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  • 09/01/18--10:50: High Performance Problem AMD
  • Hello , i have a problem in the graphic card AMD while opening any game with high performance the game doesn't work while opening a game like Trazan or any small game the game works well ..... also all games works perfect in power saving but in high performance the game crashes and make like flicker or sometimes black screen with game sound in the back ground .... can you help me to fix this problem 


    my laptop is : 

    HP pavilion g6-2332se 

    Processor : Core i5 3rd generation

    Ram : 8 Gb 

    GPU 1 : Intel hd 4000

    GPU 2 : AMD Radeon Hd 7670M 

    OS : Windows 10 64bit 


    Hint : i tested the pc in HP Diagonstic tool and it passes all the testes perfectly without any error 

    so can you help me to fix this problem ?

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    My disc drive has never been able to play DVDs on it. Tried many different discs, including ones that work on other devices (DVD players etc) and still no luck. I insert the disc and the computer makes noise as if it recognises something has been inserted and then will just stop. When I press the DVD rom drive under 'This PC' it asks me to insert a disc (as if nothing is there). 
    The drive always works with CDs and is able to burn onto blank discs, but never had luck with DVDs.


    After looking into it today I have tried uninstalling the drive and then using it - not worked. I have run system tests which have all passed. I have turned on the auto-play. I tried to run component tests on the start up page but it asked me to insert a 'optical disc', which I did, but it would not recognise it. I essentially have tried everything recommended on this website and still no luck. 

    Please help and thankyou in advance. 

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    New chrome book has flickering screen on startup. Tried hard reset and powerwash, still flickering intermittently. Everything else seems to work fine, just the constant blinking is very distracting and causes eye strain. Any tips to fix or take back to Walmart where purchased?

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    i have foematted my pc hp envy 6-1270ez with new windows and now it cant detect the graphic card and i cant fix it 
    i tried installing the drivers and i couldnt install them ( end with errors like cant install package)
    i wannted to trie to open switchable graphics in BIOS but there is no advanced option 
    please help me with that 

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  • 09/02/18--01:29: Keyboard typing error
  • When I type g it comes g5 and h it comes h6 in my hp i5 laptop operating system window 10 ,please help me to solve the problem

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  • 09/02/18--04:22: Bright patches on screen
  • My notebook screen has these bright white patches which came outta blues. Is there any fix?

    They seem to be shifting their places from one corner to the other and sometimes they just disappear completely and then get back again.

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    I have a X7T74UA#ABA with an AMD Radeon 5 grpahics card. When I go to download the driver, there are 5 to choos from. Which is correct for my system?

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    So I just got a new laptop, here it is:

    (I'd find the exact model number, but I didn't see it on the store page and there's no label with it on the laptop.)
    Anyways, it's running on: 
    Windows 10
    Geforce 940MX
    256 GB SSD
    8GB RAM
    It may not be the greatest thing ever, but it shouldn't be having the issues I'm having. In Rocket League, I can barely squeeze out 40 FPS on the lowest possible settings. It looks like pixel vomit. I even tried to play older games like Half-Life 2 and L4D2 and they struggle to maintain steady FPS in mid-high settings. My old, outdated laptop could run those just fine! The graphics card should be good enough, as evidenced here[edit]
    Here's what I've done:
    -Changed power settings to max performance.
    -Turned off all Windows 10 gaming settings, like the DVR that made it run at 1 FPS.
    -Set the Nvidia card to my default/preferred card.
    -Turned off Vsync, threaded optimization, and power management mode in the Nvidia control panel.

    -Updated all drivers and updated Windows 10.
    Any help would be appreciated, so far fairly disappointed with the performance of this laptop. 

    Thank you!

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    After using HDMI hookup and 1080p scaled resolution, the display is finally clear but is not scaled correctly, for example when i am in an application such as excel or chrome browser, i cannot see the exit or minimize buttons. All edges of the display are cutoff and when accessing the OSD I can't use the "Custom Scaling" feature under Image Control. Is there anything that can be done to fix this issue?

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    The color saturation tone of the video becomes cooler when the video is played in full screen mode. I opened the video with Films & TV app of windows 10 and the problem does not seem to occur when the mouse is moved or when not in full screen mode. Help asap!

