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Notebook Video, Display and Touch topics

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    i have aproblem in my catalyst manager it doesn`t accessed and it gives me this msg (catalyst control center : host application has stopped working) i did everthing and it doesnt work

    i use win 8 32-bite

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    hi i have a HP probook 4540s (cpu: core i5 3210m, graphic: amd 7650m, 2 gig, hard: 640 gig ). in windows 7 professional i installed only amd's graphic driver and the system could switch between amd graphic card and intel hd.
    but in the gpu-z test software the frequency was 300 MHz and memory frequency was 180 MHz (the standard frequency for 7650 is 500 MHz ). then i install windows 8 pro to test the graphic card With the hope that its frequency will be 500. i install ONLY amd graphic card but the windows can't switch between amd and intel hd (i realized that from gpu-z , unigine heaven and resolution options of some games(intel hd only supports 1024*768 and 1366*768)).
    so, my question: how can i switch between intel hd and amd graphic card in windows 8 (with the The theory frequncy (500 MHz))?


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  • 06/06/13--10:00: hp envy x2 touchscreen
  • Just rcvd my Envy x2, downloaded all patches and updates.......when i swipe screen in any direction I seem to intermittently get "trails" from my finger tip displayed on screen. It's not too noticable and wondering if it's normal?



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    I get this error message after updating my intel graphics to the lastest driver.

    "The Catalyst Control Center is not supported by the driver version of your enabled graphics adapter.  Please update your AMD graphics driver, or enable your AMD adapter using the Displays Manager." After trying to update the driver for AMD and being told its up-to-date, and tried to download ATI Catalyst Mobility and get an error message  "ATI Catalysst MObility cannot be downloaded due to imcompatible hardware/software on your computer.  The version of you graphics adapter is not supported.  Please contact your notebook manufacturer for a graphics driver update." How do i fix this?

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  • 06/06/13--12:25: Problem with flash player!?
  • Hello, I have hp notebook

    My graphic drivers are up to date and i have problem with flash player (i think its about flash, i have latest version of flash player).

    When I try to play youtube clip in fullscreen on 720p it looks like slow motions ( I also try to play fullscreen 720p on ny VLC player and its perfect). This problem on youtube, like slow motion,  is on Chrome and Firefox.

    Internet Explorer do it correctly.


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    Your post has been moved to -->Notebook Operating Systems and Software<-- for better exposure.

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    G6 need BIOS with switchable option!!!! WHEN we get it????

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    envy 6 sleekbook

    a10 4655m

    Unable to update amd catalyst

    after installing latest amd catalyst from

    cannot boot into windows, either black screen after seeing hp logo then froze, or give me blue screen

    i have to use system restore (not hp recovery) to go back.


    at 5-6-13

    i did that before, it was ok and able to enter the windows, but very unstable and bluescreen alot. it was 4Gb ram.


    at 5-14-13

    i do a hp recovery to wipe every and update the bios, use hp assistant to update all the drivers. i then ignore it and keep using it. i added to 8GB ram. very stable. 



    i need to update amd display card driver, because it has some problem when i connect to external monitor, when I close the lips and it enters to sleep, after wake up, it won't recognize the external monitor, i need to reboot to fix it. 

    i think it is a driver problem


    but i cannot update the driver, hope hp will slove it

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    Product name: HP ENVY m6 Notebook PC

    Product number: C2L92UA#ABL

    Windows 8 64-bit


    Whenever I try to use my webcam for anything (Skype, Youcam, etc.) my laptop informs me that I do not have one installed when in fact there is a built in webcam. I have maybe used this laptop 5 times since I have bought it not even a month ago. If anyone could tell me how to fix this it would be very much appreciated. My 5 yr old daughter is looking forward to playing with the "silly" options you can take pictures with on Youcam.



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    Having bought a new sleekbook I'm faced with the usual issue of connectiing a VGA projector via the HDMI poirt.

    AS I searched the various offers I saw that HP produce such devices.

    All I want to know is which work with my sleekbook.

    I've been going round and round in circles on the HP website but none of teh menu structures get me anywhere.

