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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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  • 08/30/18--11:29: Display
  • Does HP15BS180TX has matte display?

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    I can't adjust my brightness. When using the F3 and F4 keys, the rightness bar moves up and down, but the brightness stays the same. I've looked at various posts on this site and none of the solutions work. 

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    My screen periodically flashes various vertical lines, sometimes on the right 1/4 side, sometimes on entire screen. I ran HP dianostics and it returned a code " Failed     64PU8K-8NN97J-MFPURG-Q2DA03 ". I'm guessing the screen is failing, but I was wondering where I can get a list of the diagnostic codes.

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    My screen won't stop flickering, and the left part of my screen "blacks out" from time to time.I literally bought this laptop yesterday and turned it on as soon as I got home. 


    Here is exactly what I did yesterday before I noticed the flickering

    1. opened the box and tuned on the laptop

    2. set up face recognition

    3. updated all from what was recommended from the laptop

    4. turned on computer today and immediately screen started to flicker


    I am very bummed as in, i expected a lot more from a laptop that had all the newest tech and good specs


    I only took videos of the screen and not photos so i couldn't attach them***

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    I just purchased my laptop three days ago. I’ve only been on it twice for less than 15 min before it started to freeze up on me. The cursor will either lag or the whole screen will freeze! It’s so annoying because I can’t get any work done! It’ll stay frozen for about 5 minutes! Help! Should I exchange it for another one or get a new pc? I really love this laptop too!

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    Hello! I have a notebook Pavilion dv6-6b04er with 2 GPUs and Dual Graphics  as listed^


    CPU is AMD A8-3550MX APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics 1,80 Ghz

    GPUs are is Dual Graphics AMD Radeon™ HD 6620G and AMD Radeon™ HD 6750M. Their original driver is 8.832.0.0 from 01.04.2011.  I want to update this driver to the most up-todate version of AMD drivers with Dual Graphics support, which is suitable for this notebook, to get better results in recent games and 3D midelling software. Especially I need OpenCL 1.2 support (which exists from November of 2011 as far as I know). So far mu GPUs support only OpenCL 1.1.  The latest driver I found on your site is  AMD High-Definition (HD) driver with version number 8.900.7.1000 (173.5 MB) from 18 November 2011. Does it have OpenCL 1.2 support or not? If not, which compatible Dual Graphics driver I can install in my  dv6-6b04er ? Searching all over the web, I found that I cannot just take any drivers from AMD official site  (they have not Dual Graphics profiles) and one possible suitable driver is WHQL certified driver 15.201.2901.1004  from Microsoft Windows Update downloads ( , and maybe Catalyst 12.5 Beta.  What should I choose for better results and safety? (I wouldn't like any serious problems with BSOD and BIOS errors, as it happens o often).  Is there any other way to get OpenCL 1.2 DLLs for my GPUs and make them work right with my hardware and older drivers of 2011? 

    The second question is how to update GPU drivers properly on my notebook. Should I carefully clean all remainders of previous drivers on HDD and within the registry, which utility is better to use (I found DDU — Display Driver Uninstaller).

    Thank you in advance for help/ 

    My OS is Windows 7 Home Basic x64 SP1

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  • 08/30/18--23:51: my touchpad is not working
  • hello sir

    my hp laptop touchpad is not working from 2 days onwards

    it is very difficult to carry extra mouse

    please provide the exact solution for this

    my laptop bought in 30/05/2018

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  • 08/31/18--06:00: Using a stylus
  • I've had an HP laptop with a touchscreen for a few months, but haven't really used the touch feature.  Support tech said an active stylus isn't compatible. What kind or type would bork best? besides using my finger. 



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    I was told that that is computer came with a pen but there was no pen included in the box.  Was that false information?  


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  • 08/31/18--07:21: Omen Laptop - 17t Gaming
  • I'm not really professional with laptops and pcs and such, but I have a question. Does the Omen Laptop - 17t Gaming still have the RGB keyboard? Additionally, somebody help me tell the difference between the Omen Laptop 17t an000 and other "an"s.

