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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    My screen is broken, I need a new one


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  • 10/09/18--09:40: HP 22er connection
  • I have a problem connecting my Notebook HP Envy to a monitor HP 22er.

    I bought an adaptor USB type-C with VGA and HDMI and connected the monitor to the notebook.

    The notebook detects the monitor but it says that it is not activated.

    I have tried everything: restart the sistem, try boths USB Type-C entrances, tur on and off the monitor, try different cables HDMI, VGA and nothing.

    What can I do?

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  • 10/09/18--09:31: Graphic card
  • IMG_20180727_103105_HDR-min.jpg

     I have 2 GB dedicated amd radeon r5 m330  graphics

    And intigrated amd r5 (512 mb)

    GTA 5 only detecting intigrated graphics

    You can see in video memory (above photo)

    Is my dedicated graphics is not working 

    Or it is a software problem

    How can I solve it



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    Hopeing someone has some advice.

    I have my Docking station connected to a monitor Samsung 32 " CF391 Model using DP cable, the monitors continually fliker on/off but if I try to connect without docking station, I mean directly to my laptop everything is fine and works perfectly.


    This is hapenning on my 840 G4 series.

    I already also tried following these steps to resolve:


    - Install latest Intel driver from HP Support site for laptop

    - Install latest BIOS update from HP Support site

    - Update firmware on dock to 2.33 (advised on other posts).


    Nothing did not works for me... is there any solution to this issue?

    My monitor continues flicking 



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    I bought an Envy from a local box store in August. After having it 3 weeks and 2 days, it stopped connected to the internet. Because it was 2 days past 3 weeks, the store wouldn't take  it back and i had to send it to Hp for repairs, which i reluctantly did. I received an email stating it was received. 3 weeks later i got an email saying it was taking longer than expected.  2 weeks after that i got an email stating that it has been received damaged, and that i needed to pay $450 to have the screen replaced. How did the repair department have it well over a month before noticing that the screen was cracked? Why is it half of the purchase price for it to be replaced? I should have taken pictures of it before i mailed it in, because it was spotless. I  had only used it about 3 times. After spending hours on the phone tree, talking to various people and the call being dropped several times, I spoke to some one in Customer Loyalty who after hearing the tale told me that the fee would be waived. I was passed on to somebody else, who then told me that no, the fee was not waived. She wanted pictures. I am waiting 4 days later while she gets 'pictures'. Of what I am not sure. If i put my repair # into the web site for status, nothing comes up. If i put in my email, nothing comes up. I would swear that I am being scammed if I hadn't called the company directly. I still feel that I am being scammed. Either it had to have been damaged during shipping, or some one there dropped it. It couldn't have been there that long with no one noticing that it was cracked.  I am so furious that I will never ever ever buy another HP product, even if they are the only ones left producing pc's on the planet. I will be an anti HP person til I die.  This has been so infuriating, and HP has had my laptop since AUGUST.  I have no idea who to contact about getting this resolved. The alleged case manager that i have the name of has a permanently full voice mail so i can't leave a voicemail. 

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    While working on my laptop, sometimes my Laptop screen turns white and I cannot escape. I can only reboot my computer. 

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    Hey everyone,

    I recently shifted to Windows from a MacBook.

    I will say, one of the smartest decisions. While I'm enjoying my 17in touchscreen laptop, there's one issue I've been having for some time. 

    Whenever I shift from normal mode to tablet mode, the keyboard on my screen pops up.

    Now, one thing I know is that this laptop does not flip 180 (Or even more than 145 for that) so the keyboard isn't really useful for me. I've been trying to find an answer for more than 2 weeks now and since I need this for my school work, I really need that annoying keyboard to disappear for good now.

    Any answers?

    Screenshot (6).png

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  • 10/09/18--16:55: Face recognition not working
  • On my other computer, envy 17 in I cannot face login; cannot see or write anything; I am locked out completely.

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  • 10/09/18--16:59: HP Omen web-cam problem
  • Hello,


    My laptop is brand new, and I even used camera but then suddenly it stopped working. 

    Then again it worked (I don't know how) and just stopped in a middle of a skype call.

    In skype I get "Your webcam is currently being used by another application."