    I find this particvularly disappointing as I was CIO of an F1 team with HP as a sponsor!


    1) Can anybody advise which HDMI to VGA adaptors work with a Sleekbook 14 (from HP or not)?

    2) TO anyone in HP -- why can't one put in a plain language question rather than going through menus that dion't apply?

    3) To HP: This must be a common problem. Sales iopportunity to put flyer about HP adaptors in the box?



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    Good morning,


    I own an HP Dv6 3114sl with F.29 Bios. 

    I'd like to have the Fixed Graphics mode in my bios, in order to be able to use only the ATI HD5470 Vga controller, because linux refuses to use it in hybrid mode.

    I red about a lot of HP notebook receiving a bios update giving this opportunity, but I didn't find anything for the mine one.

    Scanning the bios file dumped from my laptop, I found all the hidden section, including the one regarding fixed graphics.

    Is there any chance to get the unlocked bios, or to be able to unlock the stock one?


    Thank you for yours answer


    Best regards



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  • 06/07/13--05:01: white strips on screen
  • my hp laptop is just a month older. The problem is few days ago  it started showing a 1cm white line on the screen , now it shows half of the screen white with some black dotted pattern!!! 

    plz suggest whts the problem with the screen?? rest evrythng works fine..

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    So i have windows 8 pro with switchable graphics 4250 / 5470 .

    I can t make it work (switch) .

    Please help, thanks.

    If you need any details just ask .  :)


    Oh, and my pc is HP G62 - a10EM



    device manager.jpg

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    My HP Support Assistant on my Envy dv7 notebook (Product #: C6N73UA#ABA; Windows 8 64-bit) will download new updates, but will not install the downloads. For example, there is an update for my Intel HD Graphics Driver that has now downloaded twice, but when it gets to installiation it will wait a few min and then put a gray "x" next to the installiation instead of a green check mark. What should I do to complete this, and other download installiations?



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    I use Chrome which has an embedded flash player. I uninstalled and reinstalled Chrome.

    I also tried You Tube in Explorer and nothing happened there either. My flash player is up-to-date.

    You tube says: "Movie not loaded" when I try to load a video.

    This happened all of a sudden - videos displayed at one time.

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    i own a hp pavillion dv7-6c90el, the last week has been released an update of intel graphic driver (Version, i found it on  and also hp support assistant notify me the update but, when i try to install it, there is an error message that says "your pc not own minimum requirements to install it" (or a very similar message, i traduced it from italian) but it is not possible. I suppose that the reason is that amd drivers are an old version (V. and i have to wait that also amd graphic driver will be updated to update intel graphic drivers. am i right?thanks for support

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    I need an inverter card for my G60237NR part#19.21066.041 rev1C and a screen cable part # 50.AH17.001  Does anyone now if these cross reference to anything?  Or did they update the part#'s?  Got any clue?  I'm find lots of G60 inverters but none tell me if they will exact replace this one and the cable part #'s are starting with 50.AH******  will any of these work?  My screen has been flickering, now it is blacked out. When viewed under light you can see the screen is working but the backlight is not. Please help, haven't had it long and am about to use it for target practice

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    I've got an Envy m6 is use at work.  I notice that the display brightness is far lower (even when all the way up) than just about evey display I've placed it next too.  100% brightness on the m6 seems to be what other machines display at about 70%.


    Did I get a lemon, or are the displays just not very bright?

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    How can I run my graphics card? I tried to switch on Catalyst Control Center, but I can't play with Radeon :( and HP not want to spend BIOS upgrade with switchable option? What do I do? I'm desperate..... Please help me!





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  • 06/09/13--02:36: X2 Envy on screen keyboard.
  • The on screen keyboard for my new X2 is extremely glitchy. It often doesn't pop up when I select a field in which I want to type. Sometimes it flashes up but drops down again instantly before I get a chance to type. Sometimes if I repeatitively tap on a field or press and hold the screen and lift my finger just before it right clicks it finally realises I may need to keyboard to type with and pops up. 


    How do I fix this? It's really getting annoying. 

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