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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Hello Forum,

    Thought I would reach out to the HP community to ask for your input. We have several hundred Elitebook 840 G3 machines across our estate and are starting to see multiple reports of the same issue, including my own notebook.


    The issue is intermittent in nature and occurs when the machine is being removed from the HP ultra slim docking station. On removing the notebook and opening lid, the display is completely black with a white mouse cursor icon only. The system cannot be recovered from here, even by placing back on dock. The only solution is to power down via the panel button.


    Our general user group are running Win7 Enterprise, however I have recently upgraded to Win10 Enterprise to carry out some testing and have now seen the issue on my device when running both OS. Also, the issue is affecting systems with different BIOS versions.


    I intended creating a driver package for graphics, chip set, dock firmware and so forth. I also plan on trying to force the error on my system today, and then checking eventvwr for logs.


    Have any other users seen this issue, and if so, how was it resolved please?


    Thank you,




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    By pressing my LWin key noting happenson my hp OMEN laptop,

    no external devices are connected.


    Product name : OMEN by HP Laptop 17-an0xx

    Product number : 1VY94EA#ABH

    Keyboard revision : 40.26


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    Hi, I just bought new HP Omen dc-003nc that suffered from backlight bleeding in the lower left corner. I had it replaced for the other one - backlight bleeding is even worse than the previous one, again in the lower corners. I have found out that if you have your laptop open and you create slight pressure with your fingers on the lower back of the screen (you basicaly curve the lower edge) - the problem disappears.


    Pictures of backlight bleeding:

    First piece 30% brightness:

    First piece 50% brightness:

    Second piece 30% brightness:

    Seconf piece 50% brightness:


    Little backlight bleed in the corners is acceptable, but I don´t think this is the case. In the dark or during the night is very disturbing. Is it a problem of a given series or is it a problem of all 15 inch HP omen laptops?


    I didn´t expect those issues from machine for 1800 usd. Very disappointed!


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    I've brand new ZBook 15 G5 with NVidia. I've turned on night light feature. The problem is that it doesn't turn on/off automatically. I must turn it on/off manually.


    It should be turned off on 6:05 today but it's active even at 9:51 and even after restart. I've had to turn it off manually.


    Where is the problem? All my drivers and BIOS are updated.





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    I would like to know, does this model of the Omen have a screen with a 144hz refresh rate or not? Because in the HP store page you can't customize an Omen laptop with an i7-8750H and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB (these are also the specs of this laptop) without having to upgrade to the 144Hz refresh rate screen, and I've also seen some youtube videos when they claim that this screen is 144Hz. But, on the other side, I've seen some Amazon stores claiming that this screen is60Hz, so i'm pretty confused right now.

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    Dear HP Team,
    I have a problem with FPS drops, while watching youtube videos/playing games in window-mode and I dont know how to fix it. I reinstalled the newest version of Adobe Flash Player and set everything back to standard settings. The Problem only occurs with games in a window mode or if I watch Youtube videos not in full-screen. Here is a link to a YT video of me playing a game in window mode, where you can exactly see the FPS drops/laggs ( watch to the animation of the pokemons) ( at around 1:15 you can see the drops / laggs for a second and then its getting normal again and then inbetween seconds another drop/lagg) exactly the same occurs with yt videos if they arent in full screen. I did some research on this in general but couldn't find an answer at all. I may have a feeling this happens right after I installed DVD Video Software products but deinstalling them didn't fix the issue. If you can help me there I'd really appreciate it :)
     Cheers Eike Marvin Gilcher

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  • 08/30/18--02:16: My notebook is fall
  • Hello,

    this morning my notebook is fall , and this create any problem like:

    -the touch screen don't work anymore

    -whene the notebook is fall I found two magnets

    the second problem is the most important because my notebook is detachable and this function didn't work really well, and for me is for the two magnet.

    If someone can help me I can be relax.

    Thank you in advance

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    This laptop sometimes will not turn on when you press the power button, so I ran an HP Diagnostics Extensive System scan. The video memory test resulted in a software error, but no error code. How can I further trouble-shoot this issue? This computer is under warranty.


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    Hello, I bought a laptop Hp 15-bw051ur with integrated and integrated graphics, but the built-in graphics card does not work.
    When downloading drivers to a graphics card, nothing happens and only the integrated one works.
    Built-in Radeon 530 4gb
    download AMD Driver Autodetect from the site: I can not.
    links to this link:, in which only drivers for video cards, but they do not suit me.