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    Yes hello my computer is not working for the tough screen i think i deleated the hard wear that came with it . and now it wont work . Ive opened the touch screen opsion were it says pen and touch screen .And it gives me an opsion to push the door but nothing happens . can i guide me to a website or hard wear download that i can go too 

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    hello everyone, I have been having a problem with my laptop screen. I did not drop it or anything but one day I turned it on and all I saw was a white screen with some colorful lines. I got panicked and started pressing on the screen and it was fine. the screen did that for a while but now whenever I turn it on all I see is a white screen that only works when I put something in between the keypad and the screen. It is really annoying and if someone could help me figure about what's wrong with my laptop I would really aprreciate it. What would you suggest I do with my laptop?WhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 9.06.09 PM.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-09-02 at 9.06.53 PM.jpeg

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    My computer about three weeks ago developed two one-inch cracks in the screen, I didn't start a repair inquiry online with tech support because I read that it would cost around $700  to repair the screen which is about 85% of the purchase price that I paid for the computer. And because I previously paid about $400 dollars to have a battery issue replaced less than 2 months ago. But now that the cracks have begun to spread throughout my entire screen. I would like to know exactly how much the repair would cost because if it's over a certain amount of money I would just rather buy a new device from a new manufacturer because I have not had a favorable experience with my HP. Or if someone could suggest some cheaper alternatives that would be great. 


    Product Name: HP Spectre X 360 , 15 inch screen 

    Product Serial Number:[edit]



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  • 09/02/18--20:33: Unable to adjust brightness
  • Recently my windows got corrupted so i reinstalled windows 10 on my laptop with suitable drivers. But still i am unable to adjust brightness of my laptop screen. It has been set to minimum. Just the slider seems to be moving up and down.

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  • 09/02/18--20:56: Netflix Changing Tones
  • Hello I just buy this laptop last week and I am noticing that while watching Netflix at full screen in the app the tones start changing from a warm tone to a cold tone and is very frustrating, watching the colors changing while watching a movie or show.


    I would like to know if there is a solution, or is a problem with my laptop or with Netflix. :)

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  • 09/03/18--03:00: FOR DRIVER
  • I WANT HP NOTEBOOK BS542TU  PLZ PROVIED Intel High-Definition (HD) Graphics Driver LINK FOR WINDOWS 7 64BIT

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    Hi my laptop is HP bs579tx laptop. It has 2 graphic cards - 1)Graphics Chipset Radeon(TM) 520; 2) Intel HD 520 Graphics card. Both GPU's came directly installed from HP dealer. Currently my laptop is working on intel GPU. I want to change it to AMD's GPU. Somebody plz give me link to download the Latest AMD'S driver in my laptop through which I can switch between both GPU's as per my needs. Does the AMD's hardware in my laptop support dynamic mode? Can i run my AMD's GPU in both dynamic mode as well as fixed mode when required, does the hardware in my laptop support it? I have heard that the manufacturer changes the AMD's GPU("hardware or software i dont know") according to his product, so its better to download the driver from manufacturer from a blog in website named Quora. I watched many videos avaliable from internet but it did'nt help. Please HP help me!! 

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    Got a cracked screen on a laptop just over 1 year old and HP saying no spare parts are available for this model...not impressed; Its an HP Envy laptop 15 inch screen...anyone had any similar issues and how did you solve them?

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  • 09/03/18--04:03: Touchpad Not working
  • Hi,  I have  HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC, Model number  C1S92EA#ABU. I have recently updated my Bios From F22 to F27, I'm not sure if my touchpad stopped working after updating Bios or its some other issue. I have tried to Uninstall and reinstall the Touchpad's driver but no success. When I do troubleshoot, troubleshoot does detect the  Touchpad driver isn't working and needs to be installed, but nothing seems to work even after I install it. The touchpad worked a few days ago but randomly stopped. but not its completely stopped working, I tried to install the bios again last night. Touchpad working for 5 mins and stopped again  

    Moreover, When I go to the Hp website to download new driver I can't find Windows 10 option there. So I downloaded the bios after selecting Windows 8.1 from Hp webpage.  

    Thank you 


    Early help will be appreciated 

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    Keys backspace, g, h,'@, are all not working on my laptop. I've tried restarting and updating the software however nothing seems to work. 


    Thanks Steven.

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