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    I've searched through forums and nothing seems to be a match to my problem.  For about a week, the display on my monitor will show discolored areas. It is not vertical or horizontal lines, there's not jumping of graphics, and the only pixelation is shown in one of the pictures attached. The discoloring is not consistnent. Sometimes black lettering will be purples or green or blue. Its on different areas of the screen, too. I've attached screen grabs of what I am seeing. If I highlight the discolored area or scroll up or down, the color goes back to "normal." 


    This happens regularly. I've updated everything that can be updated. I have not dropped my laptop or spilled anything on it.


    Any ideas?

    screen discolor 2.png


    screen discolor 3.png


    screen discolor 4.png


    screen discolor 5.png


    screen discolor.png




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    I too am having issues that have been circulating the internet for a while - that of the mouse cursor randomly jumping to the top right of the screen. I have tried...


    an external USB mouse - same issues

    entering the bios and scrolling around, clicking various things - no issue

    reinstalling mouse and synaptics driver - same issue

    reinstalling graphics driver - same issue

    installing all drivers recommended from the HP assistant - same issue

    calibrating the touch screen - same issue

    Hard Boot - same issue


    I couldn't find the option for using only MS office compatible scroll.

    I couldn't find a driver in device manager for a stylus to disable.


    All of this started shortly after a windows update so im close to finding / rolling that back or reinstalling - both of which id rather not do.


    i have noticed that it seems to be triggered by a two finger scroll and the cursor now disappears shortly after it has been clicked. not sure if this is linked or not.






    I have just rolled back the last windows update and everything has returned back to normal mouse-wise :) 

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  • 09/24/18--01:16: Envy hinge repair
  • I recently recieved my Hp Envy back from a repair done on the hinge. The screen had started to separate from the back part of the top. It took longer than expected. My laptop had been sent to the wrong area for repair and no one bothered to look into it. Until I called about it.


    I was a bit suprised when it was returned. I am now missing one of the rubber feet on the bottom.  The hinge was repaired but, My biggest issue I am now facing is that Hp took it upon themselves to for some unknown reason (has nothing to do with repair) replaced my hard drive?!


    I was not asked. The only repair that was to be done was the screen and hinge!!


    I NEVER gave permission or ok to replace it.


    There is private personal information on it. IT NEEDS TO BE RETURNED ASAP!! That is considered identity theft.  


    I will be forced to contact and open an investigation not only by the police, my attorney and the Better Business Bureau. If it is not promptly returned. 


    Case # 5017740928 / 560363/Archive CRM:0035675001063




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    Hi i have a HP ProBook 450 G5 edition with i7 processor 8550 U. The intel GPU 620U and Nvidia GeForce 930MX supports up to 1k of the display but the display installed supports in the laptop supports 1366x768. If I install <a href="">this</a> product ( Will my laptop display resolution increase?

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  • 09/24/18--07:43: Broken screen
  • I accidently dropped and broke the screen and the frame of my HP Envy Laptop. The laptop is 2 1/2 years old and it still works perfectly. I'm trying to decide whether it is worth repairing. Was trying to contact someone from HP to ask that question but have had difficulty finding a telephone number or chat session.

    Any thoughts?

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    please warm up I want an album complete to buy the restore disk because I lost it and lost it from the disk. some help is there. the computer is initially video 8.1a upgraded to 10 and then started the problem. related forums other solution I did not find sorry about my brace is with Google translator

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    I've checked the device manager.  There is no touchscreen driver.  How do I download a new one?

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  • 09/24/18--15:07: No Video Backlight
  • Everything works great on this workstation but there is no video backlight. The screen works as I can see a picture but there is just no baclklight. I ordered a new screen and its the same problem. I also have hooked it up to an external monitor and the picture shows fine. I then disabled the FirePro graphics card to see if it was an issure with the card but it remains dim. The replacement screen I got was used and suprisingly cheap from Ebay but I dont think its defective as its the exact same issue with my original screen. Its a hassle but the last step would be to try the LCD cable, but I am getting a picture. Its just no backlight.

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    Please help me find the correct part number, I have an hp Pavillion, serial# [edit] product # D7j33av model 15z-ed00


    Edited to say, I need a screen. My daughter borrowed it, and it came back with a screen that looks as though it's been stepped on. Thanks guys!!

