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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 09/21/18--20:03: adaptive brightness
  • Good morning/afternoon,


    My hp laptop does not have adaptive brightness, so I can enable it. I tried pressing Fn and F2/F3 not thing happens. Do someone knows what exactly to do? Because I want to dim led on my hp laptop screen because is hurting my eyes.



    Matin Gutierrez

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    при загрузке рабочего стола, картинка не сразу появляется, а появляется синий экран в квадратик мелкий, как исправить эту проблему?

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    Hoping someone on here can help with an issue I have with my HP laptop, 2 Months old keeps randomly shutting down, i've reinstalled everything was ok for a day or 2 then started again... Pretty frustrating, i've tried to speak to HP support but because i've brought it from Currys in the UK they said i need to speak to them, I've spoken to them and they think its a Windows Issue, I'm not so sure, the Laptop has a AMD graphics card and i'm suspecting that may be the issue ? I've made sure the laptop and the Graphics card are upto date, stil makes no difference, can happen after 30min can be nearly a full day but at some point in the day the laptop will crash, pretty frustrating... 

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  • 09/22/18--05:40: Can this be repaired?
  • There is a dent on my laptop

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    Hello i have a laptop hp 4540s cpu i5-3230M Ram 4Gb with 6 years old


    And i have a problem  On windows 8.1 and 10 with amd randeon 7650M in hp 4540s i try drivers like leshlabs 16.2  15.11 15.7 amd drivers 16.2 15.7 15.6 15.3 and hp drivers give a blue screen with internal error power

    I tried to scan with sfc /scannow 

    Clean install of drivers from up and i install msi after burn and write is 99% used

    I don t have factory driver to revert to it

    i have last bios update and i try to use first version of windows 10 and windows update driver but nothing work


    Please a solution for this problem

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    The on-screen keyboard keeps popping up when I am online and need to enter data.  I have an attached keyboard I want to use instead.  The on-screen keyboard turns off if I start typing, but it blocks the screen enough that I can't see what to type, and it turns back on over and over.

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    Hi there,


    Bought this laptop approximately 2 yrs ago, i have always had this problem but lately is practically impossible to work on it.


    Problem Description: Fast, multiple and random screen touches appear by itself in a vertical pattern on the  laptop screen rendering working on the laptop impossible as the cursor always goes to where the touches are appearing, they could open applications multiple times and seize control of the laptop. 


    The problem also appears when a second display is connected and "use second screen only" is selected, even though that second screen is not touchscreen the second display also displays the touches on the screen, so there's really nothing you can do to work on it


    The only way to get out of that loop is to move the tilt of the laptop screen, but unfortunately it reappears, so it has to be moved again.


    Pictures of both cases below and display driver version in picture below


    I'm really frustrated by this problem as i like the laptop, so i have put up with the issue for some time but right now is unnerving and i m really changing my mind about HP products as this product was really not cheap and shouldn't have this type of defects.


    Any help on the matter is appreciated.



    HP ENVY X360 - Multiple touches on laptop screen.JPGHP ENVY X360 Multiple screen touches on main screenHP ENVY X360 - Multiple touches on second screen (TV).JPGHP ENVY X360 Multiple screen touches on secondary screen (TV)

    HP ENVY X360 - Display driver version.JPGHP ENVY X360 - Display driver version


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    Hello,After change cracked lcd screen cant use 32bit color no longer. on 16bits everything all right. any suggestions?Untitled.png

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    My screen is fine and touch and everything is working good. I just had a crack at the bottom left of my glass (not screen, screen is perfect) which shattered today and I don't know what to do :(


    Should I get the whole thing replaced, or should I just duct tape it and forget about it. How much will this set me back.


    Also that purple looking dot goes away if I press on the silver part with screws, or I just tilt the screen towards me

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    Please help!


    I've been researching for hours on how to get the HP pen to work for my Envy x360 15-aq293ms, and just read the compatibility list and there is no information on whether or not they are compatible.  


    I need something, anything. Even if it's not HP brand.  Does anyone have any stylus or pens that work with this computer?!


    Thank you!

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  • 09/23/18--01:35: HP G60-237NR
  • I have HP G60-237NR, i downloaded intel gma 4500mhddriver

    I saw hp g60-237nr have NVIDIA GeForce 9200MGEdriver

    how can i access nvidia graphic card or i need buy external.





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  • 09/23/18--01:39: HP G60-237NR
  • I have HP G60-237NR, i downloaded intel gma 4500mhddriver

    saw hp g60-237nr have NVIDIA GeForce 9200MGEdriver

    if i haven't nvidia how can i access nvidia graphic card or i need buy external.






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  • 09/23/18--03:50: Customize Keyboard Lightning
  • Hello!


    I've seen people customizing the animations of their keyboard on their omen and i wanted to know if it was possible to do so in my laptop and if so, how to do it.



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    I contacted HP nine days ago regarding why my laptop shuts down ON ONE software as soon as I try to open a photo to edit it.  They gave my a case number but that's it.  NO answer.

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    I ave a Active Stylus




    Tried to work with it on Spectre X360 G2, windows 10 64 bit
    all firmwares updates


    The pen doesnot respond at all. Completely non responsive to topuch on screen


    Also had installed HP pen control app


    But non-responsive

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  • 09/23/18--09:11: touchpad
  • Hello, I need help, I do not work gestures on the touchpad, updated the driver, sense 0, what to do?

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    HI - I have just purchased an external Samsung monitor. I have connected the monitor to my HP machine using a HDMI cable. Unfortuntaely the monitor is not showing anything.


    The power on the monitor is working


    Please advise

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    I am looking for glass touch digitizer replacement for this screen (not the LCD panel, the LCD panel is working perfectly fine besides it thinking im touching in some positions)


    HP has not responded to emails well, saying the starting price for a replacement would be 698 dollars eventhough i specified it was just the glass and not the entire screen. Online, I can only find other makes and models, but this one seems to be elusive. 


    Is there anyone who might know where to find this touch digitizer or is there any hp laptop product having the same glass touch digitizer model so I can use that one instead?  



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    I opened up my laptop to fix the laptop screen hinges and put it back together, but when I tried turning it back on when I tilted the display back and forth blue horizontal lines started to appear. Once I tilted the screen back the screen just froze but the lines disappeared. Please help!

    (My Model is the HP Elitebook 8470p)

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