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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 09/25/18--20:32: Problems with my trackpad
  • HELP! My trackpad isn't working properly! It'll work fine after the sytem starts but after a few minutes the cursor slows down and moves erratically, sometimes even stopping for a few seconds. I tried deleting and reinstalling the drivers but it did not work. I even tried a very thorough malware scan and thought that this might fix it, but it did not.


    Product number:1KT47UA#ABA

    Model number: 14m-ba0xx

    OS: windows 10, 64-bit

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    Hi I’m lock out of my laptop

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    Installed a HP 24ea screen to enable extension of display from the notebook. When 24ea connected, change display settings to "extend", display appears on 24ea, notebook display goes grey and mouse functions are erratic. After about a minute the notebook display turns off and ea24 display works OK.


    If I set display to Screen 2 (24ea) only, it all works fine but there's no display (obviously!) on the notebook.

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    Good day to you all,


    i cannot seem to change any setting in the bios of this laptop, after entering BIOS it shows me every setting although i cannot save and exit anything i change and upon next boot i go back into the BIOS settings and the changes i made are undone, even though i know the BIOS password and also have tried to update to a newer BIOS via the auto-BIOS checking feature in the BIOS but to no avail.


    The errors i keep getting are:


    1)  MS Windows Bitlocker Drive Encryption (BDE) may be enabled on your system. HP Requires that BDB Be suspended temporarily before the BIOS is flashed and that you obtain your BDE recovery password or recovery PIN before suspending BDE. After the BIOS is updated, BDE can be resumed


    2) Could not detect network link or network cable is unplugged


    i just need to change the video memory to 512mb as i use some softwares, mainly CAD (computer aided design) programs that need more video memory and cannot change it from 32mb to 512mb which is the maximum of my laptop's BIOS options


    Have tried 6 different ethernet cables, all of which work fine on another laptop, also HP and an older version.


    Please can anyone help me to either update this BIOS or get it to actually save my video memory preferences and a great many thanks in advance,


    have a great day whatever youre upto :)

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    Hi there,


    I'm trying to have a three monitor setup, using two monitors running through the HDMI output and VGA whilst still using my laptop screen as the third monitor. If i plug both monitors into the laptop it automatically disables the laptop screen. I've tried to go into the screen resolution section to enable the laptop screen but I get an error message saying something along the lines of select a screen thats compatible.


    It seems that no matter what I try I can only have two monitors running at once, does this just mean that my laptop doesnt support using the HDMI, VGA and laptop screen all at once?



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    hp elite x2 1012 g1 screen flickering when connected with wifi 

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    I want to download video controllar for windows 7 64bit but its not working my Laptop is HP Notebook 17-086ng.


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    I am looking for a HP Pen for my computer.

    I have a HP ENVY x360 Convertible 15m-cn0xxx.


    I saw the pen compatibility page and couldn't find this computer specifically so I'm asking.


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  • 09/26/18--08:23: notebook pavilion B & O
  • blank screen on power up.  power led on Caps Lock led flashing  5 slow flashes followed by a pause and 3/4 quick flashes and then repeats.

    Tried removing battery and holding power button for 30 seconds. reconecting power socket but same symptoms.


    Any help please


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    hello, i change my hdd to an ssd and when i try to reinstall graphic driver from hp driver downlod center they didn' t work well, pc recognise the cards but the software don' t work. amd programs says that the ccc implementation is missing and intel programs didn't work at all. i try both fixed and switcable mode in bios but nothing change. i also try official amd and intel driver but they didn't work. i also try driver from leschat but nothing. can anyone help me pls?

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    Good afternoon,


    I have tried watching videos on my windos media player and you tube and they are zoomed in soo much I can't see anything. I use my laptopto teach my college courses and use videos for my material so it's a problem I need fixed ASAP.





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    The display    intermittently flickers, fades and loses colour.  At the same time the trackpad will freeze up.

    The temporary fix is to waggle the display on its hinge until it resolves itself.

    I presume this is an issue with the cable/connector between the display and CPU?



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  • 09/26/18--12:21: Broken Pavilion lid
  • My laptop lid has cracked over the right hand hinge and my display is being affected unless the screen is in a particular position. Anyone else experienced this? If so,  what did you do about fixing it? 

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    How can I fix a loose hinge (left hinge when facing keyboard) on my HP Spectre 13-4103dx? I've had the laptop for a little under two years and have just recently (in the last 6 months or so) noticed this problem. I can't afford a new laptop, so what are my options/what solutions are there?

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    Hi, I have a Hp Pavillion G6-2228ca from which I salveged a webcam. 


    I need help with identifying which wire is what. For example, which wire is ground, power, data, etc.


    I am going to connect it to my other computer and try to make it a security camera.


    Please just simply help me with this.


    Thank you.

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    The DVD player on my HP 15 Notebook laptop keeps making a weird noise once i put the dvd in it. It sounds normal for a couple of seconds, and then it starts making a harsh Chik-chik-chik noise, and the dvd never loads. It started happening earlier today around 6, and it is now 8;36. At first i thought my laptop was overheating, but i took steps to cool it down and the problem continued.  I have a video of the noise it is making, but i can not upload it on here. Help would be much appreciated, i live for dvds. 

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    The pen pressure works but does'nt seem to capture the lighter strokes the way I would imagine. For example if I am in photoshop and have a brush that is set to 5 pixels I would expect the lightest strokes to produce 1 pixel lines and the heaviest strokes to produce 5 pixel lines. Unfortunately the amount of pressure it takes to get the computer to capture a stroke makes it impossible to get those thinner lines. I've attached an image to illustrate my point. 


    Look at the first 2 strokes in the image above, the thinnest part of the stroke is still pretty round and thick. Now look at the third stroke, I was able to get that line to taper but I had to draw it really fast (not practical) which leads me to believe the computer has the capability to do what I want but for some reason I am unable to do it in a controlled manner. As you can see in the photoshop brush settings my minumum diameter for the brush is set to 0% which should allow light strokes to produce very thin lines.


    I'm hoping someone else has dealt with this before. As of right now I'm unsure if this is a flaw in the technology, a flaw in my machine or just something I'm overlooking but any help would be greatly appreciated. If this is just the way the technology works then I would suggest HP release something that allows users to adjust the sensitivity so we can define how much pressure input is required to record a light / heavy stroke. I think the surface does this with some sort of pressure curve. Another thought I had was that it may have something to do with palm rejection? I'm not sure if my hand on the screen is somehow interferring.

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    Dear Sir,
    I am P K Bhagat from Chandigarh. 
    The display light of my PC stopped working suddenly. All the functions are working smoothly but the display lights are not working.
    So please do the needful.

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    If I press certain letters on my laptop it will type type 2 each tb or ny. And word is playing up and not doing what I ask it do and when I try to rename a file it freaks out and won’t let me finish the word. Brand new laptop so really confused

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