    Also tried to turn off the integrated graphics card, then reboot, but on the built-in video card (which is called Radeon r7 m340 because of incorrect drivers) after the reboot writes (code 43),

    HP drivers also do not help

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  • 08/30/18--05:00: Screen Blackout
  • The Elitebook system is an intel core i5 system but will not display when powered 'ON' but the lights will show that it is 'ON' and it doesn't make any sound. How can this problem be solved please?

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  • 08/30/18--05:16: HP Pavilion - 15-ck039nl
  • maptop lcd panel is glossy or not?? thanks a lot

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    I just bought a second hand hp omen, it's a fine laptop, (still in warranty according to HP support assistant).


    The issue I'm facing is with graphics card, when accessing to NVIDIA control panel I'm getting this kind of images all the time, I also installed Starcraft II and if I use NVIDIA graphics the image shows for a few seconds and then I only see a black screen, lastly I tried to connect the HDMI port to my TV and the computer crashed. Then I applied all pending updates, but nothing has changed.


    EDIT: some extra info:


    The graph card is NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 - (24/6/2018)



    Any help would be appreciated.




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    I have a new HP 250 G6 (Ser.# CND8057D3H) - I have a N4200 CPU (= Apollo Lake).


    I have installed fresh Windows 10 64-bit (UEFI) and all available drives through Windows Updates.


    When I will work with the notebook then often hangs the input, the screen flickers to black and the GPU of Desktop-Manager is go to 100%


    I install the "sp88400 - Intel High-Definition (HD) Grafiktreiber - Apollo Lake (Windows 10 v1803)" but no solution. The problem still exists.


    The same is, when i installed the newest drivers from Intel-Website - win64_24.20.100.6286.exe


    When I change the drivers to the "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" then it works fine, but i can not set the settings of the graphic card.


    What can I do? What is going wrong?

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    I have owned the relatively cheap HP x2 for a few years and have been happy with it, but recently it has started bringing up the onscreen keyboard whenever I select a text box. This is becoming infuriating especially when you are trying to fill in an online form. I only use the physical keyboard so have no need for the onscreen one to keep appearing. 


    Is there any way to correct this? I have already tried turning the onscreen keyboard on and off from the settings menu and also uninstalling the keyboard from the laptop's software and reinstalling it as advised by a separate forum. 






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    why do my hp pavilion x360 14" laptop touch screen in the right corners are having a suspension play.mean to say that it when i touch the right corner of my touch screen the screen corner goes in and comes out,,,feel like it has gap at the back side and when i rotate it i feel that right corners are geting out of frame -when i press i feel gap ,,whatis it why does it happen,,i think it is because glue is not good,,in future it will totally come out

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    Good day,


    I just got this laptop today and the touch screen stopped working already. It only worked for a short period and then it stopped. Could you help me to resolve this?


    Thanks much,


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    Hi - the brightness hotkeys on my ZBook 15 G4 have not worked since the Windows 10 April 2018 major update.  I have everything fully up-to-date on my ZBook 15 G4, including all HP driver and software updates and all Windows 10 updates.  The problem specifically started right after my computer restarted after that Windows update.


    Could you help me fix this?  Unless there is something not on the HP support drivers and software page and not available automatically via HP Support Assistant then I don't know what to do as my laptop is up-to-date regarding these.  I honestly think that Windows changed something and the Hotkeys software needs updating on the HP side?


    I have a full HP Care Pack with 5 years support.



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    F2 and F3 screen brightness keys don't work for HP 15-da0081cl

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    Product Name: HP 15-BS542TU
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows 10 (64-bit)
    Hi, when I turned my laptop , I notice a Violet Line area in the up in my screen. This is noticeable when I look straight on, but fades when I look from either side. No hardware damage has occurred, no falls or bangs. Please Change My laptop display. My laptop in warrenty periods.

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    My brightness hotkeys F3/F4 and microphone mute key F8 are not working on my HP Elitebook X360 1030 G2 after Windows 10 1803 update. I tried system restore to undo the update but the problem persists.


    I have downloaded the HP Hotkey Support Rev.A, dated 25 Aug 2017 and tried reinstalling but it has not worked. Appreciate any pointers as I really rely on the brightness and mute buttons.



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