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  • 08/31/18--08:47: Active Pen no longer working
  • I don't know exactly where to recive help for my accessory, so i am posting it here.


    Recently, my HP Active Pen stopped funtion. I have replaced the bateries, upgraded my laptop drivers and such, but to no avail. I tried calling HP in the hopes of getting a replacement, but they hung up on me. Does nayone have any suggestions or possible reasons for this?

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    foto si filmari cu susul in jos

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    Hello there,


    I recently acquired a brand new HP Zbook Studio x360 G5 with the help of my university. The laptop came with a pen but for some reason, I can't connect that pen to my laptop.


    It can't pair it using the Windows 10 "Add Bluetooth device" thing, nor can I with the HP Pen settings app.


    Any help would be very much appreciated.

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     am looking for a compatiable stylus pen for my  for hp envy x360 m6 w101dx, I have read several posts on the forum already and have kind of come to the conclusion that i may not be able to find one except for the HP Active Stylus but i am not sure if the model i have is compatiable because i have read that it has worked for some models and not others. If anyone can help me out and determine if my model is compatiable for this stylus pen. 


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    I bought my 15 inch HP Spectre x360 about a year ago.  I began having symtoms of a problem about 6 months ago where certain programs would have areas of the screen blackout until I click in them with my mouse. 

    Now I notice another problem any time I go to maximum brightness on my laptops display, or if I go to dim the displays brightness a few levels from its lowest setting.  I also randomly see this problem  soemtimes regardless of the brightness level.  Bascially I will get a vertical repeating pattern (rendering the dispay useless) where for example all icons on the desktop will be jumping up in down in unison along with any other UI elements.  I have a monitor connected to the HDMI port, and I have zero problems with what is displayed on it during these problems.  

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    I am trying to get the 3 finger TAP gesture to middle click so that I can open and close tabs easily. However I can't change the function or find out how to do it. Currently 3 finger TAP is opening search bar popping up from the left bottom of the screen. I have tried going to touchpad settings - and then additional settings which opens up Synaptics ClickPad settings but there is no option to change the 3 finger TAP gesture. 


    I'm just wondering if this is a Synaptics issue? Any advise on how to change this? How to check if I've got the latest Synaptics driver?


    As if i recall correctly, on my other laptops which didn't use Synaptics for touchpad and used generic Windows 10 settings, I was able to change the 3 finger tap to middle click. Does this mean I should uninstall Synaptics and if so how?


    Would appreciate advise.


    Thank you.

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    I am planning to buy an Omen Laptop, and I am quite interested in having an RGB Keyboard. So does all Omen Laptops have  an RGB Keyboard? If not, which one does? Or which one is able to be configured to an RGB Keyboard?

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  • 09/01/18--07:32: Odd Screen Brightness Issue
  • I've had my computer for about 3 years, bought used from a pawn shop, when I got it the issue wasn't a problem, it was right before the hard drive fried (a year ago) the screen brightness buttons stopped working. It's not that they don't work, it's more like they invert randomly. F2 (dim button) will increass the brightness and vice-a-versa. It even does it when I use the slider, up dims and down brightens. I've fully updated everything I could find, did everything I could think of aside from just replacing the screen all together (which I don't think will help if there's maybe an issue with the program). Any help to end this annoyance will be greatly appreciated. 

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    Does anybody else have a problem with spectre 360's display? Mine is not consistent. Some programs would show tiny icons, fonts and/or dialogue boxes. I use photoshop cs6 and cctv apps. some websites also show inconsistent font sizes. I already had some bios updates done with tech support when i first got this lappy but it did not work. I even gave them permission to work on my device remotely (was a little queasy about it but I have no choice). I followed some recommendations from youtube to no avail. At first I thought I can deal with it but at this point it gets so annoying. If I change the zoom, other fonts become too large. in normal view some fonts are too small. Please help!!sample screenshot.PNG

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    Dropped the unit. Turned it on and no response on touchpad pointer mouse thing frozen

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