    I have updated my BIOS, its the latest version available on HP website.
    I have checked with other online websites that lets you test your camera, its the same thing.
    Regarding the drivers, before uninstalling and reinstalling I went to check in the driver on website and I couldn't find any driver related to a webcam.
    I have tried HP Support Assistant.
    Restarting the laptop does not fix this problem (even for short)
    I tried
    I tried troubleshooting.
    I installed all windows updates (running latest windows version)

    The only weird thing is that everywhere on this site and manuals I keep seeing "something" under "Imaging devices" in device manager, but I have "PC Camera" under "Camera".. Is that something that can help?






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    I have a HP Elitebook 2540p and am using the internal monitor and two externals. One is connected via the Display Port and the other is connected via a HP USB Graphics Adapater (NL571AA).

    In general, all works well however the monitor connected via the USB adapter will not fill to the extents of the monitor.

    There is some softare in system tray called "Intel Graphics and Media Control Panel" that provides an option to extend display to screen extents however this software only sees the internal monitor and Display Port connected one.

    There is nothing in the native windows Display Settings as an option that will get it to the extents so I am out of options and wondering if anyone can help please.



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    When I have my laptop on tablet mode sometimes the on screen keyboard doesn't appear. I can see the outline of the keyboard but not the keys. It looks like it happens for no reason, finally annoyed to the point where I made an account to post on here. Pls help

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    I recently bought an Envy 13t laptop with a touchscreen and wanted a pen with basic functions like pressure sensitivity. I talked to the sales rep on the website and they suggested me to get an hp active stylus. I ordered it and can't figure out how to use it or link it to my laptop.

    I wonder if they are compatible and if so, how do I use it? If not, what pen should I get to go with my laptop? 

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    Hello Community, I have a problem with HP laptop 250 G4 display is broken, and I tried to connect to the monitor, and unwilling to connect, I tried combinations Fn + F4 several times and does not happen anything, and not I have no drivers installed on Windows 7 Ultimate, please me very much to have you help with this problem can connect your laptop to the monitor.

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  • 10/10/18--00:02: Help with media playback
  • What is the best way to play back 3G2 file on Windows 10. I'm not getting any sound from Win Media Player.


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  • 10/10/18--00:58: Broken display
  • Hello!

    My display is broken! I read a post that Riddle Decipher sent to someone else who had the same problem I had and that matched well.
    The screen will be pink and green in different places and then it will be transparent as well.
    The guarantee has expired. Started the computer in March 2016 and now it's broken !!!
    I have not dropped it to the floor or been careless in any way but the issue persists on the BIOS screen as well but when I connect it to TV, the picture is clear and nice so i guess the screen is broken and not the graphics card!?

    Am I right or wrong?

    What does it cost to replace a screen and where can I do it in Sweden?

    // Krille2

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  • 10/10/18--02:07: ELAN ClickPad
  • Hi


    Been working on this the last few days.  ELAN touchpad was working fine.  Window 10 installed updates and next day the clickpad didn't work.  Can connect a mouse and it works fine.  Touch Screen works fine.  Device manager under hidden devices i can see the ELAN device with triangle indicate driver issue.  downloaded ELAN driver from HP website didn't work.  Also tried installing Chipset Driver IO didn't work either.  Running windows 10, 1803.   


    Any help would be great.  Device is only few months old

    Model HP Stream x360 11-aa051sa



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  • 10/10/18--02:29: Exchange of piece
  • My 2 month old laptop's dispaly hs crashed. After repeated chasing upt he engineer came after 5 days and repaired it but it conked off the next day again. How do I go about getting this faulty piece exchanged for a new one?

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    Hi everyone.


    I have an HP Envy 17t-S000 laptop with a touch screen.


    I read an article that a touch screen laptop uses more power than a laptop that doesn't have a touchscreen so I was wondering if it's possible to switch off the touch screen of an HP laptop that has this feature.   


    Is there a way to switch off the touch screen on an HP laptop?


    Thank you.

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    I have a problem with my hinges and I am staying in Netherlands. Please help me out with the service center and also I want to extenf my warranty period for this product.

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    My laptop was knocked to the ground by my dog and now when i attempt to use it, it runs slowly and will consantly crash. When i attempt to run a systems diagnostics check it says that no hard drive is installed which is impossible. ive had the laptop since december of 2017 and am asking if there is anything i can do to fix it myself before taking it in to have the hard drive repaired or replaced

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