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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Laptop: Pavilion x360 14m-cd0xx

    Pen: 1MR94AA HP Pen (Microsoft)

    Solutions already tried: HP Pen Control, Update Bios




    I recently purchased an Pavilion x360 and an HP Pen 1MR94AA (listed as compatible on the HP PCs - Touchscreen Compatibility with Pen and Stylus guide) and I am unable to change the HP Pen button mapping. Installing and running HP Pen Control should remap the two buttons on the stylus, however both pen buttons remain mapped as 'right click' and 'erase'.


    Steps I've taken:

    • Updating BIOS
    • Downloading and installing HP Pen Control
    • Forcing HP Pen Control to run as administrator
    • Running Windows update to catch any potential bugs

    All other functionaltiy of the HP Pen is in working order (pressure sensitivity, the buttons do in fact work).


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    Hi Support,

    How can I fix my LCD Touchscreen of HP OfficeJet 6500A?

    Issue: Some part of the LCD touching even I touch to the other part.


    Thank you


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  • 10/06/18--15:32: Graphic card does not work
  • Hello,recently I found out that Ihave problems with my graphic card.I have a "HP Pavillion - 15ab103nv" with two graphic cards.
             AMD Radeon(TM) R7 Graphics (main)

             AMD Radeon R8 M365DX (connected)

    Although the R7 seems to work correctly the R8 does not even work.I tried to download the drivers for the R8 from the HP's site,after thatI tried to download the drivers from the AMD's site,then I gave the PC to the shop I brought it in order to put the right drivers,but none of them worked.Do you know what can I do to fix the problem?

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    For the last week or so, the screen of my HP Elite x2 keep flickering black every few minutes. 


    Please help!

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    As my HP Reinvent Peace Offer is on hold due to Different name on invoice copy and the name i submitted on the product details. So how to resolve this issue?


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    Starting from any time I wake up my computer from sleep or restart it, the trackpad functions completely normally as long as I don't use the push/click to left-click. I can tap to click without actually depressing the button indefinitely with no problems, but as soon as I depress the trackpad to click, I get these problems:

    The mouse is either always clicking or inversely clicking until the trackpad gets disabled completely a minute or so later
    The trackpad completely stops working nearly immediately and I have to use a USB mouse or the touch screen

    The depress to click exhibits the first behavior, then stops working, with tap to click still working normally until stopping to work entirely less than a minute later

    This happened after the October update, and I'd like to revert back to before the update, but I thought it'd be a good idea to alert HP and be able to use my laptop on the most recent windows update  first. 
    I've updated the trackpad drivers, uninstalled and updated, updated directly from HP, etc, and nothing has changed the behavior. 

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    HELLO :)

    So I have a probook 450 g5 core i7 with intel UHD graphic and a FHD display (supposedly) but when I go to disply setting I surprised that it's 1366x768 and it's the highest resolution  instead of 1920 x 1080 .

    help me, please 

    ( note that I update the intel driver and the nvidia driver but didn't work )Untitled.png

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  • 10/10/18--17:25: USB-C video in HP Pavion
  • I need to connect 2 external HP monitors to my laptop. I have one connected via the HDMI port and it works fine. I connected the other to a USB-C to HDMI adapter, and the laptop cannot detect the other display. What am I doing wrong?

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  • 10/10/18--21:51: DIsplay shuts off (seconds)
  • Hi. I am having a problem with my hp envy laptop because the display often shuts off by itself for 1-2 seconds then turns back up. I dont understand because i still see the tooldbar and mouse cursor but not the screen (black).

    Everything is updated from display to monitor.


    Thank you.

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    How i can use my HP Notebook - 15-ay014dx (Touch) (ENERGY STAR) as tablet either by removing screen or by rotating screen thanks.

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    I'm trying to connect a second monitor to my laptop using a recently purchased HDMI to VGA M/M cable. But the laptop isn't detecting the other monitor. I've tested that the monitor works by connecting it with a vga to vga cable to an older laptop that has a VGA port so the monitor isn't the issue. All help will be great. 

    Edit: The old monitor is dell.

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  • 10/11/18--03:01: graphic driver
  • I want to download graphics driver for my HP Pavilion 15-au020wm (Energy Star)  Notebook (windows 10) on HP support, It shows me these four drivers list...


    1. Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver

    2. NVIDIA Graphics Driver

    3. NVIDIA Graphics Driver (Windows 10 v1607)

    4. NVIDIA Graphics Driver (Windows 10 v1803)


    I don't know which driver I should install... which would be the best-suited driver for my laptop?

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    Dear all,

    I have a HP Pavilion - 15-cd023nd laptop and some time ago the touchpad function didn't function correctly at all. When I start my laptop it works just fine, but then after a minute the mouse moves and stops and then suddenly goes to an entire different direction, which really frustrates me...

    I have this laptop for only a year so I hope this isn't standard. I already tried to update the touchpad drivers but it said it was already up-to-date. Also cleaning the touchpad with a cloth and some water didn't work out. 


    Kind regards

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    I cant change my laptop display brightness either from the on-screen settings or from the keyboard buttons. When I change the brightness, nothing happens but when I put my laptop to sleep and then wake it up, it wakes up with the brightness changed.

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  • 10/11/18--06:56: Full HD display to UHD one?
  • Hi there!


    I got an OMEN 15-ce012ur model with a 1080p display, 120 Hz and G-SYNC support.

    Is it upgradeable to UHD display, supporting 4K resoulution?


    IMHO its P/N is 920041-002, but I am not pretty sure


    Who knows that? Thank you

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  • 10/11/18--06:57: Hdmi question
  •  Hi so I want to play my ps3 on my laptop since the tvs are always on use so I thought I could play ps3 on my laptop but I did some watching and you must need hdmi input so my question is does my laptop have hdmi cable and if it doesnt have what can I do so I can play it on my laptop

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    Hi evervy one,

    I am using hp envy x360 m6 convertable (aq105dx) touchscreen laptop . My touch screen not working, after accidently i installed wrong touchscreen firmware. I tried all sollutions proveded in HP forum. I also installed fresh copy of windows 10, But not working any thing. Can any one help to provide me right firmware for my laptop.


    Thanks in advance,2018-10-11_200451.png

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  • 10/11/18--08:00: not able to play hd video
  • sir i am not able to play full hd VIDEO in any player the video has been stoped after 10 -20 sec and start and stop but the priblem hasnt arived with the normal video such as 360p and 420p the video in this format play continously


    one more problem is there my ram is 4gb bt the system is show only 1.68 gb is usable i trdied alot bt i cant get  any solution for this also please help me as soon as posible

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    My touch screen randomly shows grey circles popping up, like it's identifying someone touching it.  Many of them pop up along a line on the right third of the screen, this causes all sorts of proplems in a program because it thinks you are selecting/clicking/double clicking an area and it goes crazy.  The only way to stop it is to move the screen back and forth a couple times.  This stops it for a few min, but it comes back shortly.  It's happened 5 times while writing this.  Makes the laptop useless.  Warranty just expired in April and this sure seems like a manufactur defect in the "ribbon" cable connecting the screen to the keyboard.

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    i have this laptop and i need a pen to draw and write on it.

    can you help me with this question?

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