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    Hello everyone, I need help, I have a laptop hp pavilion g7 2205sr, it has a video card amd radeon 7660g. I installed a new OS but do not want to install the video drivers, they download, install, but after the reboot nothing changes, the screen is small, in the device manager next to the name of the video card yellow icon, help please. I tried all the packs to automatically install the drivers, downloaded the driver from the official site and still does not help. : ((((


    всем привет, нужна помощь, у меня есть ноутбук hp pavilion g7 2205sr, в нем стоит видеокарта amd radeon 7660g. я установил новую OС но видео драйвера устанавливаться не хотят, они скачаваются, утанавливаются, но после перезагрузки ничего не изменяется, экран маленького разрешения, в диспетчере устройств рядом с названием видеокарты желтый значок, помогите пожалуйста. я перепробовал все паки для автоматической установки драйверов, качал драйвера с официального сайта и все равно ничего не помогает. :(((

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    Hello, my laptop is not recognizing webcam. I checked support for drivers and noticed that there are no drivers for win10 OS. Went to Win7 and Win8 sections didnt found any drivers for webcam also. It was written that:


    "HP does not provide Windows 10 drivers on for HP computers sold prior to August 2013. Microsoft has made most of the component drivers for these products available via Device Manager once the product is running Windows 10 with an active Internet connection. To see if your HP computer was tested to work in Windows 10, go to HP Products Tested with Windows 10." 


     I checked the lists and did not found my laptop name. So tried other options. I tried updating windows. It is up to date. I tried installing generic windows microsoft USB Video driver but it did not work. I am feeling out of options. Is it supposted to not work in Windows 10? Maybe others succeded here?


    Thank you for your time

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    I have purchased my laptop HP Envy x360 15-w102tx. I have been looking for stylus active pen for this device on design and accesibility in professional use. I purchased around 05/2016. On compability list of Consumer computers compatible with HP pens and styluses

    my laptop shows it is compitible to my device but when online representative of HP suggested me active stylus 1MR94AA model it doesn't support to my device. Can anybody help me which stylus active pen is compitible to my device and it definitely works so I can purchase and not to worry about wasting time and money on it.


    Thanks in advance. Help is much appreciated.

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    I am considering buying an HP ProBook 470 G5 and an USB type-C docking station more specificly this station:  HP 1MK33AA

    The docs of the universal docking station says that it supports dual display up to 3840 x 2160 @ 60Hz. 

    But, just to be sure I would like to ask that does this mean that I will be fully capable of using a FullHd (1920x1080) and an UltraWide (2560x1080) monitor simultaneously, as part of a dual monitor setup with the given docking station and notebook?


    Thanks in advance

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    New Zbook 15 G3 with HP3005PR port replicator connected to two monitors, one via Display port and one via HDMI.

    The Nvidia control panel doesn't run and repoorts : You are not currently using a display attached to an Nvidia GPU

    Latest Nvidia drivers loaded.

    Run Passmark 9 benchmark software and it reports Intel HD 530 and truely appauling performance for video:

    Overall 2D: 684, 3D: 970

    So the question is... how do we get to use the benefits on the Nvidia GPU with the port replicator?

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    Hello all, 

    my touchpad doesn't work at all. In Mouse settings there is no hardware for touchpad. I tried to follow the guide on HP website and I installed SP81891 that is the Synaptic driver for touchpad for my notebook. Nothing changed.

    If I open Device Manager -> Mice and other pointing device, there is no touchpad at all. There is only the USB mouse that I am using now. 

    System is already updated.

    Can someone help me? Thank you

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  • 09/25/18--08:14: Видеокарта
  • Мы в субботу 22 сентября купили ноутбук HP 17-ak045ur и когда включили его, то узнали, что в нем находится две видеокарты. Хотели проверить то, как он себя покажет в видеоиграх и как мы узнали, сам ноутбук не переключается с одной видеокарты на другую и мы бы хотели узнать у вас, как переключаться между видеокартами на вашем ноутбуке.

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  • 09/25/18--08:39: Display Brightness
  • im looking for some help, i cannot adjust my laptops display brightness - i have checked action keys within bios i have also tried the keys etc nothing works and on my sun icon (brightness) within the battary on the tool bar i get "0%" and will not let me click to adjust .  can any one help me out .





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  • 09/25/18--12:34: line on the screen
    a line appeared on the notes screen ... I tried to connect an external screen via DVI cable ... and the line does not appear ... so I do not think it's the video card
    I thought about ordering a screen and replacing it ... I wonder if it happened to you too
    Thanks for the attention

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    Today I started using this pc and i noticed a very weird behavior.

    Whenever I close the laptop, with AC plugged in or when running from battery, the display turns black, since the computer goes in sleep mode.
    However, after I raise the lid, the display does not turn up from sleep mode, even after clicking on the keyboard.

    I already checked from the device manager that the keyboard should indeed wake the display up.
    This is a very frustrating issue because the only way to turn the display up again is to completely shut the pc down and restart.

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    I have the same problem with my HP Spectre x360...i cant use the pen mode or other things coz the keyboard  and the mouse pad are being pressed all the time and does not work for me. Thank YOU.

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