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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 09/20/18--13:02: Multiple monitors for laptop
  • Hi,


    I bought an HP Pavilion 15-cc598na Full-HD Laptop Silver Edition and I'm having the same problem as the colleague above.


    Would be possible to assist me with this query? Do I need to buy a dock station?


    Many thanks.

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    I am having the same issue with the screen fade, vertical lines, and machine freexing on my HP Spectre 360.  I have updated the BIOS, Drivers/Firmware, OS patches.  I think everything is current.  Machine is Model 13-4005dx, L0Q52UA#ABA, running Windows 10.

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    Hello there,
    My screen got crashed. I bought a new touch screen for my Envy HP. But after the technician mounted it. It is not working even properly. It is detecting the touch but the touches are multiple on different parts of the screen. It doesn't seem like a problem in the new touch screen. But i dont know? Please HP Support

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    Kedyboard backlight has stopped working.

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    I just recieved my new hp envy x360 laptop and would like to purchase a pen to use with it. I'm aware the hp pen and hp tilt pen both functon with this laptop. That being said, there is some ambiguity as to whether or not my model supports the hp tilt pen's "tilt" features. Does my model support the hp tilt pen's "tilt" feature? I'd like to purchase the tilt pen if so but will settle for the hp pen if not.


    Thank you

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    I have an HP Envy 17 (HP ENVY - 17-u163cl) with an external monitor connected via HDMI to HDMI already. I'd like to connect a 3rd monitor using the USB-C port, but the spec in the user manual does not indicate that it supports alt-mode display. Is there any way I can get an HDMI cable or adapter that will work with either USB 3.0 or USB-C even though alt-mode display is not supported? (i.e. are there adapters with external video cards that can compensate for it?)

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    Product Name: Probook 6560b and dock

    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
    I forgot to mention that, just like vbeaton the connection works with the laptop but not with the docking station.
    DVI works but of course without audio...
    Please anybody for help?

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    Laptop was running fine. At shut down there was a Windows Update notification (last week maybe 8/10 or 8/11/2018) so I did not turn off or unplug to allow the update to run. I will assume the update ran before it shut down. When I powered up the next morning, the screen was black. The fan turned on, the CD ROM whirred, but the display stayed black. The wifi key (F12) has a solid red light and the caps lock key has a white blinking light (once every 3 seconds).  No beeps!!  I've turned this thing off, turned it on...turned if off, removed the battery and peripherals, pressed the on button for 15 seconds then put the battery back in and turned on...nothing. Then I read to turn off and turn on holding down the Windows key +B...nothing. Then I read turn on holding down Windows key +V...nada. THEN I read to turn off and clean the vents using compressed gas....I did...ZILCH! Then I read to turn off and then turn on holding down the esc key. Welp...I'm seeing nothing on the display. No error messages, no Windows...nothing. 

    WHAT DO I DO NOW? Is my laptop a dead soldier?


    Oh yeah, I reseated my memory cards, too!


    HELP, please!!

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    I have a Pavilion Notebook model 15-ab098na [personal information removed] with Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 installed. It's been fine for a couple of years, but now the built-in camera just won't work. This is very frustrating as there is nothing obviously wrong. There is an entry in Device Manager Imaging section which says HP Truecam HD, the drivers appear to be up to date (SP71830), and there are no error messages telling me drivers cannot be loaded etc.


    I've read loads of posts on various forums on HP / Microsoft, and a few others, but so far have failed to resolve the issue.


    To test, I open YouCam, and get a message saying YouCam cannot connect to your webcam (HP Truecam HD). Try selecting another capture device within settings, or close any aplications that may be using this webcam and then restart YouCam.


    So far this is what I tried:

    Update driver - this resulted in HP Truecam HD changing to USB Video Device on the error message

    Update YouCam to version 6 from version5 - same problem

    Disable / Uninstall device - same problem after enable / install / reboot etc

    Clean Boot - laptop locks up after applying deselections of non-Microsoft services and after half an hour of waiting I can only force power off and restart

    Prior to updating YouCam to V6, there was nothing wrong with YouCam 5 as far as I'm aware, but when trying to use the webcam via Skype, Viber,  YouCam, or any other installed software, it just doesn't want to light up the world with an image.


