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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    Can i use an elitebook 8460p in 8470p shell? I changed the display cable coz they are not similar but the display is not clear and the screen lights green instead of black. The mouse is not detected and the LED indicators dont light either.

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    Hi everyone,


    I have an issue with the laptop's display:


    • The colors and contrast on the laptop screen flicker and distort when the screen / lid is moved, flexed or pressed.
    • When the distortion comes up, only bending / pressing / moving will restore the good image.
    • The image might become unstable by itself (without tampering with the screen), in which case the paragraph above needs to be applied.


    By researching and googling I managed to narrow down the problem into two possibilities:


    1.  The flex cable that connects the LCD to the main board might be damaged.
    2.  The LCD display itself might be damaged.

    I am uncertain about which one is it, so  I turned to the HP forums for advice.

    I will present here my conclusions and what I have tested (and why I am uncertain):


    First I started off my reconnecting and reseatting all the cable connections, so it is not a loose cable.

    I also tested an external monitor, no problems.

    Movement on the main board and its video connector also does not affect the problem. Board part is OK.

    The problem persists in BIOS, it is definitely an hardware problem.


    The slightest touch on any of the corners of the screen and also the bottom part (causing a very slight bend) affect the image display.


    With the opened computer, moving the cable while the display is on causes sometimes distortion if the moved part is near the screen (the near it is to the connector, the greater the probability of causing distortion, albeit small), which leads to either three possibilities:


    •  The cable is damaged near the connector (seems unlikely, this part is never subjected to stress), which could explain why moving it there causes some distortion (but less than bending the screen).
    •  The LCD screen is damaged and sensible to movement, because moving the cable near the connector slightly applies forces on the LCD screen (bottom part where the LCD circuitry is), also explaining the image distortion.
    • The connector pins have some problem and any slight movement coming from either the cable or LCD might disrupt the image (however, the connector appears to be in pristine condition, never been tampered with before and looked neat and clean, all the pins straight and new-looking).


    Causing any bend at all to the LCD seems to disrupt the image, or sometimes correct it if it is already disrupted. It seems to happen even if I avoid as much as possible to cause movement on the cable / connector, but there is no way to be sure because any movement on the screen might slightly / residually move the connector / cable zone.


    Therefore I am more inclined to believe it to be related to the LCD, because it seems to be the most sensible to movement (sometimes it starts to flicker by itself until I bend it or move it to make it stop).

    However, one cannot be sure, since the LCD's controller circuits are on the bottom, including the zone where connector and cable are. Also the positioning of the lid can fix the problem, but it seems to be a coincidence because to move the lid I need to apply pressure on the screen, and no lid position fixes the problem, I have either to keep pressing the screen or moving the lid back and forth until the image is acceptable...


    Is there any other way of troubleshooting?

    Is the next step purchasing either a new cable or a new LCD?



    LCD screen / Display panel  - 720557-001

    Display panel cable - 720536-001


    Thank You for your help in advance.

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    I bought a display to hdmi cable but it doesnt seem to do anything. No HDMI on the EliteBook. I'd just like to hook up so I can do back and forth from the laptop to the desktop using the beutiful monitor. EliteBook is Win 7 (64) and Envy is Win 10 Home 64.



    Ivan Shiffman

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    My display settings became very large- icons, fonts web pages, etc. I went to the display settings app and saw a place that had a link saying something about about customized settings and click here to sign out. I clicked it and my screen went black. This morning I went to turn it on and while booting up, I saw the Microsoft symbol but then it went black and shows nothing. Any ideas?

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  • 08/24/18--09:08: Disable touchscreen keyboard
  • I want to disable the touchscreen keyboard from automatically popping up every time I enter a text field

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    Hi HP, I hope you could give me a technical explaination upon this issue. I did realize a slightly difference on my laptop display quality that getting more satturated and vibrant in colour as I plugged in power cord which technically really satisfy me especially during streaming HD videos or watching movies. But when my laptop is in battery mode, the colour of my display turned out to be a little bit dull than on power mode. Is that a normal thing consider that I already changed power setting from 'balance' to 'maximum performance' for both power option and Intel UHD graphic setting?

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    Hi there,
    I bought my laptop a couple months ago in July so only had it around 5/6 weeks now.
    Notice my battery had run out so put it on charge, it would usually switch on when I plugged it in but didn’t. Left it to charge for an hour then tried to switch it on however it wouldn’t sadly. Checked that it was plugged it right and was so am baffled to why it won’t come on. The light on the side comes on with the back light on the caps button then the fan starts and stays on but the screen doesn’t come on. Had to hold the power button for a couple seconds to turn off the internal fan.
    I am not computer literate at all and really am at a loss.
    If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate some help.
    Many thanks

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    Hi Community, my screen was replaced after the original got damaged but the new  one doesn't work.  I'm currently using an external monitor. 


    How can I get my screen to work again? 


    I await your advice, thank you.

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    The cover of my laptop is coming apart from my screen. I went to close it and I heard a crackle noise followed by rivets falling to the floor. My laptop/notebook has never been used in tablet mode because I was afraid this very thing would happen. Can this be repaired?


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    I purchased a refurbed Spectre XT Touchsmart 15-4010 in 2013. The touchscreen worked as it was supposed to, untill one day when the OS crashed. I had an infinite boot and could not get any recovery options to work. We managed to get Windows 8.1 reinstalled on the PC, but since that day the Touchscreen hasnt worked. Since the reinstall of Windows 8.1, the device manager doesnt list a HID-Compliant Touchscreen in its dropdown menu (even with hidden devices allowed). The Windows Information tab says No Pen or Touch is available for this display, and HP's website does not include any drivers for the Spectre XT Touchsmart under the Human Interface Device Driver tab.


