    When in tablet mode the touch keyboard won't appear whilst using whats app.

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    {edit] and I have the situation. The touchscreen is not functional and I got Error code 10

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    Like I said, it only does it sometimes. It just started today, and I've had my laptop for just over a year. I've updated my drivers and Bios with no improvement. What temporarily fixes it is to close and open my laptop.


    Rather than scrolling or clicking or acting as a cursor, it will sporadically jump around page or act as if I am holding the left clicker down. That only zooms in and out of the page usually. 


    Any advice? This is very frustrating.

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    I recently bought a certified refurbished HP Envy 17.3 inch with an 8th gen core i7 and a MX150 Nvidia Geforce to bring with me to college. It was working great and I was really enjoying my experience with it. However, I came home from my university's library at around 1:30 am today after working on my computer at the library for a solid 4-5 hours and suddenly my computer screen was experiencing heavy flickering. I did not damage my computer on the way from the library to my dorm and I did not make any changes either. I've already tried doing things such as uninstalling and reinstalling the Intel and Nvidia display adapters, which did not work. Everything seems to be working fine, my laptop turns on and I'm actually typing this report on it right now, even my facial recognition and touchscreen work. It's just this constant flashing and flickering, what should I do?

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    My icons of when i click on the small arrow of the right side of the taskbar disappeared and i cant them back! ive tried but didnt succeed.. please help me get them back.. (for e.g: remove software safely icon, bluetooth icon)

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  • 10/16/18--08:18: HP 840 G5 Laptop
  • I want to connect 3 or more monitors to my Laptop. The docking station has 3 ports for printers but I am told that the only way 3 will work is by changing the resolution but I do not want to do that. Is there a way to get 3 or more monitors working. Is there an add on product that could be purchased to do this?

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  • 10/16/18--08:32: 13-ac014nl : Active pen?
  • Hello,

    I have a question: Does 13-ac014nl support active pen? I've checked the site with compatibility but the site confuses me a lot...


    Thanks for answer

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    After a fall, I ran a test and my notebook disapproved the video memory test.

    what dou you recommend?




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    The brightness of my screen won't change and is stuck on an annoyingly low brightness. Both the buttons and the actual slider that you can use to change the brightness in settings don't change the brightness.

    I tried changing my display adaptors to Windows Basic Display Adaptor (cause Google told me so), but I've 2 display adaptors and only one of them show Windows Basic ,, ,,.

    The first display adaptor let's me choose from; *2 versions of AMD Radeon (TM) 535DX or *2 versions of AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M340.

    The second let's me choose from; *3 versions of AMD Radeon r5 Graphics or *Microsoft Basic Display Adaptor. 

    I have no idea which ones should be enabled or not,  as every time I tried to change to a different display adaptor, the installation failed. 

    Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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  • 10/16/18--10:20: Many apps are not launcing
  • My laptop is almost an year old. Many apps such as Groove Music, Photos, Sticky Notes and Mail are not being launched when I click on them. Is there any other solution apart from a reset?

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