    I am troubleshooting this laptop remotely as it is 1500miles away at the moment, so please don't respond by telling me to do things which are just not practical.  I'd also appreciate it if you would refrain from offering a solution if you really don't know what you're talking about - I'm not being disrepectful, but I'd rather not have input which either suggests one of the above actions which have already been performed, or which suggests that I buy a USB webcam for example. That doesn't resolve the issue - this laptop has a built-in webcam, and I prefer to use it.

    As far as I can tell, this shouldn't be a difficult issue to fix, but as I haven't yet found an online description of the solution, it's becoming extremely frustrating, and more than an annoyance. HP has been around for many years, so has Windows 7, and so have built-in webcams.


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  • 09/21/18--08:48: GPU stuck in 2D mode 8510p
  • I've installed win 10 pro on my 8510p. 

    Win 10 recognizes HD2600 GPU and installs driver automatically (2015-01). 

    For the first start everything is fine, but after a reboot the GPU stucks at 300/405MHz GPU/MEM frequencies instead of the 500/600MHz. Half the performance what it should be.  


    I use DDU to remove drivers. I've tried the latest legacy catalyst 13.4 (beta), but the result is the same. After one reboot clocks are down and I can't make it back to default clocks under 3D load without reinstalling driver. 


    Is the 300/405MHz is the power saver 2D mode or what? MSI Afterburner, Asus GPU Tweak doesn't work.


    Any idea how to make it work or which driver should I install? 

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  • 09/21/18--09:05: keyboard replacement
  • hi i need a replacement keyboard for my hp notebook hp-14 am..any idea how to gt one?and cost please

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  • 09/21/18--09:36: Problem with video cards
  • The computer defaults to 2 video cards (AMD R5 series (512mb) and AMD R7 series (2 gb)). AMD CCC and others do not switch the video cards in any way, although I have done all kinds of actions recommended on the Internet.Please tell me how to remove this **bleep**ing video card,I absolutely do not need a 512MB card

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  • 09/21/18--11:01: Streaming and DVD
  • So my when I play my DVD or do some other online streaming, It all goes black and white. but streaming like netflix or vudu and the rest of the background are normal. So I am tring to figure out why that is. Everything else is normal while my DVD player and other online streaming are black and white and not full color. 

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  • 09/21/18--13:50: Direct3D and Steam
  • I've been having problems and receiving error messages when playing games on Steam lately. (Please see screenshot below for one such error message.) One search I did said to check for updates to Direct3D. I found this post on a Microsoft webpage, which suggests checking my computer manufacturer's website for updates. Where would I find such information on HP's website? Has anybody else had similar problems? What have you done to resolve them?Steam D3D Device Error.png

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  • 09/21/18--14:12: HP Envy Screen falls asleep
  •  HP Envy screen falls asleep.   


    The screen saver is set for 30 min.   

    Sleep set for 2 hours.

    Screen Saver set for 11 mins.



    The screen still goes to sleep after about 1 minute.    Super annoying!!!!

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    My laptop goes into sleep mode after 1-2 minutes of inactivity and I would like it to not go to sleep automatically when it is docked.


    I had no problems before the docking station and I have changed my power settings for both on battery and plugged in but nothing has changed or stopped the computer from going to sleep.

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    Trying to run a software application (PaintShop Pro 2019 with PictoPainting plugin.) plugin causes program to hang. Corel claims that my Nvidia GT 230M graphics card is the problem. They recommend I upgrade. I need to know if my laptop is capable of connecting and running the Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card which I can buy and have installed. Please help.

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    I connected three monitors to laptop via a 4K HDMI 4-Port Splitter.Monitors all turn on. Laptop is monitor #1. The three external monitors show up as #2 and are duplicate view. How can I make them extended mode to view different screens on each?

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