    F10 into BIOS the touchscreen also does not function. That does not mean that there is an issue with hardware however, because it worked untill the OS (software) crashed. I believe that when we reinstalled Windows 8.1 it did not install all of the correct drivers for the PC (and as I stated above, the HP doesnt even have drivers available for download for the touchscreen).


    I havent had touchscreen for probably 3 or more years, and really would like to have it working again.


    Thanks, Mike.

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  • 08/24/18--15:49: Laptop Keyboard doesn't work
  • I hadn't used the computer for a week and when I went to use it again, the keyboard wasn't working. No key responded, however my additional keyboard that was seperate worked fine. I tried to find answers online and did steps like uninstalling the keyboard in the device manager, but the problem still occured. I have read the forum on the hp website about the same problem, but most of the answers didn't help. Please help me find an explanation and answer to the problem.

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     I'm having the exact same problem on my refurbed Envy 13t. Just curious if you've gotten this resolved yet, and how you did it? Thanks.

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    I recently updated my graphics driver through the AMD updater.  Since then the computer has microstutters, IE mouse, keyboard, touchpad etc.  also video is jerky as well.  This issue is systemwide and occurs every 2 seconds approximately.


    Laptop is HP Pavillion 15, Product id E9G68UA and graphics chipset is AMD Radeon HD8330.  Is there a way to correct this issue or will I be stuck with and outdated driver?


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    Hi there,

            My screen is not showing up when I switch on the power button. There seems to be no screen issues. My warranty is also expired. Let me know what I can do?



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    My old ac adapter got busted and i bought a new one from HP. The problem is as soon as i plugged it in, the touchpad started to freeze for a few seconds every time i tried to use it. The thing is: it only freezes if the laptop is on my worktable. It it is on my lap, its fine. I guess it has something to do with grounding and electrical charges. What can i do about it? I cant use my laptop on my lap 100% of the time. It is very frustrating.



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    I bought an envy 13-ah0043TX on 18th Aug 2018. Everything is fine except the fact that the screen is not properly pasted onto the frame on the top right corner. Everytime I touch that part, the creen moves a bit relative to the frame. I was going through the support website to find a solution, but I came acroos an even more astonishing message: "HP no longer services this product"!!. I wonder what could be the reason for such a message for a product which has been launched May this year. Kindly replace my product.

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  • 08/25/18--00:15: HD 5470 drivers
  • Hi, help me to find the driver for my laptop after reinstalling windows. My graphics card is amd mobility hd 5470 doesn't want to work, opredelyaetya either as a 5000 series with an exclamation point as either a vga. Drivers downloaded from HP,amd, other....nothing came up.

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  • 08/25/18--07:13: Screen is not working
  • Hello, I'll just start this off by saying I'm new to this community.
    I don't really know anything about laptop things but I do alot of research when I encounter a problem.


    So, 3 weeks ago, when I woke up, half of my laptop's screen is darker than normal. So I took it to a local repair store, they said that my LCD is broken (which I was too gullible to believe). So, I just left it and ignored the problem (because LCD costs an arm and a leg in my country).

    Then, yesterday, when I opened my laptop, the screen is not working. It had some colorful lines and a black screen but sometimes it changes to white screen, black screen and half white half black screen. I took it to 3 different repair shops and they all said its an LCD issue. But I did some research and I saw an HP support page that has each kinds of broken LCD symptoms, but not even one picture of that page matched my screen so I think its not a LCD issue. I researched further and now I think my LCD ribbon cable is broke or whatever. 

    The picture below is what my screen looks like, I'm using an external monitor and I can see the screen clearly.


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    This HP 2245w monitor has been used without any problems for a number of years originally, connected to an HP Desktop and now connected to an HP Spectre Notebook via an extension device.  I am using three displays with the integrated notebook screen as the main display, the HP L2245w as the secondary display and a Samsung Synchmaster as the tertiary display.  This setup has been successful since I moved over to the notebook about a year ago and this is the first time I have had a problem.


    I was doing some basic (no pun intended!) Access VBA development when the screen went black.


    As far as I can tell this is the current situation:

    1) The input used is DVI connected with an HDMI to DVI cable.  I do not have an HDMI to VGA cable to try the VGA input.


    2) I have tried swapping the two screen connections but the fault remains with the HP screen.


    3) The power on status box shows the DVI input as active and the notebook still thinks the screen is active and sends display information to it.


    4) If power cycled, the screen will display a half bright image for a couple of seconds then go black.


    5) The OCD menu will not display, except if the button is pressed during the brief period when the half bright picture is displayed.


    6) The fault is still present when the screen has been off for sufficient time for it to cool down (over 12 hours).


    I know the screen is old and I am sure that HP would like me to buy a replacement but it is wall mounted and since installed I have developed mobility problems which mean that I cannot do the job myself.  If there is no alternative, I will replace it but I want to explore all other options first.


    Any help would be appreciated as trying to use the small notebook screen is giving me eyestrain.


    Many thanks in anticipation.

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    hi , i have an HP laptop with amd a8 6410 with r5 graphics and dedecated gpu R7 problem is that i cant use my linked gpu as primery..and i cant  find the switchible graphics option in the bios

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